5 June 851 – St Sancho – a Martyr of Córdoba

St Sancho (aka Sanctius or Sancius) was just one of a barrage of executions in Spain, who made up the Martyrs of Córdoba spanning the mid-800s.

He was one of 48 people who spoke out against Muslim rule. In doing so, they were all killed for their Christian beliefs. He, in particular, had been a prisoner of war and the soldier died for refusing to take on the Islamic faith.

Deemed fanatics by their own side, what hope did these people have? They were all found guilty of blasphemy and sentenced, in the main, to be beheaded.

Sancho skewered

What sets our man apart from the droves is that he was impaled. We’re not sure why he earned a different sentence to the others – maybe it was because he was the only soldier among them. The other were priests, nuns, deacons and laypeople – but as an early example and one who bucked the trend, we’ve chosen St Sancho to represent the other martyrs.

However, one thing they did all have in common is that they publically chose Christianity above the Muslim faith – some spoke out against Muhammad, while others, born of mixed marriages, chose Christianity over their equally inherent Islamic faith.

Also on this day

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