25 June 1990 – Ronald Gene Simmons

Ronald Gene SimmonsSome people will go to extraordinary lengths to get out of buying Christmas presents.

Sadly Ronald Gene Simmons had a complete meltdown where Christmas spirit was concerned after he virtually blew his entire family away over the festive period in 1987.

Santa’s claws

The ex-air force sergeant took a gun to his wife and son in New Mexico, before gripping his three-year-old grand-daughter by the neck and strangling her. He then played Santa by luring some of his unsuspecting children one by one to get their presents. In actual fact he beat them and throttled them, before dunking them in a water butt and holding them submerged.

Family members living under one roof done, he then lay in wait for the next round of relatives due on Boxing Day – his oldest son and his family followed by his favourite daughter and her family. It is said he dipped the bodies in kerosene to stop the smell of rotting flesh from emanating.

More’s the pity

A couple of days later he added a law firm receptionist to the toll, a woman he’d been infatuated with followed by one of his workmates. He then went to a corner shop and targeted the sales assistant, followed by another of his ex-workmates, both of whom he wounded, before calmly waiting for the police to come and get him.

His guilt was undeniable and he was awarded the death penalty for the murder of 16 people. Simmons refused to contest his sentence, announcing that ‘anything short of death would be cruel and unusual punishment’.

President Clinton signed Simmons’ death warrant and Simmons was executed by his chosen method – lethal injection – in the State of Arkansas aged around 50 years old.

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One Response to “25 June 1990 – Ronald Gene Simmons”

  1. Other sources I’ve found put murders in Arkansas, not New Mexico, which makes more sense as Clinton was governor of Arkansas at the time of the execution (he wasn’t sworn in as President until 1993).

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