28 June 2006 – Sedley Alley

Sedley Alley The sheer animal violence of our next crime is enough to make you heave. Sedley Alley was executed in Tennessee for kidnap, rape and murder of the most depraved kind. But did he do it?

Frenzied attack

The crime was evil incarnate – not only was the 19-year-old victim beaten viciously, but she was struck about the head with a screwdriver, strangled and raped.

A tree branch was used to violate her again, which tore upwards into her abdomen, even reaching and puncturing her lung.

While it was the screwdriver injuries that killed young army girl Suzanne Marie Collins, in a report of one of the appeals, Pathologist Dr James Bell reckoned that the Marine Lance Corporal was alive when the excruciating, tree-branch damage was inflicted.

Kin pan Alley

Apparently, Alley handed himself in the very next day, admitting to the crime in detail, even taking the police to the scene of the gruesome events. But things started to change as the trial drew nearer. Alley began to assert that he was schizophrenic and, as a result, could not be held accountable for his actions.

Despite his protestations, a jury found against him and he was sentenced to be executed for the crime. Even members of his own family became estranged, choosing to shun him for a while. His daughter wouldn’t visit him for much of his incarceration on death row.

DNA drama

However, Alley was to maintain this insanity stance for some time, before he started to profess his innocence. Indeed, he vowed there was compelling DNA evidence, which the authorities wilfully chose not to follow up on, despite all the new advancements in techniques at their disposal.

Not only that, but Collins’s own boyfriend had been with her that same night also and fitted the description of an eyewitness who saw the abduction.

Let’s face it, DNA would have given the definitive answer, so why were the authorities so adamant not to run the tests?

We’ll never know as Alley was executed on this day via a lethal injection, aged 50 – 21 years after the crimes were committed. His last words were not ones of remorse reserved for the family of his victim, but to his own kin, including his once-estranged daughter. He told his family to stay strong and with that he succumbed to the flow of toxins.

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13 Responses to “28 June 2006 – Sedley Alley”


    I am Sedley Alley’s sister. Sedley admitted to me that he did the murder. Sedley said, “I had to kill the Marine bitch, she would have told what I was doing.”

    The young woman caught him stealing from a house he was standing by.

    He was my brother and I loved him, but he had to be executed.

    The case is closed as far as I am concerned.

    Find another to cry about or cry for his victim.

  2. Go hug Hitler Says:

    You are a sick bastard believing this scum of the earth didn;t SLAUGHTER this young Marine. Hopefuly like him some day your worthless ass is burning in hell with your Hitler boyfriend and the rest of you murdering and murderer loving SCUMBAG’S. I bet you jump up and down every minute of every day knowing an unborn baby is being SLAUGHTERED too, don’t you SCUMBAG?

  3. a alley Says:

    I was married to Sedley’s nephew for nine years. I have known his family (but not him) for 16 years. They are good people and are nowhere near responsible for the actions of this man.

    Did he commit this crime? It is almost certain that he did. (I was not there and cannot tell the facts.) I can tell you that it was never stated anywhere that he had broken into someone’s house and that he was caught by Suzanne.

    I feel so much for Suzanne’s family. I cannot imagine what they have been through. Though I do not know them nor did I know Suzanne, I do know that she did not deserve to die, especially in such a manner. I am glad that they have gotten their closure and that Suzanne can now rest in peace.

    I did, however receive one letter from Sedley Alley. It was in reply to a letter I had written him during his time at Riverbend. All he would say is that he had given his life over to God. I really and truly hope that he had and I hope that God can forgive him if in fact he did commit this crime. Like the article says, no DNA was ever tested, it could have very well been someone else, but in all likelihood, it was not. I care deeply for the others in the Alley family and feel for their loss as well. I can honestly say that I am glad that Sedley’s mother passed before his execution, or else she would have lost her son twice in one lifetime.

  4. danielle Says:

    Much of what you report here is not even accurate. No one ever accused this man of rape using his penis, he was, reportedly not capable which appeared to be part of his “motivation”. He did not strike her with a screwdriver there were, despite his statements no injuries consistent with that on her postmortem exam. He did not turn himself in. He was stopped the night before as a suspect because he was seen with the victim by two other joggers and a gate guard but since his wife looked enough like the victim and no one knew Suzanne Collins was missing this caused confusion he was released. The following day when she was found to be missing, then brutally murdered he was re-interviewed and confessed self-serving to “accidently” killing her then staging her death to look like a sexual homicide. He was a sociopath and a loser. The DNA would just be one more parlor trick and a sick manipulative man to avoid the consequences of his actions. In fact if Ms. Collins had had sexual relations with her boyfriend earlier in the evening and spent time with him that would have no bearing on this man’s guilt so the presence of someone elses DNA would mean nothing. By the way it would appear that Suzanne Collins was the 4th woman he killed, two being stranger homicides similar to Ms Collins death where he had lived previously in California (I think) and his first wife who died under very questionable circumstances. Before you go waxing poetic about poor dead sociopaths you might want to notice that this man lived 21 years and several months past Ms. Collins who did not live to her 20th birthday and had full access to due process that he denies her with repeated blows to the head with rocks and rape (with a treee branch) No fact of the case ever maintained that his DNA would be found on her, her blood however was found on his underwear, where he rubbed himself against her after violating her with that branch. Your biased and inaccurate re-writing of history and maudlin concern for sociopaths who malovolently work out justice system to continue to harm the living family members who are also their victims is disturbing. But I have a suggestion. The next one who has had a full and fair trial as this man did whose possible innocence you are concerned about, let’s send him home with you….

    • I just read about Suzanne Collins in one of John Douglas’s books. You are correct. The medical examiner found no evidence of asault by a screw driver and Alley did not turn himself in. It took so long for him to be executed.

  5. j nolet Says:

    Danielle: Thank you for setting the record straight! The idiot who wrote this post not only got the facts totally wrong but actually doubts Alley’s guilt??? Like you said, let’s send the next convicted monster home with that fool. As for the person who claims to be Sedley’s sister; surely his sister would know the facts of the case? Where did you get this crap about Lance-Corporal Collins catching Alley breaking into a house? He snatched her off the road because she was a tall golden beauty, because she was there, because he could.
    Suzanne was a terrific, much-loved and much-respected young Marine who was the first woman to make honor deck. She was adopted, shuffled through 3 foster homes in her first year of life before the Collins family adopted her. Like me, she grew up overseas as the daughter of foreign-service personnel, which is why the scholarship in her memory is for the dependants of former or active foreign-service staff.
    And she shouldn’t even have been on base that night, she was supposed to go out for dinner with her best friend Susan and Susan’s mother; but at the last minute a staff sergeant who’d always been jealous of Suzanne, and had always given her a hard time, stuck her with barracks duty, the night before graduation! out of sheer spite.
    Had she not done so, Suzanne would never have crossed Alley’s path. And when Susan applied to be the accompanying Marine to fly with Suzanne’s coffin to Washington, for her burial at Arlington, this staff sergeant not only refused but appointed herself!!! Knowing full well that Suzanne would have wanted Susan, her best friend, to accompany her; even knowing that she herself would have been the last person Suzanne would have chosen, this bitch designated herself! Guess she wanted the publicity and attention, maybe her picture in the media; and to hell with what Suzanne and Susan wanted!
    I wish this bitch could have been charged with something; she played a very big part in the death of this beautiful, bright girl who’d started life with so many strikes against her (including a crippled foot that meant she had to wear a leg brace every night till she was nearly 2 and then corrrective shoes till she was 5) but was lucky enough to find a brother, mother and father who adored her and whose lives she lit up like the sun.
    In her brief life she earned so much love, so many friends, so much respect, she had so much potential, who knows what she might have achieved if it weren’t for this evil montser who caused her death in a way that still makes me shudder even to contemplate; one of the most terrible vicious murders I’ve ever heard of–and I study forensic anthropology!

    • Patti Schwensen Says:

      j nolet, I found your reply to be accurate and very personable, Were you stationed with her at Millington or best friends growing up?

  6. Stop With the DNA Already Says:

    For those of you who continue to insist that DNA testing might have exonerated Alley, uhm, no. There is a reason the state refused further testing, and it’s a good one. A DNA test wouldn’t have changed the outcome. All a DNA test does is show a high probability that fluid or flesh from a certain individual was found on an object. So what? If her boyfriend’s DNA had been found on her corpse or a nearby object, how does that exclude Alley from murdering her? It doesn’t, especially since he showed the police where he murdered her, and claimed innocence by reason of insanity for decades. He only started whining about DNA tests because his date with the needle was approaching and he had heard of others who actually were found innocent because of DNA testing. Just remember–the DNA test has to have some bearing on the outcome. It is not a litmus test for the truth–you can’t send DNA tests to the lab and get a report back saying “innocent” or “guilty.” The state was absolutely correct in refusing further testing, because justice delayed is justice denied.

  7. thisguy96 Says:

    sedley was my uncle his brothers son is my dad i never meet sedley so i really guess i dont have much to say about this bu he didnt have to do what he did and im sure that he knew that

  8. Tom Thumb Says:

    The book Journey Into Darkness (ISBN 0-671-00394-1) by John E. Douglas dedicates three chapters to the life and murder of Suzanne Collins…. The screwdriver was never used against her. Whoever wrote this is ignorant of this fact and many others.

  9. Michael Says:

    Whoever did this website got it wrong…Alley claimed to have used a screwdriver and also claimed that he hit Suzanne with his car…the coroner found no injuries that matched his claims. Pay attention to details, will you?

  10. I don’t think there is much doubt that he also killed his first wife for which he was never charged. A damn shame – it would have spared others the pain.

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