1 June 1962 – Karl Adolf Eichmann

Adolf EichmannExterminate was the order of the day for Karl Adolf Eichmann in 1962. Following a life dedicated to being a self-promoted ‘Jewish specialist’, he was executed for war crimes against humanity.

For Eichmann had been tasked with keeping ‘em coming – and he did, stocking up Jews on overloaded trains bound for concentration camps in line with the Nazi Germany’s heinous ‘Final Solution’. Indeed, during the Second World War, he was encouraged to find ways to dispense with Jews and literally clear them out of German-occupied lands.

Interestingly, early on in his career as a ‘Jewish specialist’ he is said to have gone to Palestine in 1937 for talks on mass immigration of European Jews back to the Arab states. But unconfirmed reports suggest he was forced out of the country by the Brits.


The following year, he then set up shop in Austria where he established the Central Office of Jewish Emigration in Vienna – which allowed him to commandeer all Jews’ worldly goods in return for safe passage out of the country. It was a real money spinner and a huge success, so they rolled it out in Prague and Berlin.

By the onset of war in 1939, he was needed back at base camp, so Eichmann was drafted back to Berlin to sort out the Jewish population in his homeland. There his particularly macabre career really kicked off and the serious genocide began. As the head of a division of the gruesomely evil Gestapo, he began carrying out the orders to exterminate Jews in Germany using SS Einsatz troops.

Grave details

But as the war continued Jews and other influential people in other countries became vulnerable – they took over Poland and started killing off people in high places, as well as Jews. Similarly, they targeted people in Russia too. During this time over 300,000 Jews were bumped off – taken to quiet corners and just gunned down in summary executions, often near anti-tank ditches. The bodies were then interred en mass in these ditches.

Both Eichmann and Himmler are said to have witnessed such events and according to many sources, blood gushed out of huge graves ‘like a geyser’ prompting Himmler to order different tactics so his men wouldn’t have to endure such bloody scenes.

Gas men

So the gas chambers were born…first of the wheeled variety, vans with deadly chambers into which exhaust fumes were piped. They had already started carting victims off to concentration camps and labour camps, but they now started picking the infirm or the ones unable to work off to be executed in bulk.

Indeed, such was the inhumanity that they disguised Auschwitz-Birkenau’s chamber as a shower room, which could apparently dispose of 2,000 people in one pop. Six million are said to have been killed by both methods by the end of 1944.

By 1945, despite Himmler’s orders to stop, Eichmann appeared to be so obsessed that he continued to kill in Hungary.


Thankfully, the end of war, in the same year, hailed the end of Eichmann’s murderous marathon. Stopped dead in his tracks he was incarcerated in a US prisoner of war camp, but, because no-one really knew about him, he was able to escape.

He wound up in Argentina under the assumed name Ricardo Klement, where he remained for 10 years with his wife and children in Buenos Aires, before Mossad finally caught up with him.

It was largely down to Eichmann’s son that they apprehended him. He’d been boasting to his girlfriend who ironically was of Jewish descent. Her father shopped Eichmann once he was sure of his ties with Nazi Germany.


It was fitting therefore that Eichmann was shipped off to Jerusalem – the heartland of the Jews – to be tried for his crimes. It is said that such was his satisfaction at having killed so many innocent people, that he is once alleged to have said ‘he would leap laughing into the grave’ because he’d killed so many Jewish people.

During the trial, US naval officer Michael A. Musmanno testified that Hermann Göring had exposed Eichmann during the Nuremberg Trials as being the one responsible for the who, where and how in terms of the Holocaust.

But when it came to it Eichmann couldn’t understand why he was being had up for murder, saying ‘Why me? Why not the local policemen…? Why me? Everybody killed the Jews.’ Needless to say Eichmann was found resoundingly guilty of his crimes, nevertheless that didn’t stop him appealing the decision.

At rest?

It was hardly surprising that his appeal was refused and he was hanged in Ramleh on this day in 1962, in what has become Israel’s only civil execution to date. Apparently he refused to wear the execution hood, and in his final words, he spoke of his love of Germany, Austria and Argentina.

So it must have been with profound enmity that they cremated him and his ashes put out over international water so his body would never rest in on country, nor have a grave.

Poignantly, one of his sons was scathing of his dad’s war crimes and even went as far as to say he bore no hate towards Israel for having him killed.

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16 Responses to “1 June 1962 – Karl Adolf Eichmann”

  1. Taofeek Deji Says:

    Apparently Adlof Eichmann lived a terrifying land inhumane life. But the question obsess my mind is that, in achiveing any objective either good or bad one person like Adolf Eichmann cannot achieve the Holocuast alone. He must have been working through and with other people. Then the ultimate question is with who, and with the support of who was he able to achieve holocaust. what was done to other?

  2. siegfried buchwalter Says:

    I lived in Vienna from 1926 to 1941. Eichmann’s name was terror and his henchmen were killers of children, women and men. He visited the Ghetto Lodz where I worked in company of other high SS officer. He knew very well that children were gassed and his joy was the extermination of Jews just because they happened to be Jews. He was the personification of inhumanity and barbarism

    • peter heydrich Says:

      the worse thing about the whole matter was he didnt get a chance to finish the job. the kikes are doing the same things as we speak today… isreal and their zion leaders are the real terrorests. HEIL HITLER

      • b wherman Says:

        you poor stupid idiot its about time you grew up and got a brain its idiots like you that caused ww11

      • siegfried buchwalter Says:

        If you name is Heydrich remember his end and maybe and hopefullly your end will be same . Yes , wild animals are in zoo but two legged rodents are still around and you are one of them

      • Mikhail Barkov Says:


  3. Eichmann’s main argument at his trial was that he was bound by honor to obey his superiors. That is hogwash!. He disobeyed the most important order that any German in uniform could receive: To defend the Reich to the death. Yet, instead of fighting the forces that were invading his country from East and West, and dying in the process like many of his countrymen, Eichmann fled and hid like a coward. Is this “following orders?”.

    • He was the animal with human features as his friend Mengele, Brunner, and the rest of these animals who haven in South America,. Brunner lived in Syria

    • Marius Says:

      Your statement is hogwash! The notion that an ss officer or any officer working under or for the Hitler regime, could just disobey orders based on international law is bullshit. When your life is on the line, you find ways to survive. A better argument would have been for the Israeli courts to find examples when Eichmann could have been merciful at no threat to his personal safety but chose not to

  4. shame the mossad has not continued its neat job and treated the rest of these vermins witn utmost prejudic

  5. I have written a review about the film “The Specialist” about the Eichmann trial: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2010/12/18/film-review-the-specialist-eichmann/

  6. david planeri Says:

    Es lamentable que el Estado Judìo haya vulnerado la soberanìa argentina al raptar descaradamente a un alemàn en su terrotorio, para vengarse de lo ocurrido en una guerra. Eso demuestra que los que se quejan del Holocausto, cuando llega la hora avasallan lo que sea para lograr sus propòsitos.
    No merece respeto quien no respeta a los demàs.
    Y referido al Holocausto, los alemanes no hicieron nada peor que lo que Israel hace en la Franja de Gaza con los Palestinos, vìctimas del Colonialismo Judìo, que no solo se apropiò de un suelo que no era suyo en el 48, por designio de Inglaterra, USA y Rusia para no aceptarlos en su territorio, sino que no ha dudado de masacrar palestinos en su propia tierra.
    Por algo los judìos han sido perseguidos desde la època de Ramses…
    Que dejen de llorar, quejosos y ruines, que nadie les cree nada màs!!

  7. Janice Travia Says:

    He was offered a last meal before his executiion?? Way, way too kind.

    Eichman’s execution should have been a public display. He should have been hung slowly, lasting at least a week. That still isn’t justice enough, but better than what they gave him in Israel.

  8. eichman was ****** scum it was humane the way he died should have fed him to the dogs followed by all nazi followerrs

  9. hung drawn and quartered like all nazi scum his family should have been put to sleep in front of him

  10. He was provied courtesy and cost of theIsraeli government with one of the finest German legal experts. Yes he told a Dutch journalist “he will spring in his grave with the satisfaction of having killed 6 million Jews. In Vienna he had one office on the Morzinplatz and the other on thePrinz Eugen Strasse the Rotschild mansion

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