18 July 1711 – Peter Cartwright

A right raucous robber did the Tyburn jig today in 1711, after he was had up for highway holdups.

The scourge of the roads around London, Peter Cartwright hooked up with a couple of other light-fingered felons to hold up travellers and relieve them of their valuables.

Cartwright’s criminal cohorts comprised William Jewel and Jack Addison, the latter of whom managed to chalk up 50-odd crimes until Tyburn claimed him in 1711, aged just 23 years old.

Of course, Cartwright followed suit after he was done for a clutch of crimes. He had a stash of previous convictions under his belt, so the courts dropped the lenient stance and threw the book at the beleaguered bloke.

He was hanged for his crimes at Tyburn and the former resident of St Pancras shared his scaffold with Margaret Lane from Holloway, who was also up for highway robbery.

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