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16 May 1994 – John Thanos

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‘Adios’ said an unrepentant triple murderer as he was strapped to the gurney today in 1994.

This was Maryland’s first execution since the penalty was resurrected in 1976 and it was reserved for John Frederick Thanos after he muscled his way to the front of the queue by waiving his rights to appeal.

But Marylanders apparently felt that ‘even hanging was too good’ for the brutal robber-cum-killer, after a remorseless Thanos maintained that he wished his victims would come back to life so he could it all over again.

Spectator sport

Despite the animosity, Maryland prevented anyone from viewing the execution. This was based on the fact that past public executions had provoked spectators to take mementoes, such as hair and clothing.

However, Thanos did agree to have his death taped so another prisoner could use it as proof that the gas chamber encouraged unlawful suffering. But, just one year before he was due to be executed, Maryland changed the state method to the lethal injection. So Thanos got his share of the lethal dose aged 43, and thus became the first man to be executed in Maryland in 30 years.

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