8 July 1938 – Anthony Chebatoris

Dope-fiend Anthony Chebatoris testified that he had smoked two joints before he committed his murderous crimes.

He was a convicted armed robber who teamed up with fellow criminal Jack Gracy to rob the Chemical State Savings bank in Michigan.

Bank job

Armed with a pistol and a sawn-off shotgun the pair burst into the bank and pointed their weapons at the staff. A struggle ensued, several shots were fired and the manager and one of the bank clerks were hit and wounded.

Tooth of the matter

In all the chaos the pair legged it empty handed, but not before arousing the concern of dentist Frank Hardy who worked in a surgery above the bank. He just happened to keep a hunting rifle alongside his drills and tooth picks and seeing the hapless cons escaping fired off a few rounds at the getaway vehicle.

Pot shot

Jumping out of the car to see what was going on, Chebatoris mistook innocent bystander Henry Porter for a policeman and shot him. Dr Hardy, returning fire on Porter’s behalf, killed Gracy with a bullet to the head.

Chebatoris did try to run off but was caught by the local sheriff and charged with the attempted bank robbery. This eventually turned to murder when Henry Porter, who survived in hospital for a month, eventually died. The 38-year-old was hanged at Milan Federal Prison at dawn on 8 July 1938.

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5 Responses to “8 July 1938 – Anthony Chebatoris”

  1. james gracey Says:

    We are the family of Jack Gracey. It is spelled with “ey”. Do you know where Jack Gracey is buried?. Our family never told us the whole story. He was our uncle. Is their other history about Jack?

  2. Ron Chebatoris Says:

    I didnt know that jack was your uncle. Both my great uncle and your uncle were friends at the jackson prison. I have done a lot of reasearch and am glad that I stubbleed across this website

    Thank You
    Ron Chebatoris

  3. MARK chebatoris Says:

    holy ****. im mark chebatoris from pittsburgh and i think this is heavy metal!!!~

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