10 June 1876 – Kenneth Brown

A hefty afternoon on the beers tipped Aussie explorer Kenneth Brown over the edge and he topped his Sheila on this day in 1876.

Brown was a bit of a pioneer, exploring parts of Australia before settling at Glengarry in Western Australia. He took on other expeditions but his heart was home with his wife and child. Sadly, however, the love of his life had died during the birth of their second child, so he started to turn to drink for solace.

It didn’t help that he’d been beset by drought and bad luck. His farm started to flounder and as his fortunes fell, so he turned to more drink and gambling to soothe the wounds. He finally jacked in the farm and went to Melbourne and while he took another wife, he found that she could never fill the shoes of his beloved first wife. Within weeks of being married they were at each other’s throats.

For X marks the spot

Then one sultry summer’s day after a hard day’s drinking, his wife got his goat so much so, that he took up a firearm and blasted her: dead.

Despite a valiant effort on the part of his family who rallied to plead diminished responsibility, he was found guilty as charged and sent to the gallows.

Some reports suggest that a friend may have helped him escape as one of his daughters is said to have recognised him many years later.

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