10 August 1982 – Frank James Coppola

Ultra-violent former policeman Frank James Coppola was executed after he was found guilty of robbery and murder.

Working with a female accomplice, they tricked their way into the home of Muriel Hatchell in 1978, where she was bound with venetian blind cord. They then took hold of her head and repeated bashed it against the floor until she was dead.

The assailants then made off with $3,100 in cash and some rings.

Coppola was taken into custody and the 38-year-old was found guilty of murder in the first degree. He became the first person to be executed in Virginia since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, and he was sent to the electric chair for his crimes.

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2 Responses to “10 August 1982 – Frank James Coppola”

  1. Coppola was known as a tough guy in prison, doing feats such as eating live spiders in front of other inmates.

    He voluntarily dropped his appeals on the premise that his execution be scheduled for the summer, when school was out – sparing his boys from teasing by classmates.

  2. charles mullins Says:

    i knew and worked with frank for many years. i did see him eat live bugs, once he opened his mouth and a live butterfly flew out. if he liked you he was the most loyal friend you could have! i worked with frank in a chrysler-plymouth dealership where we were salesmen. at that time he was on work release from jail. he would constantly come in to work late or just not show up at all. i once told him he had better watch out or he would get into trouble. his response was ( what are they going to do,put me in jail ) i never saw the evil side of him.

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