7 July 1826 – Jereboam Orville Beauchamp

Jereboam Orville Beauchamp

Jereboam Orville Beauchamp

Jereboam Orville Beauchamp forfeited his life for love after he vengefully killed another man to clear his wife’s name.

The soon-to-be murderer was born in 1802 and thought about going into teaching before deciding to train as a lawyer.

Honour killing

However his respectable plans were scuppered when he met and fell in love with Ann Cook. For Beauchamp soon discovered that she came with a large suitcase full of emotional baggage when she told him they could only marry if he disposed of the bounder who’d previously sullied her good name.

Although he failed in his first attempt to do away with the ex, they married anyway and it wasn’t until a politically motivated smear campaign named one Colonel Solomon Sharp as the father of Ann’s illegitimate stillborn child that the matter reared its deadly head again.

This time Jereboam didn’t miss and stabbed the army man to death.

Suicide pact

Convicted of the murder along with his wife the canny pair managed to secure some cosy time together in prison, which they used to take poison in an attempted suicide bid. When this failed they were placed under the constant supervision of a guard, but still managed to try to cheat the hangman again with the help of a knife they’d smuggled along for the ride.

The self-inflicted wounds were enough to do for Ann who died in the cells, but Beauchamp survived and was lead weak and dying to the gallows where he had to be supported before he was hanged, aged roughly 24.

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