3 August 1795 – John Little

In a job lot on Kennington Common, murderous John Little was hanged alongside a particularly unsavoury criminal by the name of Jerry Avershaw.

The two men had been found guilty of numerous killings as recorded in the Newgate Calendars.

Little’s big crimes

In Little’s case, according to Richmond local authority, he honed in on two elderly locals and killed them, hoping to secure their house for himself. Instead, the one-time curator at Greenwich Observatory was and found guilty of the murders.

He was also believed to be the suspect in another unsolved crime, after a man by the name of Stroud was found killed by an iron vice. The murdered man was found in the Octagon Room at the famous London landmark.

As a sinister twist and at the height of his respectability, Richmond authority also stated he was entrusted to accompany George III himself when the king came on state visits to Greenwich.

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One Response to “3 August 1795 – John Little”

  1. Anna Hogg Says:

    John Little was curator at the Kew Observatory, NOT Greenwich Observatory

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