20 June 2006 – Lamont Reese

Lamont Reese‘This is some kind of nasty’ were the dying words of our next unsavoury character in response to his lethal injection. Meet Texan Lamont Reese, a triple murderer whose victims’ only crime was to flirt with his girlfriend.

Reese was just 21 at the time, while the three victims were slightly older. When he found them chatting up Kareena Kimbrough, he went off on one. He and some mates then drove off with Kimbrough, later returning armed with a gun.

The three men were then shot, while two other lads – a 14-year-old and a 24-year-old – were injured in the cross-fire.

Reese on being cheerful

Guilt was never in question – he apparently bragged about his crime and he even asked a jailer about his celebrity status. What was his claim to fame? ‘Hell, I killed three people.’ Needless to say, he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to die.

However, he was less celebratory about his punishment – Reese literally had to be carried to the execution chamber.

Poignantly, his own mum was in the audience to watch as the lethal drugs were pumped into the felon’s flesh. And when the deed was done, she inconsolably cried ‘they’ve killed my baby’. And he wasn’t far off. Reese was just 28 when he died.

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