12 May 1936 – Dr Buck Ruxton

Buck RuxtonNewspapers can make or break you. So Dr Buck Ruxton found out the hard way on this day in 1936. He was hanged for double murder despite going to extraordinary lengths to conceal his crime.

He’d been driven insane by his wife’s beauty – he feared she was having an affair. So, in a jealous rage that someone else had managed to bed her, he opted to kill her rather than let her slip through his fingers. But her maid witnessed the act and he had no choice but to bump her off too.

Open surgery

Ruxton then hacked the corpses into chunk-size pieces and carted the two sets of jigsawed bodies from his Lancashire home to Scotland. After wrapping them in newspaper, he chucked the women into a river in Dumfriesshire.

But he made one crucial mistake – a schoolboy error – to wrap them up, he used his local rag. The locality of the newspapers drew the police right back to Lancashire where they caught up with wily Ruxton.

There, they found more evidence – the chopping up of the women had made a right bloody mess of the house and that coupled with some entrail-smattered clothes meant that the evidence against Ruxton was damning indeed.

Needless to say a jury took just one hour to find the doctor guilty. And with that, Ruxton swung for his crime at Manchester, aged 36.

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One Response to “12 May 1936 – Dr Buck Ruxton”

  1. shankar Says:

    He had 3 children. Where are they?

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