23 July 1886 – Calvin James

A murderous booze cruiser met his premature end today in the 19th century, after a whiskey run went wrong.

Calvin James was had after he got greedy and bumped a mate off, just so he could get his hands on the extra alcoholic stash.

Love’s liquor

At a time when alcohol prohibition was beginning to grip the US religiously by the balls, James and three mates headed off from Chickasaw Nation (inhabitants of Mississippi and Oklahoma) to Texas on a whiskey mission.

Four so-called mates hit the road on horseback in search of whiskey, but only three returned after James decided to kill his companion en route home. He was lagging behind with Tony Love when he decided to shoot him for no known reason other than the fact that he coveted his booze.


The liquor lout then called the other two blokes back to help him dispose of Love’s body before commandeering the stash of drink and setting the fourth horse free.

And then there were three….so they continued on home. Of course, when they got back, Love was missed and suspicions fell of the trio.

The other two denied it at first before eventually cracking and shopping James to the lawmen. The two men ended up testifying against James in return for a reprieve, while James was strung up. He was hanged alongside Lincoln Sprole, just hours after being baptised.

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