28 June 1928 – Walter Brooks

It would be so easy to speculate about our next man on the gallows – Walter Brooks. He was hanged for double murder. But wait until you hear the victims…

They were his wife, Beatrice Brooks and another man, Alfred Moore. It’s so tempting to jump to conclusions, but we won’t.

The fact is Brooks was strung up at Manchester, aged 48.

5 Responses to “28 June 1928 – Walter Brooks”

  1. Walter brooks was my great grandfather, his hanging and the murder of Beatrice had a devasting effect on the family, justice is so cruel bad enough having your mother murdered, then the state murders you father.
    By all accounts he was quite a wealthy man, and his property was confiscated by the crown, my grandfather was left pennyless.

  2. he was also my great grandfather

  3. James Brooks Says:

    I lost not only a grandma but a grandad ” I think he paid his debt when he was hung ”
    I would like to know where this money went ?

  4. Kerry Wilkinson Says:

    This is m great great grandfather. I’m wondering of any sites that give more detail on actual crime and trial etc…?

  5. MANDY Says:

    This so interesting. I feel sorry for both my ancestors. Such a sad story. XX

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