11 July 2006 – Sean Derrick O’Brien

Sean Derrick O'Brien

Sean Derrick O'Brien

Just half an hour before Sean Derrick O’Brien was due to die, his life was still hanging in the balance.

The rapist-cum-murderer had put in a request for a last-minute stay of execution, but this was denied lifting the floodgates for a lethal injection. For his was a particularly brutal crime involving two young girls.


The perils of taking a deserted shortcut were never more graphically illustrated than by what happened to the two victims, who fatefully opted to walk along the rail tracks, rather than take the long way round. That decision was to cut short their young lives.

The two children, aged just 14 and 16, came across the Texan gang who’d been drinking to celebrate the inauguration of a new member, and it was there that the horrors unfolded.

The girls were gang-raped for more than an hour, before being kicked and beaten. The children were ultimately strangled to death.

The brutes had left evidence of their celebrations littered around, so when the girls were found four days later, the litter provided the much-needed lead right to the gang. The very next day the gang members were hauled in and that’s when it transpired that there was more to it.


O’Brien may have committed a similar crime some five months earlier. An overzealous source asserts that the third victim, Patricia Lopez, had been raped, disembowelled and stabbed. But the facts are these. Her neck had been slit and stabbed, she’d also been stabbed in the abdomen and three times in the back.

According to her ex-mother-in-law Cathy Lopez, there was ‘blood on the ground, on a post to keep cars out. And beer cans, Budweiser, all over, like a big party’.

We could find no details of forensic evidence released to suggest Lopez had been strangled or raped as per some of the more sensational reports. That said, Jose Martin Medellin, the brother of a gang member, spoke out against the murderer. Admittedly, his story was second-hand – a mate (and the gang leader), Peter Cantu, had persuaded him that O’Brien confessed to having a good go at raping the victim.

Survival of the sickest

However, his statement pitted homie against homie. It apparently prompted O’Brien to go on record in an attempt to stitch up Cantu and Medelin’s brother Jose Ernesto, by stating that they’d done the deed and that O’Brien had merely been an on-looker.

Indeed, damningly there was proof that O’Brien had been present. As with the later crime, there were incriminating beer cans left lying around, which linked our man to the murder scene, along with a tell-tale fingerprint. However, no-one was ever done for Lopez’s murder.

But O’Brien et al were done for the two children – indeed O’Brien confessed to raping and helping to kill the girls and this time, he did go to court alongside his homies for the callous crimes.

Last-ditch attempt

Most of the gang members got lesser sentences, while O’Brien was one of three, main gang members who paid for their depravity with their lives. Of course, he fought his penalty all the way, however, as with all of the other attempts, his final appeal was denied, just half an hour before he was due to die.

One of the accomplices, Jose Ernesto Medellin, met the same fate two years later when he was executed on 5 August 2008 and the ringleader Cantu currently sits stewing on the row awaiting his due date.

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3 Responses to “11 July 2006 – Sean Derrick O’Brien”

  1. Phil Miller Says:

    Death by lethal injection was too good for this scumbag. He deserved to be eaten by lions and videotaped for the world to see.

  2. Good riddance.

  3. Tanya the Terrible Says:

    May his first day in Hell last 10,000 years….and may it be the shortest.

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