23 May 2007 – Robert Comer

Rober ComerAnimosity shrouded Robert Charles Comer so wholly on Phoenix’s death row that his violence ensured he was dubbed ‘the most dangerous man in the Arizona prison system’.

So what did he do to earn the title?

Comer was utterly venomous of his time in incarceration, which manifested itself as a point-blank refusal to turn up for his own trial. After he was sentenced, he began a career of intimidation and attacks as he reinvented himself as the US inmate from hell.


That’s not to say he was saint beforehand – Comer had been done for rape and for murder. While camping with his girlfriend, the couple befriended their neighbour, got cosy round the campfire, then Comer shot him in the head and stole his stuff.

They then came across another couple and Comer tied the boyfriend to the bumper of the victims’ car before raping and beating his girlfriend right there in full view of the manacled man.

The depraved couple then nicked off with the raped girl, leaving the boyfriend tied up. Luckily the girl escaped the deadly duo’s clutches and was on the run for nearly 24 hours, before finally stumbling across someone who could help her. And help her they did. The police apprehended Comer and his descent into all-consuming ire began.

Comer failed to turn up for his own trial, and, if he’d have had the choice, he’d have avoided his sentencing too. Instead he was forced to witness while the courts doled out the death penalty.

Hose-pipe man

Indeed, forced was the operative word, such was Comer’s resistance after he tried to stab a warden for handcuffing him too tightly. As a result, he had to be jet-washed out of his cell – he was then stripped, restrained and strapped into a wheelchair with just a cloth to cover his modesty.

This encounter was to set the tone for his stay on death row. He chalked up 40-odd different assaults and violent acts from knifing people using home-made weapons to chucking hot liquids over prison officers.

Such was his unpredictability that Comer saw out his final years in a cell that overlooked a wall, with soundproofing – tantamount to solitary confinement. And from the descriptions of the man, this would have been more hellish than the ultimate sentence – death. It was in this kind of cell that he ‘learned about the Bible and found there is no God’.

He was spurred on to turn volunteer – driven by his will to escape the maddening incarceration he opted to waive his rights to appeal.

Calmer Comer

For Comer was tortured by his own sensibilities – his own hopes and aspirations. The condemned man knew what he was missing out on, and while he acknowledged that he’d denied his victims the rights to life, as an inmate he was only too painfully aware of what he was no longer able to enjoy either. Hence he waived his rights. ‘I killed for no good reason and screwed up the lives of many innocent people. I think it’s just time for me to pay the price.’

Comer admitted this to the ‘Phoenix New Times’ paper, which, naturally, made the appeal against his decision to waive his rights a farce. The opposers’ argument tried to paint him as unfit to make the decision, but all the conversations and interviews pointed to a lucid and intelligent individual.

So, appeals were over-ruled and a much-relieved Comer sped towards his execution.

The once-angry man was put down by lethal injection in Phoenix with ‘Go Raiders’ the last words to play across his 50-year-old lips, in tribute of his favourite national footie league team.

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2 Responses to “23 May 2007 – Robert Comer”

  1. What an animal!! What about his girlfriend? Did she do any time at all?

    • Bianca F. Says:

      I was wondering the same thing. She was an accomplice…if anyone knows what happened to her reply please (: Hopefully she got some time at least.

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