26 May 1925 – Patrick Power

Guilty but insane – that’s what his own defence had branded Patrick Power. And to be fair nothing about this Manchester case made sense.

Paddy Power

Power was an Irish labourer who, out of work and on benefits, had been taken in as lodger by Sarah Ann Sykes. Things got nasty when he failed to pay her the fiver he owed her – so her husband threatened him with eviction before going to work, leaving the two alone. There must have one frenzied attack on Mrs Sykes, as there was overwhelming evidence of stab wounds and hammer blows effecting horrific injuries.

Money for nothing

The lodger then calmly handed himself into the police although what made him hand himself in, no-one knows because he said he couldn’t remember a thing. Needless to say the dead body spoke volumes and Power was taken into custody.

At his trial the defence claimed insanity, but no-one bought it. Power was sent down for murder, and on 26 May 1925, he paid the ultimate price for the outstanding debt. The 41-year-old was sent to the gallows and hanged by William Willis.

And all the time, he could have easily coughed up the fiver and still had £35 left in the bank. So why did he resort to murder? After all, money’s no good to you dead.

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One Response to “26 May 1925 – Patrick Power”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I think Patrick may be my great x2 grandfather. Is there anyway of confirming this?

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