8 August 2006 – Darrell Ferguson

Darrell Ferguson

Darrell Ferguson

‘I will never show any remorse, even on the day I die’ said our next devilishly unrepentant execution of the day.

AKA Gator, self-confessed satanic worshipper Darrell Wayne Ferguson was sentenced to death for the brutal Christmas massacre of three people.

Ohio was the venue for today’s unsavoury individual and lethal injection the penalty – apparently Ferguson was only the second person in the state ever to have the intravenous toxic cocktail, according to a report published by Associated Press.

Coke diet

So how did his execution come about? Well, the killer had been given a couple of days off from rehab in the run-up of Christmas. But goodwill was the last thing on his mind. He used Christmas Day to stab one of his relatives – Thomas King, who was 61 and disabled – in order to steal stuff so he could crack on with his coke fixation.

On Boxing Day Ferguson did the same to his former neighbours, throwing in a beating before viciously stamping on elderly, cancer-patient Arlie plus his wife Mae Fugate – who were 68 and 69 respectively – in his steel-capped boots.

Descent into hell

Soon afterwards, the murderer was apprehended and made no attempt to deny his crimes, even ‘taunting the families of his victims during his trial’, according to local newspaper reports.

The remorseless man even asked the judge to dole out death. ‘…Would you please find it in good will to give me the death penalty?’ Hell-bent, he waived his rights to appeal as well, and in doing so, was deemed a so-called volunteer for the death penalty.

So Ferguson went to his execution an unrepentant man as he had always vowed and on the brink of death, he apparently made the sign of the devil with his fingers before he expired aged 28.

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