16 June 1944 – George Stinney

George StinneyJust 14 years old. That’s how old our next South Carolina target for execution was.

George Junius Stinney Junior became the youngest person to be executed in the US during the 20th century.

It is unclear whether he was actually guilty or whether it was lynch-mob mentality that ensured he was executed. His trial took a mere four hours and the all-white, male jury took just 10 minutes to sentence the young black child to death for killing two white girls – Betty June Binnicker, aged 11, and Mary Emma Thames, aged eight – with a railroad spike.

But when you hear the child was so very slight and just 5ft 1in tall, it’s hard to believe he was even able to wield the spike, let alone kill someone with it. Nevertheless he was found guilty and given over to the mercy of Old Sparky and what made it worse was that his family were advised to uproot to avoid reprisals, so the child was left to face death on his tod.

Too small to fit properly, apparently the executioners had trouble strapping Stinney in and during his electric execution the regulation helmet fell off to expose his contorted and frightened little face.

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153 Responses to “16 June 1944 – George Stinney”

  1. CHERYL Says:

    i think what they did to that little boy was just horrible. first of all you
    really had to hate black people in order to even sentence him to death,
    and carry out the sentence. second of all, they made his family leave
    the state. third of all, he walked to his death all alone, with just a
    bible under his arm. how could they have been so cruel? i know there
    are some 14 yr. olds that we would like slap the #### out of, but to
    put a kid in the electric chair was just horrible. where were all of the
    top leaders of the US? i don’t believe that little boy did that. it was
    some grown man that did it, george was in the area, and he yelled
    murder. poor little george went home, and the rest is history. i am
    looking at my 13 year old grandson. he looks to be about the same
    height and build as george. so i am wondering, how the #### did
    they strap that skinny little boy in that big ### chair? if that was
    to happen today, and that was my grandson, i would take him out
    of this country, and never come back. poor little george.

    • spade Says:

      Jehovah will get any and all responsible.I hate this world.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ok 1st, It’s 1944, things were way different. Second the boy killed two little girls. That’s not a boy that’s a monster in a child’s body. Third, his family had to leave because they were in danger of bing killed out of revenge for those two girls. Fourth, if this boy thinks he can kill not one but two LITTLE girls then yeah he should die by electric chair. Old or young, a murderer is still a murderer. And hopefully your grandson has a lot more sense than this boy.

      • Sameera v. Thurmond Says:

        First: You’re white!! That’s not racist. It’s based on all I have experienced and observed in all my years of living in this country. NO Black person would have put it the way you did in light of our history in the hands of whites. This is why you remain anonymous. This is more than typical of whites who want to “throw the brick and hide the hand!” The anonymity you wish to keep is a reminder of the same anonymity that the KKK used in carrying out their heinous deeds! If you are capable (in spite of your bias) I would ask that you re-visit what little of the records remain (most of them have quietly disappeared) and put your child in the situation of young George Stinney. Adult white men took him to a room without benefit of any defense support and within one hour came out declaring that he ‘confessed’. Take ANYONE to a room where anything can occur and I can assure you that the confession rates will increase 75%. The moment he was arrested, he never saw his parents or anyone to provide support again. HE WAS 14 YEARS OLD….not an adult. He was vulnerable and alone. Now tell me that if this were your child you would have no problems with these conditions. Read about the number of Blacks who were falsely accused and were hung or burned alive because whites wanted to believe the worst about Blacks. Young George was never PROVEN guilty, he was simply and conveniently in the wrong place at the wrong time. I do not know whether he killed the two little girls but none of us will never know for certain one way or the other. Second, fast forward to the 21st Century and note the number of white men who kidnap, molest and kill white children. Will you apply your standards to these cases? It always amazes me that you (presumably) Christians violate the Commandments of God by (1) being unforgiving and killing in the name of state. God didn’t give permission to the several states to kill no more than he gave permission to individuals. Third, go home and ask God to help you be a valid Christian….not one in name only! Fourth, stop writing anonymous narratives. Remove the sheet!

      • Clay Olson Says:

        I have already commented on this tragedy and my opinion(s) have not changed. I respect the opinions of others, as well, so long as they are informed. That being said, I am not aware of any evidence which would indicate that George committed the crime. Perhaps I am incorrect. Living here I have always known the story and its significance has been tiered as follows:

        1. He was 14 years old, which remains the youngest child ever executed in this nation.

        2. He was black.

        3. His trial appears, on the surface, to have violated every due process protection granted by the constitution.

        I have never heard any debate as to guilt, culpability, etc. When one is not afforded anything remotely resembling a fair trial I think that we, as citizens, forfeit the right to debate this issue. From everything I have read and heard, the issue of his guilt has never come up. I think everyone (yes, grown white Southern men 🙂 included assume he was innocent because of the lack of justice, lack of evidence and, well, lack of sense the county/state had at that time.

      • simon Says:

        you ****tard…”that’s not a boy that’s a monster in a child’s body” IF he’s done it that is, which is not at all certain what with the trial having been rushed and all


      • Damshame Says:

        You stupid uneducated little prejudice ****.. If you read the story it clearly state that its unclear if he committed the murders and just like then and now African American are still being blamed for crimes that white people commit.

      • screw u Says:

        you should die by electric chair *******!!!!!!!

      • Natasha Says:

        First of all there is no proof that he did this crime. Secondly, There is no proof that he did this crime, thirdly no proof and fourthly, no proof. Where is the proof? How the hell can he drag those girls 5 miles let alone beat them with a spike, How How How. Let’s keep it real this case was about a black boy being an easy target. Shit, he may of been guilty of having feeling for one of these girls, which was a crime back then.

      • Tammie Says:


      • Duncan Says:

        did you see him murder the two girls? no you didn’t so shut up, noone was there at the scene of the crime except the criminal and the victims.

      • so funny you remain anonymous . I f you read the facts first of all they couldnt even say if the boy was really even guilty. Yes everyone understands that it was diff back then but that doesnt justify killing someone just because they are BLACK. Sorry you can’t face the real fact that …….that was the real reason he was killed. I don’t condone anyone getting away with murder at all but this is a clear case of racist people who just wanted another black person dead and out the way. How about if you had a child and he/she is 14 and they accused of something they didnt do. I bet if he/she got convicted the first thing you would say is he/she is innocent and how could you kill a 14 child. No matter how you put it if you were in that boat I bet your child wouldnt be a monster stuck in a childs body. Uggghhhhhhh…….!!!!!!

      • roadhazard Says:

        I seem to remember not to long ago in Piedmont a black boy raping and killing a little black girl. Do you not think this boy was able to do the same back then?
        “He was vulnerable and alone.”, he was, well what about those poor girls, they were vulnerable and alone as well.

      • phylicia Says:

        u dont even know what the **** ur saying george could not have killed those two girls 1st he is underweight for his age 2nd he was not that tall and 3rd back in the fourties george knew blacks were being lynched so why would he kill 2 innocent girls. when he went 2 trial it was an all white court room they didnt like blacks at all and wanted to procute whoever they could find remember if you read bout the case u would have read that george stated that he saw the girls later that day when they ask if he knew where there were maypops were. because he told that he saw the girls that marked him as the killer, he look like an innocent child and those mug shots he is no killer he even cryed at his execution no murder cries at their execution they really dont care. but just lookin at george people know he didnt kill them girls this was an unjustified execution and they let the real killer get away. u must not know **** i cried when i heard this story because its emotional and i think bout it everyday we cant bring george back to life but we can clear his name and with mckenzie they will clear his name i dont care if things are different 2day why are u being anomymous just tell me ur name u dumb son of a ***** u dont know **** so dont talk about the topic if u dont know **** bout it ok

      • Anthony Bates Says:

        There was no proof that George Stinney committed the crime. no written record of a confession. the probable cause to arrest him was because he said he saw the two little girls earlier that day so they took him away from his family and made his family leave town. I am of the opinion that the people who railroaded this child are burning in hell. The bible says, “Tho shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. That sin will not go unpunished. The people who murdered this child will be held accountable for this abomination. It interesting to note you use the name anonymous to shield yourself from any comments. this was a cowardly act in an effort to protect what was believed a white adult pedefile from being charged with the crime. But this crime will go unpunished here on earth. People like you are so bigoted that you can’t see the truth or will not accept the fact that a white man killed the two little girls and not the little boy.

      • goddess Says:

        well i think you need to look further into the evidence! there was NONE! HE DID NOT murder them. THERE WAS SOMEONE ELSE WHO CONFESSED LATER ON HIS DEATH BED! the way they did him was WRONG AND UNJUST! so don’t comment! the system is not always right and fare so the death penalty is wrong that is gods job! ther is no bringing a person back after you realize you f’d up.

  2. andre Says:

    i thinkl that was wrong and he could have never did somethig like that im 15 and never had the thought of killing someone that brutial its so sad

  3. Sarah Says:

    In reading about this I am apalled that grown white men would even think to do something like this to a child. What if it was reversed? From the time of slavery the white man has always beatin, harrassed, tortured, flogged, lynched and murdered innocent black men, women and children etc…and for them to say Stinney was witnessed in the area of where the two little girls were found dead where was the Proff and evidence that he did it! The white man loves to torture blacks into submission of being guilty and confess to crimes they did not commit. That was common place in the south back-in-the-day. The “man” (white man) ran his poor family out of town so they could feel justified in executing that little boy. How can a jury diliberate in 10 minutes that a little black kid should be executed without any evidence what-so-ever! Was their blood on the boy? I didn’t read anything that states that but if you find something I don’t know please comment back and let me know. Only 81 days before a childs life was taken in cold blood by whitey so the white public can feel safe and secure but we all know that the real killer is still out there and free to kill innocent children again! Look at what happened in Rosewood, FL at that time period and countless other attacts on blacks then. It’s so easy for white people to blame their crimes on blacks at that time and still to this day…remember the lady that drowned her two sons in her car in the lake. She blamed it on a black man by stating she got car jacked! But at least whitey found her statements incorrect and that a innocent black person wasn’t blamed. But what if the white man decided they wanted to blame a black person they would just go out on the street and pick up any black man or woman maybe even a child and accuse them of the crime! Thats the real truth of what happeneds to blacks all over America. I am not talking about the blacks that do real crimes but what we see here is a failure to do something about it!!!

  4. Dallas Says:

    This event is truly a stain on our garment as a nation. It is just one of multitudes of sins we as a nation have committed and must atone for if we are to experience any sort of peace and rest.
    I believe this child was innocent, but even if he was guilty, two wrongs still don’t make a right.
    Though this all took place well before my time, I regard the execution of this child as a sad day in our nation’s history. It is unbelievable that this kind of opression exists in our [model] nation!!!
    God blessed us as a nation. Not once or twice, but over and over again! How much longer can this trend continue before God finally runs out of patience??? How much longer can we wallow neck-deep in arrogance and unrepentfulness before He finally gives up on us?

    As for me, I’m white, Christian, and DISGUSTED!!!

  5. Clay Olson Says:

    I drove thru Clarendon County on Sunday. I was en route to a funeral, no less. The Stinney story is very sad indeed. As to Cheryl’s comment, I would add that nobody “made” his family leave. Having said that, our state committed the worst of all attrocities in executing George Stinney. I love this state, its people, and all the things that make South Carolina unique. We bear the scars of our own intollerance more than anyone, believe me. As for the comments on this board, I would urge you to believe me when I tell you that the residents of South Carolina are also victims in that we feel guilt for events which occurred prior to our having been born. George would have turned 80 in two years, yet has been dead for over 60. Please do me one favor and let’s abandon labels such as “grown white men” or “I’m a Christian” or “God”……If you are human, this story should tear you up. Period. If George was innocent, which is very likely, I would hope he found rest and peace in such a cruel climate. If he was guilty, he deserved the chance to become an adult and grow to regret.

    I want you to consider one other aspect: Imagine the loss and pain endured by the Thames and Binnicker families. They were arguably robbed of more than anyone. Their daughters were stolen, as was their right to truly know who killed their daughters. Their descendants are only left with the scars etched by this horrible footnote in the history of not only South Carolina, but of the entire human condition.

    • Sandra Riley All Says:

      Betty June Binnicker was my mother’s cousin (her playmate). Betty June’s mother was very distressed over her daughter’s death until she died. The book and movie “Carolina Skeletons” further upset her. It is listed as a novel, so of course most of it is not true….it is fiction. In this movie, the girls were called “white trash.” I beg to differ….they may have been poor, just like everyone else in 1944, but they certainly were not trash. Talk about “racism!!!” This book hardly mentions the girls “ONLY as white trash” However, the story is about George. Please don’t forget that two innocent little girls lost their lives. I feel for George Stinney and his family, however, don’t forget the victims. If anyone would like to visit Betty June’s grave, it is located in the David Smoak Cemetery on Cannon Bridge Road, Cordova, SC. My second point, how did George know where the murder weapon was if he didn’t do it. Just wondering. Betty June and Mary Emma will never be forgotten. By the way, this case has been investigated since the death of George, and all evidence still points to George.

      • Sameera v. Thurmond Says:

        Sandra: I understand some semblance of emotion although keep in mind that the girls were not your playmates; so you didn’t have the emotional connection that your mother did. However, this is a discussion about young George. If you like, begin a site or discussion on your cousins; nothing wrong with that. I don’t know what you’ve been reading, but there was no evidence then and none has come about since that awful period. Your cousins have a grave that is known and can be visited. Young George’s burial site is unknown…..and that’s the way THEY wanted it. Every possible appearance of morality, ethics, protocol and the skewing of justice was violated with the handling of this kid. So what does that tell you about the hostile environment in which he was found guilty? Do you know the history of Southern states and mis-carriage of justice that was and still is repeated over and over again! How can a jury be assembled, a trial occur and verdict rendered all within a period of Four (4) hours? This is unnerving to me! Morever, any transcripts of the trial (if there really were any) have not been found. Now what do you suppose happened to them? What evidence are you referring to? That it becomes all too clear that you and others who think in such a biased manner are relics of that so-called bygone period. The point is that as long as those who give absolutely no rational and logical thought to REAL race relations, Blacks will continue to be mistreated because people who are biased, by definition, are not capable of having a fair and just perspective. Of course, this statement applies to all human beings. Southerners have taken this to the extreme. People can say all they want that they are not biased or bigoted. As long as they say no more, they have a fairly good chance of hiding how they really feel. Once they open their mouth with an opinion, it becomes very apparent to any clear thinking person. If you want to take up a quest, find out who the jurors were and if any are still alive. Then go talk to them. Don’t go by yourself. The two of you will only complement each other in your bias. Take a couple of others like a Black and a Northerner. It isn’t that a few Southerners will not have the ability to be fair and have an unbiased perspective; I just think they might be too hard to find. Indeed it was very sad and outrageous about the two little girls but again this site is about young George and how the case was handled. Take care.

      • Boodrow Says:

        Think I will visit the girls grave so I can **** on em


  6. CHERYL Says:

    As to Clay Olson’s comment, I would like to add that the Stinney Family
    was told to leave town, prior to the trial to avoid further retribution.
    Without family visits, poor little George had to endure the trial and death
    alone. I feel bad for the two families that lost their daughters, but it was
    grown white men that did what happened to George.

    • They also drugged him to exercute him.
      There is a book writen about this, I forget the name it’s a good read.

      I believe that this young man killed no one

  7. Clay Olson Says:

    As to Cheryl’s comment, George’s family left town on their own volition. If you read my statement, you will not find one syllable that condones the execution of Mr. Stinney. I will not place blame on his parents for leaving, although I will plainly restate Chery’s comment “the Stinney family was told to leave town”- Therefore, the family did this while weighing the risks of retribution, which they obvioulsy found heavier than the burden that their absence would place on George. Black or white, these were grown parents that left their son in order to salvage their own safety. Again, I will not form an opinion as I have never stepped in the shoes of the Stinney parents and can’t imagine the pain of losing a child in what appears to be a state sanctioned murder of a 14 year old child. If you want to make it black and white and not about the human condition as a whole, I will offer that “Grown white men” were the perpetrators of of an unjust execution. You must also concede, Cheryl, that grown black parents chose to abandon their son in such a trying time. Had the parents been bound, blindfolded, and led off to another land by “grown white men”, then I would agree that “grown white men” made George suffer by himself. This is not the case, however. While white men were likely guilty of executing an innocent boy, that boys parents were guilty of leaving him alone. While the threats were likely real, grown black parents chose to leave their child alone and at the mercy of these “grown white men” of which you speak.

  8. CHERYL Says:

    i agree with you clay, i as a parent would NEVER have left my child alone.
    if you read my comment in my first reply, i said i have a 13 year old
    grandson. i was looking at him that day, and i said if something like that,
    was to happen and i was able to get him out of this country, i would and never come back. i agree with you that the parents did leave their chilld.
    what those grown black parents did was horrible. what they should have done, was not leave their baby, and suffered the consequences. he was doomed anyway. clay, you have some very good points.

    • CHERYL:

      Thanks for your comments. Truth be known, this story has always disgusted me. I love my state, although it’s hard to believe human beings anywhere could do this. I think the point that needs to be made is that we aren’t just talking about random “grown white men” such as those that murdered Emmit Till- This was an act of the State, which makes it, arguably, one of the worst events of the first half of this century.

    • Realist Says:

      I hope the two of you are aware the white ‘retibution’ for black families was more than likely a drawn out, frightening and painful lynching..of the entire family and not just the parents. (they had other children to think about)The parents probably had to deal with the fact that they were powerless to help their son against the racist south and wanted to save the children they had left. If they had stayed it was very likely that they would not have made it to trial. I believe they would have been killed. I would not have left my child either..It being 2011 and all. but 1944?! That whole family couldve came up missing and no one would have batted an eye

      • Diane Says:

        I would not know as i wasnt born until 1957. How old are you anyway? what else can you tell us about the bad old days?? how much did you personally witness?? you were never “a slave” and neither were your parents or grandparents most likely. A WHITE president abolished slavery and in doing so many many WHITE people DIED to give Black people thier freedom (seeing as how thier own african ancestors SOLD them into slavery to begin with, CHECK YOUR HISTORY!! ITS A FACT!!!!) get bent. you people make me sick. how can i stop getting updates from this crap websight????

      • Diane.. All I had to was read old news reports and listen to recompilations of raw history facts. Btw.. That’s why I used words like ‘more than likely’ and ‘probably’ because I was not there!! Lol .. How old are you? You are acting a little emotional to be an adult.

  9. Naomi J Says:

    After reading the story and seeing the child’s face, I’m just saddened. I will not place blame on all white people, but I will say that the ones involved in the trial were dead wrong for what they did. However, I also wouldn’t have left my child. I am a resident in SC and I can say that at times I dislike it here! People will say that things have come a long way, and I agree they have; just not far enough. I worked at a convenience store for a while a few years ago (I was 21 I think) and I met a variety of people. There were plenty of “white people” – I hate saying it like that, but I’m just trying to make a point – who were nice to me (older and younger). Then there were some older white people where very Rude to me (throwing money @ me, laying it down on the counter vs. handing it to me in my hand, making rude remarks, etc.) I just had to shake my head at what I was seeing because although I have overlooked certain comments for years, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and dealing with first hand. I have had people to call me a nigger, and I have been places where a white man has called a black person a nigger in the parking lot of Wal Mart and my son was there to hear it. He was almost 6 at the time and didn’t know the word ( I haven’t taught it to him or explained any of that yet because he’s very curious and likes to go in depth with things) so he was confused, but recognized the tension. I was saddened by the fact that I live in such a place; and while I realize that incidents like this can happen ANYWHERE, the south already has a bad rep, they (we) shouldn’t add to it. That and you never know someone’s ancestry! Regardless of what a person appears to be, they could be something completely different. I said all that to say this… I almost cried reading this story and I realize that all white people aren’t to blame; I just realize that this is REAL. I have white friends, family, etc. and don’t mind, but I also sense when I am in a place where I am not welcomed and I know when to remove myself from certain situations and people. I just wish more people would realize that and stop blaming all people for what some have done.

  10. cheryl Says:

    naomi j, love your comment. you are right, we can’t blame all people for
    incidents that happen. i am like you, i too have white friends and family.
    people are people, where ever you go, and you have to take the bad
    with the good. i worked in the post office for 37 yrs. and i went through a
    lot, but i retired last year, with a good pension, so i did take a lot. i did
    cry reading that story, especially the part about this contorted and
    frightened little face. my grandson is now 14, soon to be 15. he is a
    little bigger than george, but i look a him and say to myself, and say
    thank you god. to everyone who wrote comments, very good comments!

  11. I think that there is little that can be said in this situation that would not be influenced by speculation and emotion seeing as how it happend so long ago and there is little to research. I think that although it is a tragedy to execute a child or to subject a child to capital punishment would the alternativfe be any better? Is it justtice for the family of the victims if the child due to being a child goes unrepremanded? Its easy for the ones not involved to have a bleeding heart for a child killer and it is also sad that people focus their energy feeling sorry for the culprit and advocating the rights of someone who so selfishly stole the victims right to live. I know that it is difficult for people to believe children to be so cruel as to willingly commit murder but if they are capable of killing then they should be capable of facing the consequences. The Case of Mary Bell child killer for instance is one which may be referenced. Mary bell was a 10 year old accused and convicted of the murder of a 4 year old boy and her reasoning was she just wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone. Also the case of James Bulgar a little boy of age 2 who was murdered by two boys ages 10 and 11 by the names of Jon Venebales and Robert Thompson. OFCOURSE it is a horrible tragedy for a child to be treated and tried as an adult but it is equally horrible for the familes of the victims to see their loved ones go without appropriate justice because the system is horribly flawed. I have no sympathy for the boy who hearltessly took the lives of those innocent young victims. I understand that many are mothers and they see their own children and are shocked and horrified that another child so close in age to their own could be subjected to capital punishment but I think that children inthis day and age are much smarter than they are given credit for and a child of 10 is more than capable of knowing right from wrong. In the case of this little boy as sad as it may seem justice was served.

    • Sameera Says:

      Lexa: it appears that you have pretty much made up your mind as to young George Stinney’s guilt. I’m not convinced of his guilt and neither should you be. The entire trial, from selection of the jury to end of deliberation, was four hours. What type of justice was meted out in this amount of time? I don’t know whether young George committed the deed or not. The issue for me, however, is whether he was given fair and due deliberation as to his guilt. He was a child, for heavens sake! He was without ANY support, no parents or religious instructor or anyone. I am inclined to believe that you are white because with all that Blacks have been through at the non-mercy of whites, no Black person would share that view. Have Blacks killed? Should they received punishment of some type? Yes! But the circumstances in young George’s case warrant a well-deliberated review of the facts…which he didn’t receive. However, since you’re more interested in justice, then truth, wihich might show a possibility of innocence, then where was and is the justice when over and over we are discriminated against under circumstances where it is not warranted? Where is the justice for all those Blacks before us who were lynched, raped, beaten just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or for just be Black??????? You have revealed much about your psychological makeup regarding African Americans….even if your don’t own up to your prejudice and bias.

    • Michelle Says:

      You are assuming that he DID it! You are assuming that he DID it. Did you read and understand what I just said???? Especially at that time, black folks were unjustly accused and EXECUTED on a regular basis. That is just plain fact. It is woven into the fabric of the history of this country…plain and simple. You can twist and justify anything you wish. This was an atrocity to a 14 year old CHILD. Just reading what happened, it is VERY unlikely that a little kid could use that particular weapon and bash the head of TWO other kids. That was done by an adult…who knew that this crime could easily be blamed on someone else. I wonder what ever happened to that person? How did he sleep at night and enjoy the rest of his life???

    • Lexa, you seem to have done some reasearch but how many of those WHITE child killers were executed? NONE!!!!

  12. A horrible thing happened at a horrible time in history. God evens all scores so can we leave it to him now, at this late date? My white son & his black girlfriend/high school sweetheart, dont need racist hatred hovering over them & my future grandchildren damn sure dont need it! Learn from the past, then LEAVE IT THERE!!! May all 3 of the children involved in this tragic story find peace in the arms of our Jesus.

  13. Eric T Says:

    I am very sadden by this story and have wondered why it hasn’t gotten more attention over the years such as Emmit till. Being an AA Male that has worked with at risk youth or correctional centers my whole adult life I feel have a lot more personal interest in this story than most. I worked on South Carolina Death Row for 3 years. I have sat in the Electric chair and I am 5’9 and 200 pounds. The chair swallowed me so I can imagine how little George felt sitting in it knowing he was about to be killed for 2 murders he wasn’t even capable of committing. I lived in Columbia for 13 years and I moved there when I was 16 years old and have thought South Carolina is still South Carolina. SC was one of the last states to make MLK day a holiday and they absolute refuse to take down the rebel flag. Now their reasoning for keeping it is …it’s an important part of their heritage , but my question is what heritage is that because the KKK often flew that flag while they were hanging,burning , and cutting off the ears of black people. I am by no means one of those AA that think all white people are bad and even in those times there were a few white people that would stand up and say this is wrong. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough to make much of a difference back then.

    Now as for Clay I agree with some of your comment, but I think the fact you can say “They left because that’s what they wanted to do” is a little insensitive . I’m sure you never had a family killed because they were a different race. My great great grandparents were murdered in Mississippi by white people around the same time as George’s execution. They didn’t leave because they were scared for just themselves. George had other siblings and they didn’t want their whole family killed for ignorance. I don’t have a racist bone in my body and this is truly a sad story. My wife is half German and I dated white women regularly before I got married. Most of my closest friends are white and I love them all like sisters and brothers. I am not surprised that this took place in SC and the only 2 places I could see this happening other than SC is Miss or Tex. We must move forward , but the key in moving forward is not forgetting or making light to such injustices as to what happen to little George.

    Lexa you’re either very young or not very educated in criminal behavior. Crimes are generally committed on victims of the same race as the murderer. I don’t know how much you know about southern history, but at the time of this crime a black man could be killed for looking at a white woman. Black men would often look at the ground when a white woman walked by because he was afraid he would be killed for what they called reckless eyeballing at that time.This boy was killed because 2 white girls asked him a question on their way to pick flowers and someone killed them shortly after. Those girls were victims and being a father that’s lost a child I feel for those parents, but so was George.

    • Clay Olson Says:


      You certainly have a different perspective, and I absolutely respect that. I am sorry that you found my comments insensitive, as they were intended to be taken in the context as follows: The fact that his parents were forced to leave is not the point as the travesty had already occurred. I think it is completely irrelevant, although I must admit that I am appalled to think that George’s relatives might read my statement as you did. For that, I recognize my error and apologize.

      The fact of the matter is that this story has always torn me up. I remember the first time I saw that black and white mug shot as a young boy. It horrified me then, and, while it disgusts me now I think it is counter-productive to leave some rant about “Southern White Males” which is stereotypical just the same (I am referencing the post that I responded to). By no means was I ever implying that I blamed the family for leaving, as I can not put myself in the Stinney family’s shoes. Placing blame on white males as a whole does rub me the wrong way, and I assume you feel the same way based on your well crafted commentary.

      As for the Stinney story and its treatment by the press, I share your confusion as George’s execution was carried out with the approval of the entire state government in 1945. It is hard for me to believe that those elected officials would have carried out the execution if they were forced to do it privately, in a personal environment. I believe that humans are humans, and the fact that we are all brought into this world with some sens of right and wrong. I hope you believe me when I state that, no matter when this occurred, our state leaders here in South Carolina were never capable of executing a 90 pound 14 year old who had inadequate legal representation. I just have to believe that paranoia and other factors made those charged with legislating our affairs at the time easily impressionable, and quick to turn a blind eye. The human condition, black and white, is truly questionable if those responsible for carrying out the sentence or, alternatively, being in a position to stop the madness were told the story we know today. I just can not allow myself to think that fellow humans, of any culture, could act out against a defenseless youth unless they were provided a much different depiction of the murders, George’s culpability, age, size, etc.

      I guess what I can’t defend is that the Governor must have known that George was 14, even if he was not shown the mug shot. The picture was likely never released, as the media would have published it in 1945. As I am sure you are aware, the Till murder would not have the impact it did had it not been for Emmitt’s mother, who demanded an open coffin so “the world could see what they did to my boy.”

      • Sameera v. Thurmond Says:

        Clay, I think you have been fairly sensitive about this considerating that I believe you’re white. One statement of yours perplexes me: “I hope you believe me when I state that, no matter when this occurred, our state leaders here in South Carolina were never capable of executing a 90 pound 14 year old who had inadequate legal representation.” Leaders are reflective and reflect the culture, the times and the thinking of those they lead. They didn’t lead Blacks; their leadership was reflective of whites’ obsession with terrorizing Blacks. I use the word ‘terrorize’ because based upon any definition one chooses to use, what whites did to Blacks was nothing more than terrorism. That is way I cannot understand our nation’s ease with flaunting the term with outsiders who aggress against our nation.

    • akeemmother******bailey reading this article makes me hate white people Says:

      yup yr right everything u wrote is true im sure he didnt do it he probably didnt even look at them for the fear of his life

  14. Eric T Says:

    RIP George may the true culprit of this crime get his just due in the after life

  15. I wonder what the racists will have to hate on when society has interbred to the point everyone is basically some shade of brown, LoL! Poor racists won’t know who to pick on anymore!! Oh yes, we are also from South Carolina & nobody ever said or did a damn thing to my white son & his black girlfriend through 4 years of high school together in a school that has over 4,000 students. So we aint that damn bad down here. (You were right about Texass though!)

  16. Eric T Says:

    I love SC and lived there for 13 years. I moved there from Detroit when I was 16 1/2 . The race relations between black and whites are a lot better then it was in the past. I love to see the races mixing…. To me that is another example of living the MLK dream. As far as your son and his blk GF goes. I’m really happy to see you love and support them, b/c I have also been a victim in that situation. Trust me when I say I am far from one of those blk men that blame everything in their lives on white people. I am a human first and everything else second. I see the world as people and not as races. One of my best friends and I were best friends forever and her mother was fine with us dating until she got pregnant. We were in our mid 20’s at the time and this would have been both of our 1st child. I asked her to get married and her mother asked her to abort. When I asked her why she wanted us to about our child. She said I was a nice boy, but I was black. So kudos to you for being supportive of them.

    As for you Clay thank you very much for your apology. I really appreciate you being a big enough man to say you were wrong. As an Afro American I can tell you that the SC judicial system was very racist and the leaders at that time were very much involved. I told you my great great grandfather had his ear cut off , hung, and burned alive in front of my great grandfather who was 4 at the time. They murdered his mother right in front of him and he hated white people until the day he died. None of that hate rubbed off on any of us though. With all the organization nowadays its hard for people to get away with that kind of injustice and I think most white people are ashamed of their ancestors behavior and would be first in line to stand against such things. When you get a chance goggle the name Sterling Spann. He was on Death when I first started working there and used to always tell me he was innocent. I would say yeah right so is everyone else on here buddy. Well he spent 20 in prison(death Row) before being released b/c the white guy that actually did the crime confessed. There is also a special on A&E network about him. I think both you guys are top shelf guys and I’m glad you are the new guys carrying the torch for your race. I’m happy that with the way race relations in SC are now we can all change the ugly ghost of SC’s past history.

  17. Hi Eric, I am so sorry about your horrible experience with your ex gf & her mother. Thats never happening to any of my grandchildren I can assure you! I am extremely proud of Whitney (my son’s gf) who is attending Claflin College to become a teacher. I wish I could post a picture of them on here as she is just gorgeous! 🙂 I hope for our all our sakes & those of our decendents that one day racism will just be an ugly footnote in the history of mankind. {{{hugzzzz&bestwishes}}} to you Eric, Sincerely, Diane

  18. cheryl Says:

    @eric t, that is so horrible what happened to your relatives. i am happy
    that you are alright. i have a grandson named eric, and you sound a lot
    like him with your comments. i liked them and i am glad that you expressed yourself the way you did. @jdv, i hope racism will be over one day. @eric, you stay and be strong!

  19. lamont T Says:

    I knew this kind of stuff was real but this particular story was brought to my attetion because of a picture i found in my house from 1944. It was a picture of a lynching. This is very sad and makes me very disturbed. I dont think that South Carolina has a chance for reform when it comes to racism cause I feel that the state it still living in the past. Most of our leaders need to resign and be picked all over to many have been in offfice for years and years. This house is old as dirt and has proof of slaves living here in some crazy conditions. Needless to say I am moving now.

  20. Clay as much as I agree with you how placing blame on white males seems stereotypical. And also making this whole situation black and white is much the same as blaming “white males.” But you really need to look at the out come of it all. In this pariticular situation of Stinney’s trial and other areas in the early 1900’s the leaders of the law where all white men. Even in Stinney’s court the jury, the judge and the elected officials where all white-male. So yes they were to blame in this case and others because they were all in charge of the law, what they say goes. Go back and look up the trial of Emmit Till’s slayers and compare it to Stinney’s. In this situation there’s no way in heck that you look at this as “the human condition as a whole.” And for Stinney’s family either they were forced or threatened or asked to leave they didn’t have a choice either way, right? And I think “that grown black parents chose to abandon their son in such a trying time” is the wrong way to word it. Alot has happened to blacks you should know that. Fromt the comments I read on here what you wrote I agree and disagree with some, but you can make a great debater just need to look in and around the outcome.

  21. Sonya Says:

    My heart breaks for this child. I want to locate his family members to tell them how sorry I am. This baby did not get a fair trial. You know he was so very much afraid. They would not allow him to see his parents, how horrible! I have checked everywhere. I don’t know how to locate any of his family. It never said where they moved to. May God hold this child in his loving arms and comfort him…. amen

    • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

      Hi Sonya, I believe I said this somewhere before in this on-going dialogue. I actually contacted young George’s brother, Charles Stinney. He graciously talked to me. However, Charles said that his two sisters were no longer willing to discuss the subject because they had done so before and were pretty much emotionally exhausted. I understand.

  22. clayolson Says:

    I first commented on the Stinney execution in response to a post from Cheryl approximately one year ago. You can read it above. While I disagreed with several conclusions made, I think that the tone of our collective comments make the following points:

    1. George was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death with that sort of haste one might encounter in Iran or South Asia. These are countries without constitutions. I am not here to bash Iran or any other country this AM, although I will make the point that it is a country in which one can be executed without due process. The United States and Iran had one thing in common back in the 1940s, which is very ironic considering the fact that many of our white and black citizens were fighting overseas to protect those liberties which are “self-evident”, and that we profess to each believe in “under God.”

    2. As a life long resident of South Carolina, I have often felt a bit threatened by those from other areas of the US. While all states have experienced violence, injustice, and other tragedies, it is shocking that the Stinney event was officially sanctioned by our government. This was a failure on all levels, as the courts failed to recognize (or recognized) the obvious: George did not have a fair trial. The legislature funded his execution, and the governor’s office failed to intercede.

    3. George’s picture seems to haunt everyone that sees it. I know how I felt after seeing it as a child.

    I wonder if there is a practical way to provide George with some justice in the modern world. Would it be possible and practical to seek an apology, pardon, or some other recognition from Columbia in 2010? I would like to explore this possibility.

    • Sameera v. Thurmond Says:

      Yes, Clay, I think that young Georg should be exonerated, not pardoned. The definitions are different. We all know that it is too late for George. I do believe it will force whites to look at their past deeds because while overt racism, prejudice and hatred are all be gone, it is the covert feelings and behaviors which still manifest in our nation. Yet it cannot happen unless we are willing to sit down and talk about our feelings (on the part of Blacks and whites). This is what psychotherapy is all about. It forces us to look at ourselves. And I can assure you both races need that! However, Whites are VERY uncomfortable talking about race issues; so there will be no immediate remedy.

  23. cheryl Says:

    @geli, love your comment! @sonya, i would like to do the same thing!

  24. W. Marie Edwards Says:

    Yes, someone did “make” the Stinney family leave Alcolu! Mr. Stinney, Sr. had his wife and other children to consider! How would they have survived if he were killed by an angry mob??? Would the “mob” or “gang” have murdered his entire family? It is unfortunate the George stinney, Jr. had to be alone at such a horrific time, but, Mr. Stinney was also afraid and thinking of the family members he could help. He should not be judged for that. Under those circumstances and under that pressure he did the best he could….in this land of the free!!!!!! Still, I cannot help think about young George, what he must have been feeling, thinking, how afraid he must have been. To look around and not see a familiar or friendly face in the courtroom during his trial. Being greeted by hatred and loathing at the time of his death! If anyone who reads this has researched this case let me know if there are there any other suspects. Mr. Edwards Stout has written a book on the subject called “Carolina Skeletons” but the lines get muddled between truth and fiction. I would love to know more about this case.

  25. W. Marie Edwards Says:

    Hi Sonya, Check “Sound Portraits” on the internet. It is a audio documentary website that features the Stinney case. In in, his sister, CAtherine Stinney-Robinson, did an audio interview along with the families of the two slain girls. This is a good way to contact Georges sister if she is still alive. Hope this helps!

  26. akeemmother******bailey reading this article makes me hate white people Says:

    there was no evidence to prove stinney did anything just like in to kill a mockingbird he was black young in the mind of the ****** ignorant white people that fits the description of a murder you people make me sick yes im Black if u couldnt already tell the article is on wikipedia if you wanna know the so called true story. A railroad spike is like a 45pound dumbell im 16 most kids that come to the weightroom are 15-16 they cant even curl or almost pick that up. So you wanna tell me that a 90lb little boy held down two girls holding something half his weight and killing both of them nahhhhhhhhhhhh get real its because he was BLACK Thats all **** all u crakers bbb black black black the day will come when u will get yours

    • Clay Olson Says:


      I am white and I am from South Carolina. I have never heard anyone argue that George was guilty. We all assume he wasn’t and probably got screwed over like so many did during that time.

      I know you don’t hate all white people as well. I can understand how some comments must make your head almost explode, however. I appreciate your honesty and emotion, although I am pretty sure you know some white people that have been friends in your lifetime.

  27. This is directed to Akeemwhatever. Two of my WHITE sons have had serious relationships with black women. We have several very close BLACK friends that refuse to befriend BLACK people because they don’t want to be murdered in the lousy housing areas they live in. For you to say this one sad wrong happening makes you “HATE ALL WHITE PEOPLE” makes it clear YOU ARE JUST AS EVIL & RACIST AS THE PEOPLE THAT DID THIS!!! chew on that for awhile sista!

  28. Akeemwhatever: And i think “the day will come” when your bigoted ass goes straight to HELL for you pure evilness!! all people like YOU, BLACK OR WHITE, MAKE ME SICK!!! put that in your crackpipe you freaking hater!! People like you make it hard for my kids to be with the people they love. Get over yourself already. YOU are as bad as any other hater & GOD WILL bring you down for it!! Or maybe people like you don’t believe in God?? And i don’t mean “black people” when i say that either. I mean all the bigoted racist idiots!! cuz thats what you are!! now hate on THAT!!!

  29. Sameera v. Thurmond Says:

    Diane: I understand with some reservation your anger with Akeem. What he hasn’t learned is NOT to express his feelings in such an offensive manner. His feelings ARE real….whether justified or not. However, he should learn to temper his expressions. I wouldn’t exactly say that Akeem is as evil as others, Black or white. To my knowledge, he hasn’t done anything; he is simply ranting. Having said that, keep one thing in mind white people have a history of expressing themselves physically to my people. They didn’t temper themselves either and when they didn’t, they almost invariably went to the extremes such as in the case of young George Stinney. If anything were ever unforgiveable, it was the manner in which the process occurred. I’d be lying if I said that sometimes I feel just as Akeem does because even if we are racist, our racism doesn’t hurt white people but I can assure the racism on the part of whites hurts us! The two little girls and George didn’t deserve what happened and I’m sure you agree. What bothers me is that you were so very angry with Akeem because of what he said and I’m not so sure that your expressions were any better. If you really believe that God would bring down Akeem for mere ranting, what do you suppose he should have done to whites for some of the vile and evil acts perpetrated on my people. God didn’t do anything, did he? And he won’t do anything to Akeem. There was a lot of hatred in your expressions as well. We are on this earth to learn lessons, dearheart, and in due time, hopefully, Akeem will learn as well. Don’t be angry with everybody about everything. We’re all imperfect….including me. Now forget Akeem’s rantings; he has his own issues. In the mean time, take a moment and reflect on the reason why we are commenting at all and bless the souls of the little girls and young George.

    • Clay Olson Says:

      Your final sentences are perfect for this discussion. I think you have clarified several points which illustrate the true scope of our differences in this forum. Let me note the places where our opinions are congruent, cohesive, and without divergence. First, I do not believe anyone has made a comment which justifies the execution of any 14 year old, and especially not in the circumstances surrounding poor George’s death. I think it should also be noted that no one seems to argue that George was provided with an adequate defense or jury of his peers. I think I began writing when I was a tad offended that 65 years later, the term “grown white males” was used as I am a grown white male and do not appreciate being cast into the same net as those who might deprive a boy and his family of justice. It seems that some writings convey a main point of, “You are white, I am black” in trying to convey a sense of perspective. This is where the discussion becomes truly interesting in that we all need to remember that we come from different places and, sometimes, this clouds our vision. White people need to try their best to understand that many blacks come from a different place in that experiences cause you to view the world at different angles. I am a white male from South Carolina and, in many ways, I understand better than any other white person that many blacks have endured great injustice. To say that the remnants of past discrimination are gone forever is ignorant. On the other hand, I ask that black people understand that we whites are as mortified as you are that human beings committed some of these acts of violence. Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, SC, etc. Our citizens, black and white, know one another in day to day experiences and all of us have friends of different races. It is impossible not to learn to live together in a community. I think some of the aggressive writing occurs on an internet forum due to anonymity and the inability to put a face with the writings being read. If we were sitting around in a room, would we really be arguing as passionately? I do not think that we would as most of us share the core values which are important. I think discussions like these are productive so long as we remember to keep the feelings of others in mind and, most importantly, consider where others come from and that they might have differing perspectives based on upbringing, etc.

  30. To Sameera: “our racism doesn’t hurt white people but I can assure the racism on the part of whites hurts us!”
    I beg your PARDON???!!!! Do you really BELIEVE THAT STATEMENT?? or are you “just ranting” Sameera?? Let me get this straight, BLACK people “hurt”, and WHITE people do not. Hmm….. I happen to be a Child Abuse Activist sweetie & when I’m working i dont give a damn what COLOR the child is! You old school haters will eventually die out one day when people have intermarried to the point of being all shades of brown, who are you and Akeemmother****ingbailey, (thats how HE signed himself as, how charming), WHO are people LIKE YOU & him going to hate on then? YES, I AM “angry” & your are both “BIGOTS” (look it up). You have NO IDEA how hard it can be for mixed couples & the looks & comments they get. But i sure bet you & “AKEEM” would be two of the first ROCK THROWERS heading up the line. Oh yes, I would like to say that execution was 57 years ago & i believe us “Crackers”, he called us? have come a little ways since then considering we now have a BLACK PRESIDENT that I happen to have VOTED FOR. Since that happened I really dont see the need for rehashing a nearly 60 yr old tragedy just so you can manufacture reasons for “HATING ALL WHITE PEOPLE”. Sorry lady, that “poor poor pitiful black me” just dont wash anymore. Go to college & get a job & stop blaming eveybody but yourself when your life turns out badly. By the way, just sign me off as “I DON’T HATE ALL BLACK PEOPLE”. But i dont think i would like you or “Akeemwhatever” even if you were purple. Your the ones with the “Hate” in your hearts. Keep letting it poison you. Btw, if you ever see any WHITE boys with thier BLACK girlfriends my advice is that you leave them alone!! Because they might be MY kids!!

  31. Is there any way to post a pic on here? Because I would like to post one of my son & BLACK HIS GIRLFRIEND at Military Ball they attended. They are both in college.

  32. kla Says:

    Unfortunately things were different in 1944. It saddens me that they would execute a child and feel that at the age of 14 you can be considered an adult.

    I do not believe this boy had the proper defense or a fair trial. He was found guilty and condemned to die before the trial even began. The trial was just a formal procedure for the courts to say a trial was given.

    And though he confessed, I don’t know how based on his size, he could have committed the murders by himself. if he was involved, I think he had help. it’s probable he confessed out of fear. Or the police didn’t have any real leads so they pinned it on this kid rather than look for the real killer. The police come out looking like a hero and nabbed the big bad monster and their town is safe again.

    Its hard to say what truly happen. what we can say is that this kid didn’t belong in the electric chair..killer or not, I don’t think any child should be sentenced to death..jail is another story. had George been given life, I think someone would have taken his case (eventually) pro bono and the real facts would have come out and he would be free.

  33. @kia, i agree with you 100%. i don’t believe george did it. someone else did it and it was put on this child that he did it. my question is, can you imagine the fear that little boy had? he was in that court room all by himself. there were no family members present. poor baby. he had to feel so all alone, walking to the electric chair, with just a bible under his arm. i cried just thinking about it. so awful and horrible! i feel they could have given him life in prison, and yes, someone would have taken his case and found that he was innocent. i always said if that had been one of my children, i would’ve mad that police kill us both, by trying to escape. so mean and horrible!

  34. Hey “BOODROW”!! – in reply to your comment of :

    “Think I will visit the girls grave so I can **** on em ”

    You would probably be good at that, considering how full of sh*t you are. They can probably smell your skank sh*t filled a$$ all the way to France!! lol (i dont expect a sh*thead like you to get that joke, but trust me, it was funny 🙂 People like you are the reason white ppl buy so many dang guns these days ya know!! LMAO!! what a piece of scum you are. People like you are nothing but garbage. Hope you die a miserable death. Pig.

  35. I see the GUTLESS COWARD “BOODROW” didnt want to see any “replies” to his lovely comment. How typical of a p*ssy a$$ piece of crap.

  36. Cheryl I’m curious, you make it clear what you would do to protect your child had he been accused……..but you never said what you’d do if your child was one of the VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!! EVER THINK OF THAT????? I’m dying to know…..would you turn the other cheek & joyfully hand over another child to be murdered & then another? and just forgive & forget it all so easily?? There is so much nasty anti-white hatred & bias on this page its clear that black people do not commit crimes!!! and if they do, they just say “i’m innocent” and “whitey” be done with it. There was a 14 yr old BLACK “child” that just blew the damn brains out of a very talented, well liked & very respected local BLACK 27 yr old at a local school here last week!!!!~! ENOUGH!!!!! enough with the killing already!!!! each other, white people, ALL OF US!!!!! NO MORE KILLING!!!!!!!

  37. The young murder victim was 17, not 27. And the 14 yr old “child” got 40 yrs in the pen for killing him…..how ya like those apples??…..:)

  38. selina gray Says:

    my heart is soooooo heavy right now!! i knew these thinga went on,bu tim only 40 years old, and feel racisism even today,but never to the extent of this.i saw a film about emit litt in the mist of a classroom in 8th grade, with all with kids cause my parent had moved to a”white neighborhood to give us a “better life”.yea right……..Anyway,the kids were laughing and snickering and iswear if i had a gun i wouldve blew everybody heads off!! that that was the ONLY THING ive EVER SEEN like this,and i was sick for days over that.i dint want o even go back to school.i had recemtly starting meet and and actually liking alot of white kids,makin friends and i immediately disliked them and went into a shell.I wanted to move home, where every body was black.you know,i could go on and on,like we all can apparently,but the piont is This country and certain peoples beliefs and cultures and thinking and ways of life was completely messed up!!!and we have come along way.And its still not perfect and may never be.But i think that we should be happy that its not where it was.but i do want o say that i want people WHITE AND BLACK to stop making assumptions and only speak the truth.the women that said one of the girls was her mother cousin and the evidence was there.WHO TOLD YOU THAT??your mom who was understandalby hurt by the murder of her cousin???Im just sayin,read,investigate and find out for your self.cause its a real slap in the face for you to say that to people thathave seen thier men dragged out shot for nothing.and for the women who had some really valid pionts(and i really felt everything you said to the piont of drawin tears),just be glad we are not there anymore.And everybody just move on.But i don wanna say ont thingb4 i go…People in power brought us here,the least they could do for all our years of FREE FORCED SERVICE is treat us with the same respect and dignity that they expect.My heart is very sadden by reading all of this and seeing this boy face,and for the loss of the girls as well.Its just so sad,the whole thing.

  39. selina gray Says:

    sorry for all the mispelled words.im in a rush and never planned on writing anything.on my way out the door.sorry for that.i hope everone understands what i was trying to say.God bless.

  40. selina gray Says:

    and dianne,what are you talkin about????ok.gotta go.god bless everyone

  41. Boy, 16, sentenced to 40 years for murder
    By Allyson Bird
    Friday, September 2, 2011


    Derell Green

    Derell Green heads to prison before he can legally see an R-rated movie, and while his peers finish school, start families and build careers, he will remain locked up until he reaches middle age.

    Green remained silent in the courtroom Thursday as a circuit judge handed down a 40-year sentence for the 2010 murder of 17-year-old Larry Taron Maybank. Green was 14 at the time. He is not eligible for parole but will get credit for time served.

    Green wore a yellow jail jumpsuit instead of the button-down shirts and neatly pressed pants he donned before the jury last week. Tried as an adult, the 16-year-old faced 30 years to life in prison.

    Chief Deputy Solicitor Bruce DuRant noted Thursday that Green, though young, developed and executed a plot to kill Maybank.

    “It’s exceedingly rare for a 14-year-old to be involved in a premeditated murder,” DuRant said. “I asked the jury to base its decision, not upon his age, but upon what he did.”

    Green attended Daniel Jenkins Academy, a North Charleston school for students with behavior problems. Maybank took classes through a special program on the same campus.

    Both boys left the school on Bonds Avenue during an early dismissal around 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 5, 2010, and Green and his friends fell in behind Maybank and his buddy. Green’s friends turned back toward the school, and Green pulled out a .38-caliber revolver.

    One shot grazed Maybank, and one traveled into his upper back and through his lungs and the major vein and artery around his heart. He collapsed in the driveway of a nearby business, where police found him motionless with blood coming from his head and mouth.

    Maybank’s mother, Sakera Maybank-Rivers, asked the judge to keep Green locked up, to prevent him from killing again. She called her son a joy in her life.

    “He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve to be murdered,” Maybank-Rivers said, stopping to wipe tears. “He didn’t deserve to be shot down like a dog … in the back coming home from school.”

    Reader poll
    Do you agree with the 40 year sentence for convicted murderer Derell Green?
    •Yes 73% 216 votes •No 26% 77 votes 293 total votes.

    Testimony during Green’s trial revealed that the two boys had been in an altercation about a month before the attack. Attorneys said Maybank and other teenagers jumped Green, stealing a gold chain with a Jesus head charm.

    Green’s mother, though present in the courtroom, declined to speak. Green’s defense attorney, Megan Ehrlich, said Green also wouldn’t speak because of potential appeals and because he was not comfortable addressing the court.

    Ehrlich described her client as a frightened boy who worries about his family’s safety. She asked the judge to consider a sentence that, one day, would release Green.

    “At 14, 30 years is a very long time,” she said.

    Only Green’s mentor from juvenile drug court, elder Jerome Fludd, spoke on behalf of the boy.

    “I understand, from both sides of the aisle, what’s going on,” said Fludd, whose own brother was murdered in the 1970s. “This is time for both sides of the aisle to heal.”

    Circuit Judge J.C. Nicholson Jr. thanked Fludd for his insight but questioned his suggestion.

    “My concern is the protection of the community from him acting out in the same manner in the future,” Nicholson said.

    Maybank’s family members, meanwhile, whispered for Fludd to sit down.

    After delivering his 40-year sentence, Nicholson ordered that Maybank’s side of the aisle leave the room only after Green’s family had left the courthouse.

  42. ATT: SELINA GRAY : This is what i’m talkin’ about sweetie.

    Boy, 16, sentenced to 40 years for murder
    By Allyson Bird
    Friday, September 2, 2011


    Derell Green

    Derell Green heads to prison before he can legally see an R-rated movie, and while his peers finish school, start families and build careers, he will remain locked up until he reaches middle age.

    Green remained silent in the courtroom Thursday as a circuit judge handed down a 40-year sentence for the 2010 murder of 17-year-old Larry Taron Maybank. Green was 14 at the time. He is not eligible for parole but will get credit for time served.

    Green wore a yellow jail jumpsuit instead of the button-down shirts and neatly pressed pants he donned before the jury last week. Tried as an adult, the 16-year-old faced 30 years to life in prison.

    Chief Deputy Solicitor Bruce DuRant noted Thursday that Green, though young, developed and executed a plot to kill Maybank.

    “It’s exceedingly rare for a 14-year-old to be involved in a premeditated murder,” DuRant said. “I asked the jury to base its decision, not upon his age, but upon what he did.”

    Green attended Daniel Jenkins Academy, a North Charleston school for students with behavior problems. Maybank took classes through a special program on the same campus.

    Both boys left the school on Bonds Avenue during an early dismissal around 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 5, 2010, and Green and his friends fell in behind Maybank and his buddy. Green’s friends turned back toward the school, and Green pulled out a .38-caliber revolver.

    One shot grazed Maybank, and one traveled into his upper back and through his lungs and the major vein and artery around his heart. He collapsed in the driveway of a nearby business, where police found him motionless with blood coming from his head and mouth.

    Maybank’s mother, Sakera Maybank-Rivers, asked the judge to keep Green locked up, to prevent him from killing again. She called her son a joy in her life.

    “He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve to be murdered,” Maybank-Rivers said, stopping to wipe tears. “He didn’t deserve to be shot down like a dog … in the back coming home from school.”

    Reader poll
    Do you agree with the 40 year sentence for convicted murderer Derell Green?
    •Yes 73% 216 votes •No 26% 77 votes 293 total votes.

    Testimony during Green’s trial revealed that the two boys had been in an altercation about a month before the attack. Attorneys said Maybank and other teenagers jumped Green, stealing a gold chain with a Jesus head charm.

    Green’s mother, though present in the courtroom, declined to speak. Green’s defense attorney, Megan Ehrlich, said Green also wouldn’t speak because of potential appeals and because he was not comfortable addressing the court.

    Ehrlich described her client as a frightened boy who worries about his family’s safety. She asked the judge to consider a sentence that, one day, would release Green.

    “At 14, 30 years is a very long time,” she said.

    Only Green’s mentor from juvenile drug court, elder Jerome Fludd, spoke on behalf of the boy.

    “I understand, from both sides of the aisle, what’s going on,” said Fludd, whose own brother was murdered in the 1970s. “This is time for both sides of the aisle to heal.”

    Circuit Judge J.C. Nicholson Jr. thanked Fludd for his insight but questioned his suggestion.

    “My concern is the protection of the community from him acting out in the same manner in the future,” Nicholson said.

    Maybank’s family members, meanwhile, whispered for Fludd to sit down.

    After delivering his 40-year sentence, Nicholson ordered that Maybank’s side of the aisle leave the room only after Green’s family had left the courthouse.

  43. 14 years of age is certainly old enough to murder someone in cold blood!!!!!!! 14 yrs old ” AINT NO “CHILD”!!!!! so knock it off!! Larry is DEAD because a 14 yr old “MAN” blew him away cuz he wanted his GOLD CHAIN!!!

  44. 14 years of age is certainly old enough to murder someone in cold blood!!!!!!! 14 yrs old ” AINT NO “CHILD”!!!!! so knock it off!! Larry is DEAD because a 14 yr old “MAN” blew him away cuz he wanted his GOLD CHAIN!!! So stop playing the “CHILD” card!!! I happen to be a CHILD ABUSE ACTIVIST AND THIS PIECE OF DIRT SHOT & KILLED A GREAT YOUNG MAN WITH A FUTURE AHEAD OF HIM. NO PITY HERE!!!!!! I hope he dies in prison!!!! Larry happened to be a clean cut young BLACK man & he didnt deserve this!!!!!!

  45. Sorry i was so upset i said the murder was last week when i mean the scumbags “trial” was last week. And its so cute how the murderes families try to go after the dead young man’s family after thier piece of shit son killed him!!!! Blows my mind!!! I would NEVER EVER DEFEND ONE OF MY SONS FOR KILLING SOMEONE FOR ANY REASON EXCEPT SELF DEFENSE!!!!! WHATS WITH BLACK PPL?? WHY DONT YALL THINK YOUR “BABIES” SHOULD GO TO PRISON FOR THIER CRIMES??? WHY DO YOU ALL DEFEND YOUR DESPICABLE GANGBANGERS ACTIONS??? YOUR WORSE THAN YOUR KIDS!!!!
    To my personal black friends & family, you know i love you very, very much & you mean the world to me!! None of this is directed towards any of you. Thank you & i am so proud of you all for growing up to be the wonderful, beautiful, kind, loving adults you have come to be. I Love You. Diane

  46. My black friends & family love God more than themselves, they have style, they have class, they have manners & they are working hard at drive- thrus to pay thier way through thier colleges. They dont want to be “gangbangers” & “baby mamas” & “murderers” & “rapists” & thieves, & perverts. And i can assure you THIER MOTHERS would NEVER try to defend them if they did!!!!! Thats because they are REAL mothers!!! not fake con artists.

  47. Chief Deputy Solicitor Bruce DuRant noted Thursday that Green, though young, developed and executed a plot to kill Maybank.

    “It’s exceedingly rare for a 14-year-old to be involved in a premeditated murder,” DuRant said. “I asked the jury to base its decision, not upon his age, but upon what he did.”

    Green attended Daniel Jenkins Academy, a North Charleston school for students with behavior problems. Maybank took classes through a special program on the same campus.

    Both boys left the school on Bonds Avenue during an early dismissal around 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 5, 2010, and Green and his friends fell in behind Maybank and his buddy. Green’s friends turned back toward the school, and Green pulled out a .38-caliber revolver.

    One shot grazed Maybank, and one traveled into his upper back and through his lungs and the major vein and artery around his heart. He collapsed in the driveway of a nearby business, where police found him motionless with blood coming from his head and mouth.

    Maybank’s mother, Sakera Maybank-Rivers, asked the judge to keep Green locked up, to prevent him from killing again. She called her son a joy in her life.

    “He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve to be murdered,” Maybank-Rivers said, stopping to wipe tears. “He didn’t deserve to be shot down like a dog … in the back coming home from school.”


  48. ~ Rest in Peace Larry ~

  49. Hope In A Hopeless World

    (Roebuck ‘Pops’ Staples/Phil Roy/Bob Thiele, Jr.)

    Transcribed by: Daniel Gold
    Baby born in New York City

    Wrapped in a blanket all tattered and worn

    Mama’s doin’ the best she can

    It takes hope in a hopeless world

    Her eldest son, he stayed in school

    Listened to his mother, he never drank or used

    But every job he wants he gets refused

    It takes hope in a hopeless world

    Looking for hope in a hopeless world

    Trying to find love in these hateful times

    Try to stay strong but my mind is weak

    Looking for hope in a hopeless world

    Churches are full, but the prayers are not heard

    Saturday’s child don’t wanna to go to Sunday school

    Whatever happened to the golden rule

    It takes hope in a hopeless world

    D’you got a quarter for the homeless man

    Spare some change for the soldiers who fought the war

    Put a little money in those hats and those tins

    Give them hope in a hopeless world

    Looking for hope in a hopeless world

    Searchin’ for love in these hateful times

    Try to stay strong but my mind is weak

    Ease my mind, ease my mind

    And on the corner there stands a young girl

    The home she left was in the better part of town

    Daddy did things she never talked about

    It takes hope in a hopeless world

    Somebody out there gotta listen

    Somebody out there got to know what Pops been talkin’ about

    Raise your hand, raise your hands if you’re with me

    Give us hope in a hopeless world

    You’ve got to listen to the voice inside

    Peace and love don’t compromise – realize

    Time is passing by

    Can’t be standing still!

  50. Please…..we are all just human beings no matter what the skin color, we’re still back in cave man days mentally. We gotta stop this madness!!

  51. Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

    Diane, I’ll take you at your word that you have Black friends whom you love, respect and admire very much. So let’s rule out racism. What’s left, then, is a VERY angry person. This anger might come from many years ago or it might just be because of the young Black male that was killed by another youth. I learned that the offending youth had behavior problems. Who knows; perhaps someone should have foreseen this but as we all know, hindsight has tremondous power. You are, no doubt, as disturbed about the two very young white girls girls who were murdered in 1943 and this young male Larry as I am disturbed about George Stinney. For some reason or other, you seem hell
    bent on being absolutely certain that he did it. So be it! Tell me this: are you capable of being objective about the manner in which his case was processed? As a matter of fact I just spoke with with George Stinney, Jr’s younger brother a few days ago. He lives in New York. He was kind enough to speak to me about the case whereas his sisters, who are still living, have some difficulty.

    I think that you’ll to wear the shoes of African Americans to understand what our forefathers lived through to understand that what happened to George, Jr. was typical…not untypical. This kind of injustice has been a way of life for our forefathers and even to some degree for us who are the legacies of those times. What is one young man’s life contrasted against the thousands who lost theirs simply because they were seen as an inferior race and therefore any treatment was OK. Might I suggested you begin to read some literature on Amiercans of African descent during and after slavery. If that doesn’t make
    your blood curdle and make you cry then I’ll have to assume that all your rhetoric about the loss of life is meaningless. Really, Diane, do some reading…..and I don’t mean any whitewashed versions. Thank you.

  52. I dont think you understand Sameera, but yes your right that i’m angry, George Stinney died over 60 yrs ago and many black ppl STILL try to use that as some kind of excuse for whats going on now, 60 yrs later!! Larry is Dead now & hes NEVER coming back & there was absolutely NO REASON for that little punk to gun him down for a stupid necklace. I dont care what color any of them are & nobody else should either! Larrys dead. He had a future, that wannabe gansta SOLE it from him. I want you to work for the “right” side Ms. Thurmond, (any relation to old man Strom?) not the “black verses white” side. you could do so much to help!!

    • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

      You still didn’t answer my question, though, Diane: “Tell me this: are you capable of being objective about the manner in which his case was processed?”

      “This kind of injustice has been a way of life for our forefathers and even to some degree for us who are the legacies of those times.” So if we seem to focused on race, it’s because we have always been the focus because of our race….and that’s the truth!

    • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

      Now that Larry is dead, another 60 years will pass and if you’re still here, you might feel as strongly in 60 years as you do now. Moreover, you didn’t answer my question, Diane: “are you capable of being objective about the manner in which George’s case was processed?” I realize that we might disagree but I vehemently disagree with putting a 14 year old to death AND hate the way those white abrogated his and his parent’s rights! Should we see people for whom they are and not what they look like? Is that the way things work in America? Absolutely not! But if your point is that it the change must begin with us, then I accept that. Talk later. My cats are acting up!

  53. Oh yes, you were wrong on the “hell bent that George Stinney is guilty” or whatever. I care less. I worry the living, God sorts out the dead.

  54. I believe that if George was innocent he is now one of God’s honored Angels for what he was put through (no matter what age or race). If he was guilty then he’s screaming in Hell where he belongs. Same with anyone who knew & didnt tell the truth, that soul will be doomed. I want the kids TODAY, like Larry, black & white, hispanic etc… to stop using skin color as some kind of reason to kill each other. Because its not. And its wrong. And inside themselves they know it. They just need adults to show them the way.

  55. I guess I forgot to mention, I’m an American Indian, Choctaw to be precise. The only brown eyed, black haired child ,in a family of only blonde haired blue eyed drunken vicious racist monsters, (my mother & my 1/2 bro to be exact). Think of some of the games & names they “played with me with’……?? Because I still think about those …”games”….matter of fact I wonder if thats where all my anger really stems from?? doesnt matter anyway, I left them almost 30 yrs ago & aint never goin’ back. We all got our crosses to bear don’t we? : / Oh well, such is life. We all gotta do the best we can.

  56. You know something weird Sameera, if we met in everyday life we would like each other. No, i dont agree with putting a 14 yr old to death. And yes, i can look at the case without bias because to me a kid is a kid. period.
    But this is NOW. Children are being born everyday, black, white, brown & yes, red too and they are MORE important than George Stinney is ever going to be to me, because i cant save him now, but there are so many others out there that can be saved. We have to look forward & take care of these kids coming into the world NOW. I’m sorry George Stinney & those little girls lives were taken from them. If i could change it or even exchange myself, to make it different, i probably would. I’m a Child Abuse Survivor & Activist, kids are everything to me. Sincerely, Diane

  57. Diane, your comments are in every way offensive. I am a black single mother or “baby mama” as you so eloquently put it… I am also 24yrs old and paying my way through college… i am very well mannered, ambitious and have no desire to blame or point fingers. but another fact remains…i do not know you nor am I a friend of yours. so your comments about having black friends or your son having a black girlfriend are meaningless to me and i am sure the other ppl reading these comments… YES there are ignorant blacks… YES there are ignorant whites. but for you to generalize and judge an entire race (with the exclusion of your dear black friends) is ridiculous. I urge you to sit back and reflect on your comments and see that you too have a lot of hate in your heart as well. the questions you ask as to why black people defend their “gang bangers” understand this: as a parent regardless of whatever crimes your child commits, be it petty or more serious. the love you have for them should be UNCONDITIONAL. so of course no parent is going to abandon their child black, white, red or yellow, a mothers love knows no bounds… furthermore if we all claim to be christians and know God… are we forgetting this ” vengeance is mine says the Lord” none of us have the right to decide if one should live or die… in my opinion the executioners are just as much murderers as the accused. i hope that everyone reading this can see that my point is COLOR shouldnt matter i dont care how many blk friends you have i dont care how many asian friends you have… wrong is wrong and it is UNIVERSAL it is carried over color barriers just like there are mexican gangbangers there are asian gangbangers as well. just like there are black ” baby mamas” there are european ones too so PEASE DONT MAKE SUCH GENERALIZATIONS OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOUR HEARTS AND REALIZE THAT LOVE TOO IS UNIVERSAL IT CAN BE FELT ACROSS COLOR, LANGUAGE, AND CULTURAL BARRIERS maybe if instead of judging, and hating we should love a little more and maybe we will see fewer crimes like these.

    • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

      Nicole, Diane and I have conversed above and what I’m getting out of this on her part is that she is very angry woman. I feel as you do but we are Black and there is much anger in our race…not so much because of the past but because the same qualities of racism and bigotry that existed then still exist. Whites may not be hanging us but they clearly hold the same feelings as long ago….no matter how much they deny it. People’s behavior is much more indicative of how they feel rather than what they say. If often think about the parents and how they felt having to abandon their child under the most egregious and emotionally trajic circumstances and I KNOW they took those feelings with them to their grave. You are absolutely correct in stating the nearly all parents love their children unconditionally. This is what Christianity asks of us but we are asked to extend that unconditional love to everyone….not just our children. Our weakness as humans seems to be that we are unable to do this. White Southerners particularly do not believe, therefore, do not practice this Christ edict toward us! Everytime I look at that photo of George, Jr. I am overwhelmed with emotion and quite frankly my prejudice might be because he is Black. It’s like it happened yesterday and his life was taken at age 14 BECAUSE he was Black! There is NO OTHER explanation! I know that you understand. When I speak of evil in the hearts of whites, am I stereotyping? Yes, but even when I stereotype, I KNOW there are many whites who would never coing such a thing but they, in my opinion, are the minority. Therefore, my overgeneralizing is based on the actions of the many—not the few. However, one could stereotype Blacks…and most do…and be correct in that stereotype. We have our issues and many of them are self-destructive. Again, you are correct about this: if each and everyone of us loved everyone UNconditionally, every hurtful and painful would disappear because it is human characteristic not hurt anything we love. I admire your principle of unconditional love. Unfortunately, (and I mean this), I do not bear unconditional love for everyone but I hope I “grow” up to be just like you. Good luck in your continued studies.

  58. First off, the real tragedy here is that THREE CHILDREN were MURDERED here; two by SOMEONE and one by the State. Unfortunately nothing is ever going to change that. Back in 1944 the dead kept their secrets. I just take comfort in knowing that these children are now playing together in God’s love and the guilty parties (both the killer and the prosecuting parties were snuffed out of existence). Secondly, I’m white and I don’t know what its like to own slaves much like how none of you Anti White posters here have any idea what its like to be a slave. What our forefathers did to one another is a human stain that no amount of apologies will ever erase. The only thing we can do is just move on and stop dragging up the past. I’ll close by saying to all the haters, both black and white, by posting all this trash talk, you are all just as guilty of racism as the men who strapped little George Junius Stinney,Jr to the Chair and may God have mercy on you. And to the three children who lives were stolen from them so long ago, Goodnight.

  59. Lori V. Says:

    This is a truly tragic story and it breaks my heart to hear that a child, does not matter the color, had to suffer and was executed. This is just horrific. In my opinion, after reading this article, it seems as though blame was just placed on this child because it makes the police look like “heroes” and needed someone to take the fall. Race probably was a big issue considering the era. What also makes me sad is to see all of the comments, all of the hatred on this website. “Whitey” “I hate white people” and all of the negativity. This is a tragic story but do not use this as something to influence your racism. If anything, people should learn from history, it is not like that anymore. The human race as a whole has made so many disgusting mistakes and caused tragic occurences. I take offense to these comments…yeah I am “white” but my ancenstors are not part of any of this. Just because someone’s skin is a certain color does not mean they did any of this. All Germans are not Nazi, All middle-eastern people are not terrorists, just like all white people are not KKK or even came over here during that time. Throwing out your racist comments are no better than people in that era. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear people talk negativley about other ethnicities. Quit with the hate. I love people for who they are and not where they are from. I do not associate with ignorant people.

  60. LaLa22931 Says:

    After doing research and reading comments on this blog about this case, I am blown away. Yes, times have changed since 1944, but we have to look at this case as an error with our judicial system first and whatever else next. No, none of us were there at the time and we can only decipher and get our meanings and opinions of what happened. I am very respectful of others opinions, due to the fact that I would like for my opinion to be expressed and respected. First of all, I am against what happened to all three children (may they rest in peace). Secondly, George went through a horrific ordeal, all alone. I’m not claiming that his family was wrong for leaving the state. What upsets me about the whole ordeal is how in the world can they just only go by what a sheriff states, when everything wasn’t documented? There are no transcripts from the trial, and whoever his attorney was, may God have mercy on him as well. From George being only a minor, I would have expected, at least, for his attorney to represent him, but sometimes politicians are so tied up in their politics that innocent lives don’t matter. There was no written statement of confession, from George. I wonder what happened to the statements from the witnesses, as well. Basically, George was railroaded and not given a fair trial. Someone had to pay for the crime, whether guilty or not, to satisfy the pleas and demands of the mob. I can honestly say, I thank God that times have changed with the whole race issue. Racism is still out there, but it is not as heavily. I just wish people would stop throwing race up in every conversation or discussion. It gets people no where because anger and tempers begin to fly and no one’s point can be heard. I pray and hope that George will find some peace and relief from our government, even though this happened over 60 years.

    • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

      LaLa22931: many people are saying that we Blacks need to get beyond the racism. So instead of speaking on behalf of Blacks, in general, as I have been doing, I will reduce it to my feelings and my ‘world perspective’ of life in America. The racism that I speak of is never virtually about the open or obvious-type racism or bigotry. No I don’t have to get to back doors to be served or nobody addresses me as “nigger”….at least to my face. The manifestations are so subtle so as not to be noticed by the on-looking eye. Whenever I fly and a white male, particularly, sits next to me, you can bank on the fact that a conversation, probably not even an acknowledgement that I’m there, will not happen. Generally in any given situation where I might attempt to strike a conversation with a white male, they are usually polite but seemingly indifferent and don’t extend themselves. I’m positive I’m a good conversationalist about many subjects but the interest isn’t there. I didn’t grow up in a ghetto isolated from main stream society. I’m quite comfortable with whites. In fact, they are all I went to school with. There were less than ten Blacks in the entire school. When a website was established to connect those of us who attended a somewhat upscale elementary-middle school and high school, I could only get one white person to respond to my outreach. I went to school with most of those kids since first grade to high school. In my eyes they were like siblings away from home. Apparently, they didn’t see it that way. I was crushed! I could cite hundreds and hundreds of examples, but it’s hoped you get my point. I now live in the State of Georgia. When I moved here from the west coast, the regional culture was shocking! Social segregation is tightly in place. Yes, people in SC and GA smile and are superficially polite but the strict social values are alive and well. These are social values from 100 years ago! I would like to have socialized with people with whom I share values: politics, religion, marriage, love, etc. But it is race that rises to the top of the value system, not a value system in common. Everything else is secondary. After having lived in SC-GA area I continue to be stunned by the thinking. I think that many whites cloak how they feel deep inside by avoiding terms that would show these deeply-rooted feelings. For older whites whose feelings are so-o-o deeply rooted that they might NEVER be able to rid themselves of their racist/bigoted feelings. Believe it or not, I actually understand because all human beings hold onto belief systems that they grew up with BUT at least be willing to examine those beliefs, acknowledge them and talk about it. We must determine whethere those beliefs and values are still appropriate. It’s very cathartic. That’s what psychotherapy is. Talking to learn about oneself. So I have resentment and anger; however, I’d like to think that it’s expressed in an emotionally mature manner and that I don’t use a bunch of expletives and name-calling to relieve myself. I try to be mindful of people’s feelings but I also will call a card as I see it.

  61. Okay, I’m done, you psycho racists win, all whiteys are bad, all Blacks are Royalty & are good. We need to lynch ALL white ppl & lets lynch all the other races too while your at it. Talk about, hate, ANGER much, Bigotry & racism?? Look in your mirrors girls. (LMAO), yall make me sick. And btw way Doll, “YOUR PEOPLE” came up with the terms ” baby mama” & “nigga this, and nigga that” NOT ME!! “YOUR PEOPLE”!!!! We dont use that word in my home & it has never been used in my home. Try reading some of Dr. King’s literature like i’m about to with my grand kids (i’m a home schooler) & i’m going to try to teach my grand children about MLK and what HE stood for!! Btw dumbasses, your too stupid to even realize that if “THE MAJORITY” as spoken by Queen Sameera, of WHITE ppl had not VOTED for President Obama, He WOULD NOT BE the president at all!!! where were the “majority of white ppl” who voted him in that day at?? Since we’re all so damn bad & racist no matter what we say or do, thanks for helping me with a decision, i just went republican. You are horrible ppl. And i dont give a **** what you say, i’m keeping my black friends because i know they love me. No matter WHAT you want me to believe!! Now tear it up guys!!! i wont be back & i dont give a shit. buh bye!

  62. Oh i forgot to mention, you bible thumping hypocrits dont know the first thing about being Christians. Your nothing but fakes & liars & con artists. Try READING the bible instead of thumping it for a change! racist pigs!!

  63. no comment

  64. except to say ” Thank You & God Bless YOU” to ALL anti-racism people of ALL colors!! Thank you, for allowing me to remain a Democrat with some pride in doing what i believe in.

  65. And to “Sameera V. Thurmond”, your just downright awful & dangerous. Where does all your racist hatred come from?? And why directed at ALL “white” people (which i’m not anyway), oh forget it, i care less what you think. Your an evil person. Goodbye for real. Diane

  66. Deb-concerned citizen Says:

    After listening to the South Carolina attorney stating George’s innocence, I have one question. Who killed those two little girls? Were there any similar circumstances surrounding this case that happened after George’s execution? Or even before? The execution of the minor George Stinney, Jr. is on the State of South Carolina, but the deaths of those two girls is on someone who may be still alive and can still be brought to justice, finally. If they can open this cold case and answer those questions, they can exonerate George and offer closure for all the families involved.

  67. To a degree, I agree with all of you who refrain from blaming “older white men”. This was not an just an act of racism, this was an act of WICKEDNESS and EVIL. ALL MEN, not just white, black, brown or yellow… are EVIL when they cultivate hatred in their hearts and support each other in groups of self-exaltation. Egyptians tortured and kills Hebrew babies. Persians tortured and killed entire nations. Syrians tortured and killed babies and offered them in sacrifice to their gods. The Greeks killed and tortured Persians families. King Herod did the same thing the Egyptians did and killed young Hebrew babies. Romans killed Jews and ultimately tortured and killed a young 33 year old innocent man.. Jesus Christ, the son of Jehovah. Spaniard Conquistadors killed millions of families in their quest for gold, like how Pizarro murdered a nation of Incas in what is now Lima, Peru. Napoleon Bonaparte killed families in South America as well. He was French. Hitler and the Nazi’s killed millions of families from all kinds of nations, including his own Germans. How about the Russians, who massacred families like they were dogs. How about the Chinese, who marched into Tebet and killed everybody, men, women, babies, elderly??? How about OUR AMERICAN boys, who raped and savagely killed multitudes of women during the Vietnam War? You see, this story is not just about a small GROUP of “WHITE MEN”… this story is about the manifestation of SATAN’S EVIL and WICKED POWER, and how it has torn humans apart. Look at us here… disgusted… resentful… disturbed… as hatred builds in the hearts of those of us that are black, and sadness in the hearts of those of us that are white. This event not only tore humans in 1944, but it continues to destroy harmony among us ’til this day. When Adam and Eve were created by God, they probably would have committed suicide, overwhelmed by profound sorrow if they knew their offspring, THEIR CHILDREN, would one day reach such a level of insanity and blind savagery. Men on Earth act no different that Demons that rebel against God, especially when they allow their dark spirit to influence them. I say we STOP blaming races. STOP, STOP, STOP blaming color. We are all children of GOD, and the Devil has won in turning the majority of us against each other. WE CANNOT let him win. YES, YES… white men did this to this poor boy. I believe somebody killed those poor white girls, perhaps it was a BLACK man who indeed do it. GOD DOES NOT BLESS NATIONS OF MEN AND WILL NEVER BLESS AMERICA, THE USA or whatever you want to glorify this place to be. Read your Bible, study it and scrutinize the only means of light God has given us to be victorious against this darkness that has come over this world. This nation and country we live in is not blessed. It is merely the best place to live in this filthy world at the time being. There’s nothing else, but by all means, it is driven, ruled, governed and ran by UNGODLY men who make decisions… Like sending OUR BOYS (OF ALL COLORS) to go die across seas for this country, and supposedly defend this nations. Oddly, I don’t see people coming on my lawn trying to attack me. BTW, I’m from Brooklyn. The men that flew those airplanes into the Twin Towers were trained by US. The went to OUR schools. Hence, the attack came from the inside, not the outside. There are millions of Muslims RIGHT HERE! You don’t see them blowing up every restaurant, theater or theme park every chance they get, do you? I can go on forever about this, so I will close by saying that “OLDER WHITE MEN” are just a small fraction of EVIL men that make us all disgusted. And for you BLACK folks that want to blame WHITE PEOPLE, what do you have to say about all those BLACK MEN who slaughtered pregnant BLACK women, young BLACK girls and boys, BLACK babies during the fight between the Tutsi and the Hutu tribes in Africa??? You see, ONLY GOD’s KINGDOM can bring peace to this Earth. Until Jehovah God makes his move, we will continue to ponder upon these sad atrocities… UNITL THEN… PLEASE, STUDY YOUR BIBLE!!!!!!!

  68. All you idiots out there, who claim this child is a victim, should be ashamed of your stupidity. The real victims were the girls and their famiies. This feral kid admitted that he wanted sexual favors. When the girls refused his advances he killed them in jealous rage. How much more evidence do you need? He admitted it and described, in detail, the nature of his attack, its purpose, his intentions and he even guided officials to where he planted his weapon. This is an open and shut case undoubtedly. Now all of you leftist apologist freaks will scream racism and and brutality! You are a disgrace. Did you ever think to consider what this kid did to those girls was horrible? And it was definitely unprovoked. There have been thousands of cases in the USA where black teens have been convicted of rape and murder. So this incident is not unusual by a long shot.

    And how could these townspeople be racist if they allowed blacks to work and live among whites? This was before desegregation, so they were more progressive and tolerant than the influences of the time would have dictated. Let that sink in for a while.

    • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

      Chris, this is just for you. Once again, you’re a white male. I’m not suggesting that all white males would say what you did but I think that most of them would agree with how you think. I’m particularly interested in where and/or how you obtained the specifics you did about this case….. since the so-called transcripts were lost. WHERE DID YOU OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION? Do you know anything about the Southern mentality (although I suspect that you are southerner)? White male southerners’ history is one of terrorism directed almost exclusively at Blacks! Yes, that same terrorism of which they accuse Muslims. As a fact, 70% of white Americans feel that Muslims can’t be trusted because a handful attacked Americans. Why the hell, then, do you think Black Americans should trust white Americans…..considering that Blacks have been REPEATEDLY attacked since their emancipation! Have conditions improved since the days of open “lynching?” Of course, but George Stinney, Jr. was a victim of the lynch mentality. Whatever the method of death, it was the result of a lynch mentality. Do you honestly think that holding a 14-year old in jail in an isolated fashion from his family, minister or anyone would could have provided some emotional or psychological support for well over a month was the way to deal with a juvenile?????? Who was his lawyer? With the totality of compassion that you lack, be assured that had that been a 14-year old white male accused of killing two little Black girls…..well, perhaps any little girls…..you and others like you would have been horrified. When So. Carolina decided to have this so-called trial, the entire process of selecting a jury (of white males), the “trial” and the sentencing took place WITHIN four hours. Young George, it was stated, had been seen in the same area where the girls were found. That is simply coincidental. If any information were provided to the news media of that time, it was provided by white males hell bent on making somebody pay for the little girls deaths. His being in the area was good enough for them. It was never proven that Young George killed those girls. Believing or feeling that he did it is not proof! Moreover, I would love to take you on in person. I don’t mean physically. I mean exchanging of ideas because it wouldn’t be difficult to blow you away. White people (there I said it!) have a rigid belief in their superiority. The belief in one’s own superiority implies that others in another group are inferior. Once a group or race is placed in the realm of being inferior, it stands to reason that the high-minded group should not be accorded the same rights and privileges as the group less than them. You think this isn’t true? Ask any African American in this year 2011. Some things haven’t changed in 200 years. How do you feel about white males of yesteryear went to a Black’s home, took him away and summarily killed him based on a hunch, that is, what they wanted to believe? It’s called Terrorism! Do you understand that???? Where’s your sense of pity now! You stand a good chance of remaining in this life without facing the justice YOU deserve for believing and mouthing what you think. There is a higher justice, Chris, and you WILL ABSOLUTELY face that higher justice. Please don’t be one of those people on your dying bed who wants God to forgive you because you become fearful of death and the real justice due you. It won’t work. Now come from behind those sheets and tell me who you are. contact me at sameera@knology.net because I still want to know how you KNOW about what young George confessed and how he killed those two girls.

    • Chris why do you beleive that this 14 year old boy wanted to have sex with that girl. Sexual favors! LOL! You asked “How Much Evidence do we need”? There was never any presented! When you do find some, please post it because there were no trial transcripts. Only what the crooked cops said. The so called confession is not on record. If he confessed all they had to do was record him saying it???And You have the nerve to talk about thousands of cases where blacks are convicted of rape and murder. Check the statistics there are more whites on death row than any other race in this nation for MURDER.The most heinous crimes on earth were commited by whites. And blacks have a higher number of exonerations than any other race also. Plus dont forget about the kids shooting up the schools and killing their own parents. Never heard of any blacks children being involved in those…None of those convicted children whom had mounds of evidence against them,including confessions and their faces on video while comitting murder were electrocuted??. And How long were white men to raping black women and were never punished for it ? From early 1600’s to 1800’s? Maybe longer than that. From the sound of your post you dont seem to hesitate at pointing the finger at a black person. Which makes you sound racist. I am a black woman and I love white people. All races. In gods eyes Neither is better than the other. No one or nothing is perfect. We all have flaws. Especially you. But God loves us both the same. I beleive George was railroaded by people like you. Now you let this entire message I posted just for you sink in forever!

  69. Ronald Jones Says:

    This case is not about black and white.This case is about poor investigations,rash to judgement and social injustice. God created people equal and he will judge those who think otherwise.I am white.This three deaths are not justified.may God peace to these 3 deaths in enternity

    • Diane Says:

      They dont want to hear that Ronald. They want all “whiteys” lined up & executed. Thats the only thing they think would appease them. But who would they blame all thier own self made crap lives on then?

  70. Denny, Alaska Says:

    I’m confused: is this a story about the execution of a 14-year-old, or is this a story of an innocent 14-year-old being executed? If this young man didn’t kill the two girls, who did?

    • Diane Says:

      Its just a hate forum Denny. No one here is interested in the truth. Save your time.

    • I beleive an innocent 14 yr who was executed. (since your question was not answered)

  71. Ronald Jones, everything in your comment is so TRUE except the first line.

  72. The people who killed thatl ittle boy were every racist white people who should be thrown in hell headway

    • Diane Says:

      As should the person be who murdered the true children in this case, the little girls.

      • All that are responsible for the deaths of all 3 kids should be punished and will be on judgement day. All 3 were innocent. And to you Boodrow, when you visit the girl’s grave to piss on it, I hope Im there so that I can piss on your a**.! That comment was very disrespectful and ignorant. I do realize 3 children were murdered. Not only 1… Not only 2… But 3.

      • That says alot about your character Diane.

  73. suzie Q Says:

    there are three that we all should feel for two little girls and a young Man In truth we will never know what happend Black or White the death of a child is sad. What we need to do is learn from the past which is why our countery is a great nation we should close this chapter and move forward this happend in 1944 when times and attitudes were diffrent there will never be answers to all the questions the attorney never cross examed anyone and he thought that they would not kill this boy crimes were comitted in those times and many people suddered both Black and White many inocent people hanged or were exicuted of both colors and we will never have all the answeres to why do i think he did it No but the coment on going to the grave of the girls is un called for and you sir are just as evil as those that did this to him as these girls no matter there social status and or color where innocent victums there self im not white or black and my people were treated as poorly as the blacks they were removed from there land and I have forgivnuss for those that did those crimes and Jesus my lord and savior will judge as it is not my place to hold hatered in my heart

  74. Truely a 95 pound child could NOT kill two others without anyone seeing or hearing a thing. The police didnt invesgiate, they didnt even allow the childs family in the court house because they are black. Things were different back then but there still was no reason to put that little boy to death, for he did not commit the crime of murder he was just an inoccent black child living in the wrong place at the wrong time. And Shame on us the USA expecially South Carolina for never reopening the case and for not giving the family an apolige for the past gone wrong. even 70 years later the goverment still cant say they are sorry for what has happened in our past.

    • Diane Says:

      Thats a bald faced LIE!!! i happen to be a child abuse activist and 95 lb adults, teens, and full grown women at that size have beaten small children to death everyday!! you all dont want
      “justice” you just want to blame your lousy lives on an entire race of people who have ancestors that probably never even owned a “slave” (which NONE of you have EVER been, or your parents, or your grand parents!!).

  75. I’m all for the death penalty. In fact, if it was up to me, we’d use it more often and they would all be public. No more living 20 yrs on the Row. Enjoy that prick.

    • There’s nothing to enjoy about what you said. If you enjoy watching people die then that your personal preference. Im against it because there are alot of people that have been found to be innocent after they’ve been executed. And what kind of closure does that give to the victim and their families. To know the person who killed their loved one(s) got away with it. Its disturbing and horrifying. It could happen to anyone.

  76. Oh yeah you calling me prick REALLY hurt my feelings. NOT!

  77. My comment wasn’t meant to be enjoyed. All I was doing was saying that I support the death penalty and will continue to do. There is no rehabilitating a murderer. They’ve crossed the point of no return. And their victim’s family at least get to be reassured that this God playing monster can never hurt any one else. And I wasn’t calling you a prick.”Enjoy that prick” was addressed to the fact that those on the Row get the benefit of dying an easy death via 3 needles instead of what they really deserve since our government caters to all the bleeding hearts out there. You want a cheap and effective way of killing a prisoner? Use a rope and a tree. Hangings for all!

  78. Diane Says:

    I’m starting to wonder if this sight is being run by right wing fanatic Republicans to get whites not to vote Obama back in!! Because thats where sh*t like this “race hate” forum is headed. Good work, i’ve been a democrat for 35 yrs & it even has me wanting to jump ship over to the republicans!

  79. Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

    Mike, I don’t share your feelings about the death penality but you ARE entitled to your opinion. I just feel that it’s too absolute…meaning that ANY civilized nation should recognize that there will always be innocent people mistakenly put the death. Even our system of trial by jury is VERY imperfect. When we decide who is guilty and who is innocent where is the justice when it turns out we are wrong. As an African American, more of us have been hanged, burned, shot, beaten to death. The methods of death go on and on. When we as a nation make that horrific mistake, then WHO pays! Since you are a FIRM believer that the guilty party must pay, again I ask who pays when the state government makes a mistake!! Enough of my people have died because of people who EAGERLY want to employ the death penalty as in the case of the 14-year old George Stinney.

    • Diane…you are so dramatic. You need to stop drinking. Whats going on on this site is simply a difference of opinion. Everybody does not think the same way and may have their reasons as to why they feel the way they do. Its sad that they would send this child to his death with no help, or appeal. The attorney re-opening the case said his attorney could have written down 1 sentence for his appeal, and he would have not been executed. The infamous “confession” Where is it? Today confessions are reviewed thoroughly to make sure they’re not coerced. He wrote his sister from deathrow telling her they offered him an ice cream cone if he “just said he did it” They didnt tell him he was going to the electric chair to die….As for the death penalty, innocent people of all races are being legally murdered. This is real. People are executed and then afterwards they find they were actually innocent?? Legal killing of innocent human beings means any one of us could be next. I pray that God saves us. Betty, George, & Mary. R.I.P. God’s little Angels.

      • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

        Thank you, TJ, for that bit of common sense. I had heard something about an offer of an ice cream cone. I haven’t heard anything about a re-opening of the case. Are you certain? What is the source of this information, TJ, because I would like to keep up with this case. God knows, the State of SC needs to step up to the plate. If you like, you can also email me at sameera@knology.net. Thanks.

  80. Davan S. Mani Says:

    I wonder how many of you would say that Leo Frank was guilty.?

    • I heard about that. He was another victim. The real killer got away with it.

    • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

      Well, Davan, in reality you know I can’t state emphatically whether he killed the young girl but on an instinctive level AND because it wasn’t shown to me that he was guilty, I go with it he didn’t do it! The thinking of the times was NOT supportive to Mr. Frank if for no other reason than the fact that he was Jewish. I’m not saying that his religion was the primary reason for making him guilty but I’m sure that it played a role. The real point is that he was lynched under a very hostile circumstance. No! I guess I don’t believe he did it. I just don’t understand the bible-espousing Southern culture which will kill people under the most egregious circumstances then call themselves Christians. They profane the name.

  81. In the United States, the youngest children put to death by the government have all be children of color. James Arcene, a Cherokee boy, was only 10 or 11 years old when he was hanged for committed a robbery and murder that resulted in his 1885 hanging in Arkansas.* At 12, Hannah Ocuish was the youngest female offender executed by any state. In the 20th century, the youngest children executed were both African-American: 13-year-old Fortune Ferguson of Florida (1927) and 14-year-old George Stinney of South Carolina (1944).

  82. @TJ, i had heard about everyone else, except fortune ferguson.
    james arcene was the youngest child sentenced to death for his crime. he was about 10 or 11 years old, when he was sentenced. he was hanged in 1885, at the age of 23 years old. (1862-1885).
    BUT, it is still so sad that these children were put to death. i
    really feel so sorry for poor little george. he was all alone. it is so
    sad and so horrible!!!!!

  83. A few weeks ago, a black woman and her two sons were arrested for chaining up elderly ppl in a basement with only one bucket for “indoor plumbing”. What’s even more disturbing is that the police found over 50 licenses and state ids for other “missing” ppl.

    • Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

      I see you’re back, Mike. Yes, Black people have and still continue to murder. HOWEVER, no one has nor does murder at the astronomical rate that white males kill. They kill for any reason. They particularly kill white women at an extraordinary rate. Yet white women still continue to deal with them. White males are extremely bright and energetic; they simply use those qualities to screw everybody else. And when they don’t have other people of color to screw, then they turn on each other. Read both your history and currect events…….especially current events. They seem to operate on the brink of madness. Look at how they have cornered the money in this country under the forum called “Wall Street!” They would rather see the country go under than re-invest money to create needed jobs. They know the country is going under and on its way to becomeing a third world country. They don’t give a damn as long as they have theirs. Getting back to the topic at hand, murders are a neglible occurrence within the Black ranks. White males cannot say this. As human beings none of our hands are clean. Maybe one day we’ll grow up.

  84. The black/white thing has gotten out of hand. Those of you that are black (with some exceptions) have blown an opportunity to stand up for a young boy via the assertion of intelligent remarks. You have failed. The white “writers” of late make me assume we are all dumber for having read any of this. Good luck to all of you as I am headed back to normalcy. If I could remove myself from these notifications I would be happier. Everybody try and be nicer to each other.

  85. Everybody, 1944 was a lot different than 2011. Be that as it may, all this anger and hatred stemming off this page is ridiculous. Unless you are able to raise the dead or time travel Butterfly Effect style, the only thing you can do is get over it. Grudges don’t solve anything and shedding aligator tears doesn’t make your plight any more than just another sob story that people roll their eyes at. Three children died then. Let them rest in peace.

  86. Christopher Williams Says:

    Goes to show just how unjust the justice system was in the 20th century. A true judicial bigotry.

  87. at george stinney trial deputy sheriff h s newman said stinney confessed.much misinformation exists on the web about his confessionnewman said stinney told him he killed both girlswith a15inch long piece of ironhe killed the younger one first in a surprise
    blitz-style attack and then chased the older one down and dispatched her.he then hid the murder weapon.later that same day he took police to the murder scene and showed them where he had hidden what turned out to be a 14inch railroad spike.many proponents of his innocence state there is no evidence of his guilt and say there is no record of his confession.he never repudiated his confession.refused to say anything when asked if he had any last words before his execution.i think if he was truly not guilty he would have said he was innocent.betty binnickers father witnessed the execution.asked for a comment,he said,…at least he wont be able to do this to anyone else now…at first stinney said both girls attacked him and he killed in self-defense…then he changed his story and told the truth according to deputy newman

  88. i want to clarifypart of my message.when i said …later that same day stinney took police to the murder scene and showed them where he had hidden the murder weapon…i didnt mean the same day as the murder…since stinney wasnt arrested until the day after the murder. i meant the same day he made his two confessions. thefirst confession was hard to believe-the two little girls attacked him and he killed in self defense-he said in his confession he wanted sex with the older girl-so he killed the younger one then chased down the older one-tried to rape her when he caught her-then killed her when she resisted-this second confession is easy to believe-many people state that he was offered ice cream to confess-otherssay it was acandy bar-these are rumors-not facts as many believe

  89. to read about the contents of stinneys 2 confessions and how he hid the
    murder weapon +led police to uncovering it read Child Killing by Mark Gardo on murderpedia-enter murderpedia on search follwed by title and author of the article Imentioned-this will explain cryptic references made by several people including relatives of the murdered girls of definite evidence of stinneys guilt-which most people deny exists

  90. Sameera V. Thurmond Says:

    So, Bill, it MUST be true because Sheriff Newman said it was true! There are so many holes in the ENTIRE process that any thinking individual could not possibly believe it. In a time frame when Blacks virtually had no rights, certainly none that whites were willings to recognize, you ASSUME that the low-thinking whites back in the day initiated a thorough investigation without any bigotry?????? Tell me this, how is a murder trial completed in a couple of hours? How does a jury deliberated in just ten minutes. Would you not have doubts if it were you on trial? I’m referring to the process, not whether you feel George Stinney was guilty or not!



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