4 June 1999 – Dole Chadee

Dole ChadeeDrugs and death earned Caribbean crime lord Dole Chadee his premature end on this day in 1999.

He was executed in for a string of murders. But those killings were ultimately linked to his prolific network of drugs trafficking and distribution around Trinidad and Tobago, for which he was never held to task.


Chadee was originally called Nankissoon Boodram, so it comes as no surprise that he reinvented himself under a new catchier name and with that came a whole new, sinister persona.

He took to drugs and his empire burgeoned and some even say he was untouchable, right up until his downfall, which came when he decided to sanction a contract killing after a boy allegedly tricked him.


The deadly drugs baron ordered the boy and his family to be gunned down in their home, and this callous act prompted the authorities to hoik Chadee and his gang in for murder.

Damning evidence ensured that the criminal collective were found guilty of murder and the men were all strung up over the course of a weekend, kicked off by Chadee himself, who was hanged on the Friday in the Port of Spain in the Caribbean.

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2 Responses to “4 June 1999 – Dole Chadee”

  1. Rhianna Says:

    His sons turned out okay.

  2. he reaped what he sowed god is not sleeping

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