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11 May 1920 – Herbert Salisbury and William Waddington

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Two murderers were strung up in a double hanging at Strangeways today in 1920.

Herbert Salisbury and William Waddington were executed for murder after they were found guilty of two separate crimes.

Salisbury was had up for getting shot of his girlfriend. The hapless criminal put up no resistance – pleading guilty to the Liverpudlian shooting of Alice Pearson.

But Waddington’s crime was altogether more sinister – he was executed for killing Ivy Woolfenden in Oldham. His victim was a mere seven years old and she had been brutally murdered.

The two men were found guilty of their crimes and sentenced to be put to death at the same time in Manchester.

Double whammy

The thing to note was that multiple hangings were becoming rarer – it was felt that the first person to be prepared had to hang around for an interminable length of time, while the other was being noosed up. So it took an unfair toll on the first prisoner.

Nevertheless, on this occasion, the two killers got it in the neck for their crimes, both aged 35.

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