1 May 2001 – Marilyn Plantz

Marilyn PlantzLife insurance provided the incentive for today’s criminal – all $300,000 of it. It was this tidy sum that drove Marilyn Kay Plantz to arrange for her husband to be killed, although in the trial she suggested that she was motivated by the fact that he was abusive.

Seeds of intrigue

The truth was she was bored.  She sought the kind of the excitement she felt she’d missed out on, having got pregnant at an early age. There are reports that she would dump her kids on a babysitter, then sell herself so she could score drugs.  During this time she hooked up with a younger man by the name of William Bryson, who became infatuated. It was then that the brazen plan was hatched to jump her husband as he got home from work, even though her two children were asleep upstairs.

As she actually needed someone to carry out the deed the bored housewife persuaded Byson and his mate to do her dirty work. And sure enough when Mr Plantz arrived home late one night, they set upon him with his own son’s baseball bats and beat him to a pulp. As he lay there all bloodied and bruised Marilyn thought it all looked too obvious so she came up with the not-so-bright idea of setting him alight, to make it look like an accident.

Dirty duo

So the boys drove the body of Mr P. to a remote spot in his own pick-up truck and set light to it with him in it. Apparently Jim Plantz was still alive as the flames took hold – the autopsy showed smoke inhalation and he apparently even tried to get out of the truck before he succumbed to the fumes.

After the murder the boys went round to another mate’s house and bragged about their deed.

His body was found the very next morning and three days later Plantz was taken into custody and the two boys just one day later. The irony is that Plantz family rallied in the early days vowing to get her a lawyer. That is until they started hearing what Plantz was being accused of. ‘…when they started finding things out about her, that’s when she died as far as I’m concerned’ said the victim’s dad and her ex-father-in-law.

Grassed up

But her defence seriously started to unravel when her lover’s mate turned grass. William McKimble dished the dirt on the lovers in return for a lesser sentence. A jury took just two hours to send them down for their crimes. The lovers got death and Bryson went to meet it first. He was lethally injected on 15 June 2000, aged 29.

Plantz followed a year later, also by lethal injection aged 40. She became the second woman to be executed since Oklahoma became a state in 1907 and the second woman in America to be executed in 2001 – the first being Wanda Jean Allen.

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14 Responses to “1 May 2001 – Marilyn Plantz”

  1. William Bryson III Says:

    I just want to say my Dad was a good man, He made some bad decisions and he did pay the consequences. I am 21 years old now I am in college playing basketball on a full ride, I think about my dad everyday and wonder what if my dad was here watching me. I was lucky to have his mom and dad which is my grandfather watch over me until his death on December 24, 2008. I dont wish that anybody trashes my father because you dont even know the man that he turned out to be in that short period of time. He was more of a father in jail than some of the dead beat dads that our roaming our streets. But I hope everyone would know and understand what kind of snake marilyn was and understand that anybody could have been lead down the road my dad was lead down. So please do not judge because you aint perfect either

    • Lynne Says:

      Honey…you are now your own man. I’m so sorry for any evil & hurt all have endured. Remember that thier are consequences to sin. I have loved ones that I love but never call thier sin anything other than what they are…just as mine own are mine. I’m glad your father had become a good father to you. My best advice is for you to recieve Jesus Christ as your savior…to trust Him & grow in relationship with GOD. I also would avoid such sites since they may be putting salt on a open wound (and its no telling whom & how someone will respond). I pray that you will be the man GOD desires in every way & have a fruitful life. May God bless!

    • Parish Preston Says:

      I’m sorry youngster, but your father made a decision that sealed his fate. He entertained the company of Marilyn Plantz and he enjoyed every minute of her seduction. He also made a decision to kill when he could have walked away after realizing that this woman was deadly. Yet he decided to stay in her vicious cycle of evil and became the devil incarnated. I’m sure that in jail he realized that he had made a terrible mistake but that doesn’t bring back the life that he took. I have no mercy or understanding about your father’s evil act in fact, he deserved exactly what we got, the death penalty. I hope that you continue to be a success in your endeavors and never allow your self to be taken down the same pathway as your father the. We all held accountable for actions and unfortunately your father’s actions were a detriment to his own self being. May God have mercy on his soul because he showed no mercy to Marilyn Plantz husband as he killed for the trill of killing.

      • Chris Says:

        William: You sound like a fine person and I cannot fault you for defending your father. His crime was a horrific one, however. He not only horribly beat a man near to death, but then finished it by burning him alive. That does not change the love he had for you or that you have for him, and perhaps he did have some remorse (I understand he did apologize to the victim’s family), so that puts him above many killers. I hope that you have a good life, are able to honor your father’s memory as you see fit, and that his crime never reflects unfairly on you.

    • this is your fathers legacy not yours. try and live your own life and forget about sticking up for him. you are wasting precious time and this will hinder your growth….to be honest with you I would never claim an individual that committed such a heinous crime as any relative of mine period….move forward not two steps backwards,,,js

  2. yellow_fever Says:

    I may not be perfect but I didn’t bash a man’s head in and set him on fire. Whatever gives u peace, man go ahead and believe what you want. I’m quite sure he regretted it after the fact, too bad he wasn’t smart enough before the fact.

  3. Oklahoma relative Says:

    This story is so full of inaccuracies. Total inaccuracies. Marilyn Plantz should have had a battered woman defense but public defenders in Oklahoma are limited in funding to do investigative work prior to trials.

    Ironic that the person who struck the most blows to the victim will be eligible for parole any day now. Are we safer because Plantz and Bryson were killed by the state of Oklahoma with a man like McKimble soon to hit the streets?

    Young Mr. Bryson, I am very proud to hear about your grandparents taking good care of you and your basketball and college career. Never hang your head in shame. I met your father once, at his clemency hearing and what you say about him is true.

    As Sister Helen Prejean says …”We are not the worst thing we’ve ever done in our life.”

    • Lynne Says:

      I appreciate your good advice to the son…but as far as ‘battered’ women…I personally know of one & she by Gods grace got the stregth to leave, strive to grow in grace & is a RN major at college. She also forsook sin issues by God sgrace (drugs, sexual immorailty, etc). No where do I see an account of this woman trying to leave a battered relationship (like Burning Bed). I don’t think that aspect of your comment helps battered women.

    • so living in a battered situation gives a person the right to premeditate a murder…you have twisted up the battered womans syndrome defense, it is meant to be in self defense not to plan and lie in wait to beat someones brains out let live for awhile then drive him somewhere to burn him alive???

  4. Funny how they all find God and goodness once they are convicted isnt it ? What kind of good man torches another man in his own truck ? Yeah , they are all good once that cell door slams shut.

  5. Wow I am watching this now it seems like Marilyn was a snake & influenced him & he was younger thats was a sad story.. He made a decision so he was executed for it..


  7. Kid you need to wake up and I would suggest you go get counseling. Yes he was your father and you have a right to love him, but your father was a grown man and made his own choice, to stay and do the evil acts directed by a pathetic individual. To say you don’t want people trashing him , he was a good man, sais right there your living in a bubble. He made horrible horrible decisions and took a man’s life and a family’s loved one away from them. He also took his self out of his family, you and the rest of your family. He committed a very evil act and paid for it. Lets hope you get the help you need desperately and can move on and do good not evil.


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