10 May 2002 – Leslie Dale Martin

‘You’re fired’ mouthed Leslie Dale Martin to his lawyers apparently as Louisiana poised to inject him today in 2002.

A rapist and a murderer, Dale was executed much to the relief of the victim’s parents, for he’d been found guilty of a violent and depraved murder.

Sister act

He’d already previously been done for raping his own 14-year-old sister at knife-point while their mum was in hospital. So it was hardly surprising that he targeted a teenager. He cut short a 19-year-old’s life after he raped Christina Burgin, then proceeded to stab her, slit her throat, stamp on her neck using a board and gouge out her eyes.

Bizarrely, in Louisiana, this would have only constituted a capital offence if the murder was backed by another crime: ie rape. But Martin always maintained that the sex had been consensual…in public at least. Behind cell doors however there was a different story. And we’re pretty sure he didn’t bank of his confidante spilling the beans.

Sweet revenge

Cell-buddy Marlin Sweet went on record and his was damning evidence indeed. Marlin testified that his fellow inmate had admitted that he was giving Burgin a lift home when he pulled off to a side track because ‘he had to have her’. She had apparently refused him because she was on her period.

On the drive back after the deed, she accused him of rape and that’s when the violence kicked in. But because she had a hard time dying, he cut out her eyeballs so she couldn’t identify him, because ‘he wasn’t going back to jail for no-one’.

How wrong he was.

Jail break

Louisiana found him guilty of all charges and he was promptly plonked on death row. And it turns out that Martin wanted to die rather than fester for an interminable length of time in jail ‘in the irrational hope of freedom’.

And seeing as he’d cashed in his ‘Get out of jail free’ card when his attempted escape was aborted two miles outside prison, his only out was the lethal injection. Louisiana obliged on this day in 2002 when Martin was 35, with Burgin’s ‘ecstatic’ mum and dad looking on.

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  1. steve goodman Says:

    when are they going to get rid of crista pike.

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