10 May 2002 – Lynda Lyon Block

Lynda Lyon Block‘Your eyeballs explode’ said Lynda Lyon Block as she sat waiting for her slot on the electric chair in Alabama. And therein lay the irony – that a former member of the Humane Society should be executed for murder.

But then Block lived a life of extremes. Anti-government, anti-establishment, she even represented herself in a court of law as she stood trial for her crimes. Why? Because she didn’t believe the state was a legal entity, and, as such, none of the laws really held up either. Indeed she believed that Alabama had no rights to prosecute.

But prosecute they did and the facts of the case emerged. Block and her common-law husband George Sibley were on the run, along with her nine-year-old son, for Block had been married and was going through an acrimonious divorce from her husband Karl Block.

Fights over money fuelled an argument that led to a knife being embedded, albeit not deeply, in Karl’s chest. By this time, Sibley was on the scene – indeed the two were lovers and because both Block and Sibley had been there, they were had up for assault.

About a boy

Of course they could have stuck around for sentencing, but they decided to abscond instead and that’s how they found themselves on the run, living out of their car.

A well-meaning bystander saw the nine-year-old child in the car and was concerned for his wellbeing. Unaware that the two adults were heavily armed, the observer told a policeman about the boy. The officer made his way over to the car where Sibley and Block’s son were sat waiting for Block to finish off a phone call.

Block with a Glock

However, in Sibley’s heightened sense of anxiety, a harmless enquiry descended into an armed stand-off. Shots were exchanged. Hearing the noise, Block cottoned on what was happening and was able to take the policeman by surprise. She fired at him with a Glock pistol and when he reached for his car radio, she mistook it for a gun and kept firing.

The injured policeman managed to get in the car and drive off, but the bullet wounds were to prove fatal. The fugitives, on the other hand, got away, but were soon faced with another block – in the shape of a road that was cordoned off.

With fears for her only child, Block managed to hand her son over safely before they themselves surrendered, four hours later after weighing up the options.

Both of them were sentenced to death for the murder of a policeman and both received the death penalty. Just as well really, as by Block’s own admission, ‘If the jury has to choose between death or life in prison, they would be far more charitable to give us death.’

Come to Mama

She was eventually sent to the DIY electric chair dubbed ‘Yellow Mama’, which had been built in 1927 by a previous inmate – a British furniture maker.

Block got the shock of her life – 2,500 volts for 20 seconds to be precise, followed by 250 volts for 100 seconds, and with that Block kicked the bucket, aged 54. She became the first woman to be executed in Alabama since 1957 and the last to die via the electric chair.

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52 Responses to “10 May 2002 – Lynda Lyon Block”

  1. Chas Smith Says:

    Good riddance, you sack o’ s**t.

  2. a la mierda con la pena de muerte y esa inyeccion y la silla e no saben qe solo dios es el qe puede juzgar a esa gente?????

    qe idiotas son en ese caso qe nos condenen a todos ya qe todos emos cometido errores……

  3. a. adams Says:

    She should studied history better and maybe things would have worked out better. But I feel she got what she deserved. I watched the coverage Bill Curtis did on this through a television show. And she was very to the point and showed no emotion what so ever. She said was just protecting George. said she would do it again.

  4. niale Says:

    shes free now and innocent RIP

  5. The real crime, by the sounds of it, was the fact that she was anti-establishment. She was anti-government and, therefore, a right wing radical. Yeah, we better execute her for being anti-government. Now if she would have been some left-wing, environmentalist, socialist, Greenpeace activist, or even a communist, then I’m sure she would have gotten life in prison. She was executed for the real crime of being a “right wing extremist.” That violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.

    • Oh, please. She was executed because she killed a cop.

    • Terry Says:

      The problem with you right-wingers Steve is that you think you’re above the law like Lynda did while left-wingers know they are not like Bill Ayers, Angela Davis and others. Left-wingers learn the law and get good lawyers while you all audaciously think you are the law and end up right where you are. Good for you.

    • Terry Says:

      Awe….So Stanley Tookie Williams had to be a right wing extremist too by your book.

    • She was executed for murdering an officer of the law, and not her political beliefs…. You need to get out of here with that! They proved she did it beyond reasonable doubt, and this does not violate her rights.

      • rae Says:

        oh yes, cause a jury never gets it wrong, huh? the system is just peachy here in the states. u my friend are very naive if u believe that. not that i am defending what was done here, but there have been alot worse crimes with the perps right back out in the streets after a few years. lynda had NO record and yet she gets the barbaric electric chair. ironic that she never got into any trouble what so ever until she met sigley whom she would kill for and die for. when it came his time to die, he tried to put the blame on her and escape the needle.

    • john Says:

      I use to believe in the criminal justice system, LOL what a fool i was. I studied International law for 10 yrs and learned what so called justice really is. MONEY. I now have no trust in the US Justice system at all. It is perfectly legal for police to lie, commit murder, rape, torture, mame. As for the woman who was put to death cause she shot and killed a police officer may she rest in peace. To be a police officer you cant have morals, and you have to be able to look some 1 right in the face and lie. In some states to be a police officer you have to be a member of the local Mosinic Lodge, that says it all rigth there, same goes with lawyers and judge. LOL if you use a public defender, aka public pretender the police work for the DAs office, and the DAs office works for the judge and the public pretender, DA police and the judge all use modified language in court, it is all adverbs, verbs, adjectives and pronouns, they cant use nouns in a court cause u cant mix fiction and truth. Basically all jusges are guilty of Port of Rico, Port of racketerring, its all about depriving people of rights, and taking value away from them.

    • shooting a policeman in the back was what she was fried for and she said she did it

  6. yusefsmother Says:

    Justice Served.Hope it hurt like hell. So you know they feel it for about 10 seconds before they die.

  7. The above comment from ‘Steve’ is one of the most craziest things I have ever read.

  8. she did the crime and now shes paid for it…and i believe she was very brave at the end…..

  9. There is a lesson to be learned as explained in my work “The Demon Chronicles”. The hanging or whatever maybe man’s punishment “DOES NOT” settle the matter at all. There is a much greater price to pay. Death does not signal the end of the business … but mearly the beginning of the process for accounts to be settled. God is forgiving and mercyful, but only to those deserving of mercy. The guilty can lie to man, but there is no lying to the Lord …and mercy IS NOT an assured outcome… Someday you will know these truths….. Louie Orduna

    • Terry Says:

      Sorry Louie… God spreads his Mercy and Grace upon all. If what you say is true then there is only One who walked upon this earth who is worthy of this and it is not you. I’m glad God is not like you!

    • Lynne Says:

      um…no one is deserving of mercy. All fall short…mercy is undeserved & unmerited favor…um thats why its ‘grace’. One must recieve the gift of grace but if it was deserved…it…would not be grace.

  10. Arthur Says:

    Yes Mr. Louis is right. DEath is only a begining for real criminals or sinners. If we leave the Bible or Garuda purana in Hindu mythology, when taking a scientific aspect known to man, there are countless stars, planets etc in the universe, it is very much possible there are planet or planets of hell and heaven, when taking a rationalised view. Sinners can lie to man, but sinners will never lie to the Lords and expect a needle point of mercy from the Lords. Sinners who escaped justice will burn in cheese vessels or like that gore, there is little doubt that justice. Only the real good men will escape, and only a handful.

    • Terry Says:

      I’m glad God is not like you and Louie. You said Lord(s) so I’m taking it that you think there is more than one God. What bible are you reading? Or are you just talking from your divers mind? And when you say “real good men” you’re excluding yourself, right?

      • Arthur Says:

        I am talking that, I am a rational human being.There are more than 10 Billion Gods in the Universe. I am not a muslim stupid dog to beleive that cowardly ideology. I am rational, I am intelligent and I have knowledge to belive.

      • Lynne Says:

        Sonds like hes listening to the satan’s lies & obviously does not clearly know the LORD Almighty GOD. I pray though that he will believe the Gospel (John 3:16) Bible.

      • rae Says:

        dear terry…do u read your bible? did u ever read Psalm 110

        A Psalm.

        1The Lord says to my lord, <—-God speaking to jesus
        ‘Sit at my right hand
        until I make your enemies your footstool.’

        In Genesis 1:26 God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…." who do u suppose the "us" and the "out" refers to?

        In Genesis 3:22 God said, "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil." again with the "us"

        At the building of the Tower of Babel God said, "Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one anothers speech" (Genesis 11:7) "let us"

        Isaiah heard the Lord say, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" (Isaiah 6:8). How do we explain these verses?

  11. Terry Says:

    How many of you would do what Lynda Block did? She died for what she believed in…. Do you believe or care about something so much that you would give your life for it?

  12. Arthur Says:

    Ok I dont care, if you are a woman in a guy’s name too. I did not killed a police man on duty, that is what Lynda Block did, and she got death penalty too. More criminal dog women and men are roaming free in this world. I will make sure, those cowards will be punished.After those dogs death, it is the begining of their original business. My Lords will punish them by frying those cowards in oil for a billion years. After, those dogs got parole too. My Lords, My Gods are the one, I have to testify. Only cowardly criminals fears my good words too.

  13. Terry Says:

    Judge yee not lest you be judged.

  14. Arthur Says:

    Yes My Honourable Friend, Terry, will you give me an explanation? A reasonal one please. Thou shalt not judge, this unwanted population, what will you say? Blood can detect the another Blood heredity, without talking. Am I right? What does that mean?

  15. Terry Says:

    Arthur, first of all I will never allow myself to get into a situation like Lynda did. She was listening to somebody elses rhetoric instead of absorbing God’s word just like you are doing. Be careful lest your life becomes situated in a dilemma just like hers while you think that you are the judge of who should belong in society and who should not. That’s the same way the radical muslims think. They are just like you. They listened to somebody elses rhetoric instead of going by their book. Now their enemy has turned on them and they shall not receive any help from God just like their book says. So you can go on on with that rhetoric that you’re trying to spoon feed to me. Eat it yourself. No civilized society murders it’s citizens for any reason.

    • Lynne Says:

      Some people do listen to ‘god’ that is not the solution…for the ‘god’ of this world is behind confusion like some (note some) of your false rhetoric. Satan is the ‘god’ of this world & anti-Christ. He is behind all false religiion & teachings. I’m not saying Aurthur is correct or not (I really did not follow closley) I can only say that Muslims do listen to thier ‘god’ you probally yours, all thru the Bible people had ‘gods’ but GOD revealed thier is only one GOD and revealed Himself through the word of GOD…the Bible. So my main point is that its not enough to listen to ‘gods’ (self, budda, doorknob, god of undertanding, allah, etc)…one must know Him personally in relationship as revealed & possible through Jesus the Messiah. May GOD bless!

  16. Lynne Says:

    Point is not if you do (someone can give life for Charles Manson)….its what you give life for…and murder is not ‘a’ good thing to. She could have easily accepted whatever legal consequeces & even afterwards show compassion for victems family…as mother has deceny to do. No this seems to be about self & regarldless of how much she had a zeal for her cause or even how much was accurate of it or not…it was not self defense clearly….possiblity of jail sentence is not self defense. Also, if her husband chose to partake of a gun battle she had free choice to do the right thing & not partake in killing…even for he sons sake. She seemed to leave this world with her cause intact…but the cause did not bless or benfit anyone but perhaps ego. In the end…the fruit of this life lays waste. I’m saddened that she is dead esp if she died in her trepasses & sins.

  17. cp lover Says:

    She should have been strapped into the “Yellow Mama”, Buck Naked, to suffer her punishment

  18. cp lover Says:

    I wonder if the 2500 volts made her nipples hard!

  19. whatever mr Arthur wrote is hundred percent true. Hence beware too

  20. justin varghese Says:

    If ur killing a person y d hell dont you give cynide?y making them suffer so much?remember there is an everlasting hell down under and even if ur killing plz make sure their souls r saved from hell

  21. Hollie89 Says:

    I lknow not everybody believes the same way I do..I of course respect that. But STEVE, what you said was unbelievable. Now, for the death penalty, I am against it..Only because I believe god giveth and god should taketh away. I do understand that these prisoners have commited horrible crimes! They should pay. If it were one of my family members, I would want them to sit in prison. Some say in prison that you get to do enjoyable things..Well, if they wanted to they could make it to where it wasn’t like that for the people who committed these types of crimes, I know, rotting in prison would be much more of a punishment for me..”Thou shall not commit murder” , but again not everyone believes my way, BUT..You are telling these people not to kill but yet you go and do the same thing..When did two wrongs make one right ? There is no jusice served there. But as I said, that’s just my opinion, please don’t hate on it. I can see everybody’s point, aside from Steve’s..I didn’t read some of the posts though.

    • Arthur Says:

      To Terry,, I never tried to spoon feed anyting to you. Real criminals will fry in eternal hell planets in the galaxy. You have to settle your scores, by Gods of this universe.

    • if you are going to quote quote the rest as in if you do murder what the penlaty is to be

  22. John Collier Says:

    There were no winners here, only losers

  23. Just for the record: The electric chair is NOT an instrument of torture. The high voltage is used to render the prisoner unconscious, and the low voltage is there to ensure a permanent cardiac arrest. Ackording to Fred Leuchter: The high voltage brings out all the adrenalin so that it dissapates in the body befor the low voltage face brings the heart to a stand still. You don’t suffer like Hell in the chair, it’s like being hit over the head with a crawbar. It is designed to be more humane than hanging – which is anything but humane.

  24. Baba Looey Says:

    I would love to get my hands on that “well meaning” bystander.

  25. Charles Reese Says:

    The only woman I have been truly happy to see fry. Good riddance!

    • rae Says:

      First of all, if your a follower of the Bible recall, Judge ye not, lest ye be judged and also Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone. the harsher u judge another, the harsher u shall be judged.
      Have some mercy, the electric chair is a terrible way to die. if these people being executed are shown no forgiveness or compassion…how does that make us any better than they? two wrongs do not make a right, ever. now 2 family’s suffer loss and grief, 2 family’s children grow up with a missing parent. where’s the winner here? Motley’s wife didnt feel any better watching the execution and i bet as time wore on she felt worse. how could u stand there and watch as another person’s put to death and not be profoundly disturbed. or is that the kind of society we live in?

  26. I just want to know, and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the article unless I somehow missed it, if she was anti-government in the right-wing tea party sort of way, or anti-government in the left-wing anti-fascist sense.

    • Rae Says:

      she was State Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. (patriot militia

      • Okay. I would def classify that as right wing lol. Thanks for answering my question. I don’t support capital punishment either way myself but I was just curious to know which angle her “anti-government” ideology was coming from.

      • Rae Says:

        your welcome, u knew more than me about it! i was going to have to look it up because i was curious after u mentioned which way she leaned. she was a zealot about it and highly intelligent, however as i read her writings i think she had quite a bit of paranoia. it’s a real shame that sibley decided to reach for his gun instead of just doing what the cop asked. Lynda loved her man, she stabbed her ex for him, went on the run and lived in her car for him, shot and killed a cop for him, and went to the chair for him. Now when it got close to time for sibley’s execution he cried like a little girl, said lynda caused the cop’s death not him and was lucky enough to get lethal injections instead of “yellow mama”. Modern day “bonnie & clyde”.

      • Well goddam, that’s messed up that he snitched on her like that after what she did for him really. Talk about a stab in the back.

      • Rae Says:

        that was my thought! what a jerk!

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