24 May 2006 – Jesus Ledesma Aguilar

A nine-year-old boy was put in the heart-breaking position of having to positively ID his parents’ killers. The police honed in on Jesus Ledesma Aguilar, after Leo Chavez Junior recognised his mum and dad’s assailants when they featured, by chance, in a Texan newspaper.

Last words

So Aguilar was executed on this day by lethal weapon. But that didn’t stop him launching a bitter tirade mid-jab. He demanded to know if his victims’ family was happy that he was being executed. But he never lived to find out the answer, as the terminally toxic drugs kicked in.

For Aguilar had murdered Mr and Mrs Chavez in cold blood, as they lay helplessly on the floor. That he had a predilection to violence emerged in the trial and being in prison did nothing to quell his desire to do harm. He’d regularly beat up guards and he was even a central cog in a drug trafficking circle.

None of this prevented him from appealing, but of course his arguments for leniency fell on deaf ears and he finally ran out of excuses to avoid the gurney.


He died in 2006 at the hands of the Texans, aged 42 and just so you know, yes the family was pleased. They were glad there was justice for their loved ones, but they did feel cheated too.

They didn’t get to tell him how they felt, but he got to stick his oar in before he died and get the last word, ‘He got to sit there and say what he needed to say. The way the system works is wrong,’ said Leo Chavez Junior’s aunt.

Indeed Aguilar went to his death protesting that he was not guilty of the double murder.


One Response to “24 May 2006 – Jesus Ledesma Aguilar”

  1. NLA AGUILAR Says:

    leonardo and annette chavez were not house sitting, they were selling drugs while rick and janie were doing the same in mississippi. leo jr the then 9 yr old boy was at his uncle rick esparza’s home when they got raided for COCAINE just a few years ago. Leo Jr, takes after his parents, leonardo and annette chavez DRUG DEALERS. As for the comment in the Valley Morning
    Star by a Chavez family member “If anyone could look like the Devil He did” only He didn’t have horns-I ALWAYS SAID JESUS WAS “HANDSOME AS THE DEVIL!!!” After all the comments the CHAVEZ have made about JESUS AGUILAR, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT CHURCH IN HELL THEY GO TO!!!!!!!!!

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