24 May 2007 – Christopher Newton

Christopher NewtonIf you’re banged up in a cell with someone you hate, then fair dos. You can be forgiven for being pushed to the edge, but for being a crap chess player? Well that’s hardly grounds for bumping off a fellow inmate.

Cue Christopher Newton who pulverised, strangled then lapped up some of the blood of victim Jason Brewer in an Ohio prison.


But the crux of the situation was this: Newton wanted out. He was two years into a robbery sentence for actually doing over his own dad’s place. And this two-year stint behind bars had been enough to break his spirit, so he had convinced himself that he wanted to end it all.

Why he didn’t attempt suicide, we don’t know. But he chose to kill an inmate so he’d secure a death penalty. And who better than his roomie? Sure enough, the murder got Newton his wish. But the execution didn’t quite go as smoothly or quickly as hoped.

In vein

While Newton must have been itching to kick the bucket, his weight dictated the process – he weighed nigh on 300lbs and as a result his veins were submerged in a bath of blubber. So it was not easy to find a vein, let alone one that was receptive to a needle.

For over an hour staff coaxed his capillaries, until bingo, one surfaced and he was put down by lethal injection aged 27. Of course the prolonged agony of waiting prompted a further backlash against the inhumanity of the injection.

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2 Responses to “24 May 2007 – Christopher Newton”

  1. Bianca F. Says:

    How long did he have to wait to get the death penalty? The way this is written suggests it was the next day or something lol

  2. Bianca F. Says:

    What did chess have to do with this by the way? Did I miss something?

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