8 May 1951 – James Inglis

Pleading insanity is how James Inglis tried to evade his punishment in the run-up to his execution today in 1951.

The 29-year-old Mancunian had been charged with killing a 50-year-old prostitute. They’d gone back to hers for alcohol and sex, but a fight broke out because she wanted paying for services rendered. Instead of stumping up the cash, Inglis battered Alice Morgan about before strangling her to death.

However, the jury saw through Inglis’s plea and sent him down for his crime. Inglis was hanged in Manchester by Albert Pierrepoint and Sid Dernly, just three weeks after his trial ended.

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One Response to “8 May 1951 – James Inglis”

  1. Brandt Says:

    This was the fastest hanging in British history at 7.5 seconds from when Inglis was led from his cell until the trap was sprung

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