3 August 1994 – Darryl Richley

‘Kill me and get this comedy over,’ said Darryl Richley in the run-up to his death. He was one of a trio of criminals executed for murder in Arkansas.

Richley alongside Hoyt Franklin Clines, and James William Holmes were found guilty of flaying Don Lehman with a motorbike chain and shooting him three times in front of his wife and daughter.

One night the men burst into the Lehmans’ home and terrorised the family and killed Lehman, before making off with over $1,000 and some guns.

But their freedom didn’t last long. A couple of days later the suspects were hauled into custody. They were convicted for the murder and sentenced to death.

A fourth perpertrator, Ray Orndorff, had his sentence contracted to life without parole. But there was no such reprieve for the others. They were all killed on the same day by lethal injection. Clines went first and was promounced dead at 7:11pm. Then 40-year-old Richley died roughly an hour later, followed by Holmes at 9:24pm.

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