7 August 1890 – Anna Månsdotter

Swedish mother-in-law from hell Anna Månsdotter lost her head for strangling her son’s wife in 1890.

Månsdotter targeted her daughter-in-law, Hanna Johansdotter, after she got in the way of Månsdotter’s incestuous affair with her son.

The maniacal mother then tried to fake Johansdotter’s death by chucking her down the cellar stairs. But her ploy failed and 48-year-old Månsdotter was found guilty and decapitated by axe in Kristianstad.


Details of her death include the fact that the angle of the axe was so acute that the blade passed through her jaw instead of clean through her neck.

She was the last woman executed in Sweden.

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One Response to “7 August 1890 – Anna Månsdotter”

  1. At first, the executioner Albert Gustaf Dahlman missed the throat. Then he tried again and the lower part of the head was separated from the body. A doctor examined the head immediately after the execution. Her eyes looked “alive” for one minute after the execution and the face twitched a little. After the face and head had been quickly stitched up, a death mask was made. The mask can still be seen at the museum of crime in Stockholm.

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