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20 July 2004 – Scott Andrew Mink

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Scott Andrew Mink

Scott Andrew Mink

Unable to get his coke fix, Scott Andrew Mink really cracked up.

The Ohio son from hell murdered his mum and dad in a shockingly frenzied attack and promptly wound up on death row.

A confirmed addict, Mink would stop at nothing to get his hands on illicit substances and despite his parents being hell-bent on weaning their son off the narcotics, his actions had really put them at the end of their tether. They were resorting to shock tactics, which were to send their already volatile son over the edge.


Despite being in his late 30s, Mink still lived with his parents – Sheila and William, who lived out in the sticks and had recently announced that they would be moving and that Mink wouldn’t be coming with them, which had really got his goat.

In addition to this, one night in the run-up to the move, they’d hidden his car keys, which had foiled his attempt to score and tipped him into the abyss.


He entered the room where his 79-year-old dad and 72-year-old mum were sleeping and took a claw hammer to the two of them in a terrifyingly brutal attack. When the hammer eventually broke, he moved on a chopping board followed by a knife, even resorting to flex, which he used to strangle his mum.

He didn’t let on about his crime, but slowly started selling stuff around the house to feed his coke habit, even offloading the car for a fix, as well as siphoning funds out of his parents’ bank accounts.


Yet, his siblings were beginning to get suspicious. However, he’d hidden his parents between beds so when his sisters came in search of their mum and dad they didn’t find them. But it was too late, they were jumpy by now, so they called the police anyway.

The bloodied and beaten bods of Sheila and William were revealed and Mink was taken in for questioning shortly after.

He never made any attempt to deny the charges and the evidence was damning indeed. Autopsies showed both his parents made been alive for much of the attack.

Mink waived his right to appeal and spent just over 100 days on death row before he died via a lethal concoction of drugs, aged 40.

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