1 July 1997 – Harold McQueen

Harold McQueenAlcohol plagued the life of Harold McQueen from the age of ten and it turned out to be instrumental in the events that lead to his death.

McQueen and his half brother William Burnell spent the afternoon of 17 January 1981 getting wasted on a lethal cocktail of booze, weed and pills.

Hours later, while driving around Richmond, Kentucky, they pulled into a Minit Mart store and held the sales clerk, Rebecca O’Hearn at gunpoint while forcing her to hand over the cash.

Despite the fact that she complied, McQueen shot her twice at close range and made off with the money, some food stamps and the CCTV system to destroy the evidence.

Half a job

Although the surveillance camera was disposed of, when the cops arrested McQueen and Burnell on unrelated charges later that year they found they hadn’t quite got round to spending all of their ill-gotten gains and a wad of cash and the stamps from the Minit Mart hold-up turned up in their apartment.

They were charged with murder and while Burnell was jailed for his part in the crime, McQueen was found guilty of the actual shooting and sentenced to die in the electric chair, which he did on this day 1997, aged 44.

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One Response to “1 July 1997 – Harold McQueen”

  1. The Kentucky Department of Corrections carried out this execution in a flawless, professional manner.

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