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8 July 1538 – Diego de Almagro

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Diego De Almagro

After a seemingly stellar start to life, having made his name as the first European to discover Chile, Diego de Almagro’s life was rudely cut short by a former mate.

He was a Spanish conquistador who was there for the conquest of Peru. Arriving in the New World in the early part of the 16th century alongside the likes of good friend and future rival Francisco Pizarro he set about exploring South America and conquering lands for Spain.

Deepest, darkest Peru

After an arduous and costly expedition to explore new territories in Chile, de Almagro returned home to Peru to rebuild the wealth he’d previously amassed. He was thwarted in this plan by Pizarro’s brothers Hernando and Gonzalo whom he captured and imprisoned.

When Francisco heard about this he sent an army to defeat de Almagro, which they did.

He was captured during the Battle of Las Salinas in April 1538 and sentenced to die which he did on 8 July when he was beheaded while in prison.

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