28 April 1954 – Thomas Ronald Lewis Harries

A double murderer was caught and hanged thanks to udders.

A herd of unmilked cows to be precise – they’d got the neighbours talking in Swansea. And their suspicions were to lead to the hanging of Thomas Ronald Lewis Harries.

Dairy of events

A normally meticulous farmer and his wife had gone AWOL, so when their adopted nephew said that they’d gone off for a holiday in London leaving him in charge, the neighbours smelled a cow pat.

The police were even more wary and they made a call down to their mates at Scotland Yard where a doctored cheque came to light. It had been changed from a mere £9 to £909 and had been made out to none other than nephew Harries. He was slowly getting penned in.

Sour times

But the ultimate trap came when the police rigged the premises with string in a bid to find the bodies. They then made a real racket outside to freak Harries out. And it did – Harries sneaked out to check the graves and in doing so, broke the thread, which led the police right to Mr and Mrs Harries the elders.

What could he say? He was banged up for murder and found guilty of killing his aunt and uncle. He was hanged at Swansea prison, aged 25.

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One Response to “28 April 1954 – Thomas Ronald Lewis Harries”

  1. he was a relation to my father in wales, my father Ronald was actually named after him.His mother was there when all the rumors were passed around.

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