14 June 2001 – Jay D Scott

Jay D ScottPleading the Eight Amendment is de rigueur this month. Like Glass, Jay D Scott’s defence team called for his sentence to be deemed unlawful, and with good reason.

As Scott had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, his ability to understand what was going on was thrown into question. Couple that with a low IQ and you’ve got a pretty good case upon which to challenge the indictment.

But this was offset against murder – Scott had shot a security guard in the midst of doing over a restaurant, and the murder was to bear out against the mental health defence, not least because his prison life was so prolific. Apparently he had spent just two-and-a-bit years a free man, since the age of 13 and he went on to stab someone inside too.

As a result of his crimes, 48-year-old Scott was executed in Ohio via a lethal concoction of drugs.

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One Response to “14 June 2001 – Jay D Scott”

  1. Jackson Says:

    twas a good thing to put him out of his misery…and ours.

    should have been sent to his maker for repairs years before he was.

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