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8 July 1999 – Allen Lee Davis

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Allen Lee Davis

Allen Lee ‘Tiny’ Davis was on parole for armed-robbery when he turned up at the Jacksonville home of the Weiler family and attacked pregnant mother of two Nancy.

He beat her so hard in the sustained attack that the butt of the gun he was using to hit her broke off. Unfortunately he was still able to use it to shoot and kill daughters Kristy and Kathy, aged just 10 and five respectively.

Sparking change

Davis was convicted of the murders and sentenced to die in the electric chair, a move that would lead to the end of executions electrocutions in the State of Florida.

Gruesome photos taken immediately after the sentence had been carried out showed Davis crumpled and covered in blood from an apparent nosebleed. He’d also sustained burns to the head, leg and groin and witnesses reported him screaming or moaning as the current was turned on.

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