25 April 1952 – Edward Devlin and Alfred Burns

Controversy shrouds today’s duo, both of whom were hanged in 1952 for murder. But did they do it?

Alfred Burns (pictured left) and Edward Devlin (right) were a couple of Mancunian mates, who’d chalked up a whole heap of crimes between them before they were done for torturing and bludgeoning a woman to death in her own home.

Liver burglars

The woman was Beatrice Rimmer and she was rumoured to have some cash stashed away in her Liverpudlian house. A sitting target, the 54-year-old was found battered to death, although no single blow was reported to have killed her – instead it’s believe she torturously died of the sum of her injuries.

Apparently the crime was concocted in jail – a fellow jailbird by the name of George McLaughlin was in on it and the plan was for a female accomplice to distract Rimmer by keeping her talking on the doorstep while the others did the house over. But that’s not quite how it turned out and the robbery took place with fatal results.

The female accomplice and McLaughlin came forward after the murder and the police gained enough info on the duo to haul them in from Manchester to Liverpool for questioning.

Alibi let-down

But the boys’ defence was seemingly bizarre. They refused to admit they were to blame, instead they vowed that they were robbing a factory at the time the murder was being committed. They even had an alibi from a fellow robber who helped them on the job.

But despite the hapless pair’s continued pleas of innocence, the jury wouldn’t believe the boys and they found in favour of the prosecution.

There was a glimpse of freedom after the Home Secretary asked for a review of their case, but it didn’t amount to much and the boys’ death sentence remained intact.

The lads were just in their early 20s when they were strung up. Devlin was 22 and Burns 21 when Albert Pierrepoint headed up the execution.

According to the ‘Liverpool Echo’, their case has recently been identified as a possible mistake and questions remain as to whether they were actually guilty or not…the evidence was circumstantial, after all.

Also on this day

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62 Responses to “25 April 1952 – Edward Devlin and Alfred Burns”

  1. lesley pitman Says:


    Edward Devlin was my great uncle and if you have any more information
    about him please can you email me.


    Lesley Marie Pitman

    • Belinda Devlin Says:

      Hi there is this the brother of hugh and leonard Devlin? If so were related? Hugh was my great grandfather.

    • There is an upcoming book on this case – later this year – by George Skelly, author of the Cameo Conspiracy in which the accused were also fitted up and one of them executed – Chief Supt Balmer was involved in both I gather.

      Keep watch at WatersidePress.co.uk – sign up for alerts.

    • My husband jon Shelton aged 77 has told me of visiting a friend in prison who had been sentenced to death. Jon always told me that his friends last words to him were ‘ I did not do it , I’ll see you hanging around ‘ As Jon is good at telling a tale & making it more interesting than it really was I never took to much notice but after reading about Edward I feel I should make contact with you . I do not agree with the death penalty & having read about Edward it makes my view even stronger. If you would like to make contact our email address is jonshelton @sky.com . I sincerely hope that you see this msg , if you send us an email we will be glad to call you for a chat, Jon is suffering from short term memory loss but remembers things from long ago. By the way Jon remembers your great uncle as Mike ? with best regards Jean Jon Shelton

    • Michael O'Connell Says:

      I have written a detailed legal analysis on the case of Edward Devlin and Alfred Burns, linked with that of George Kelly and Charles Connolly. The purpose of my analysis is to raise public awareness about their case, and to compel the Criminal Cases Review Commission to refer their case back to the appeal court. There is in my view a mind set at the Commission that historical cases such as your great uncle’s should not now take up public time and money because of their antiquity, but contrary to that I consider that if Edward Devlin and Alfred Burns are innocent, then they should not lie in a felon’s grave.
      For the purpose of an appeal it is of considerable importance that the surviving relatives of the deceased men should demand that the case be looked at again.
      If you are in contact with any other members of both families, perhaps you will let me have a form of contact, hopefully an email, so that I can sound out their views.
      Perhaps you will let me hear from you shortly.
      Michael O’Connell

      • Lindsay Pamela Langlands nee Devlin Says:

        Hello , my name is Lindsay Langlands nee Devlin.My father ws John Devlin and my grandfather Hugh Devlin.I believe Edward Devlin to be a relative of mine.any update or info you have would be appreciated…btw I am from Manchester originally ,however reside in Sydney Australia..many thanks lindsaylangas1@optusnet.com.au

      • Hi Micheal Edward aka “Teddy:” was my father John Devlin’s cousin.I have only just traced family history and found out about this dreadful miscarriage of justice.I have four sisters and a brother here in Australia ,and we are all happy to sign consent forms.My father brought us out to Australia from Manchester in 1966.My father is deceased ( jul 2009). this particular part of family history wasn’t ever discussed with us.I hope you will contact me..many thanks Lindsay Langlands nee Devlin

      • Michael O'Connell Says:

        Hi Linday, if you contact me at the email address below (maoconnell@hotmail.co.uk) I may have some information for you.
        Kind regards, Michael O’Connell

      • Thanks Michael..will email you .

    • Hi Lesley I believe we must be related , Hughie Devlin was my grandfather and seemingly Edwards uncle. Making my father John , Edwards cousin.Please contact me privately if you’d like to connect . I was born in Manchester but left in 1966 ( aged 11) to live in Australia with my parents ,been here ever since.

  2. g. skelly Says:

    I am writing a book on the case. Whose daughter out of the devlin family are you?
    Do you know Jean Ackroyd?

    • Michael O'Connell Says:

      George, I have been looking at the legal aspects of the Devlin/Burns case together with that of Kelly/Connolly for about 2 years. I am looking forward to you book about the first named case – when it is likely to appear?

      Kind regards,

      Michael O’Connell

  3. Belinda Devlin Says:

    No I don’t know jean Ackroyd sorry. I may not be related to Edward i’m trying to find out if I am or not.

    • Lindsay Pamela Langlands nee Devlin Says:

      Hi are you my niece Belinda Devlin from Queensland Australia

  4. George Skelly Says:

    Michael, my book, Murderers Or Martyrs, is to be published by the Waterside Press in about 2 months time. If you google my name you will see details of it on most online booksellers sites.

  5. George Skelly Says:

    Michael, as you probably know, my previous book was about the Cameo case of Kelly & Connolly – The Cameo Conspiracy.

    • Michael O'Connell Says:

      George, thanks very much for your email. Delighted to hear from you. Your book on the Cameo murder is absolutely splendid and I recommend it where ever I go to talk about the wrongful conviction of the innocent. I am lookingv forward very much to the forthcoming book on the Devlin/Burns case.
      I have written at some length about both cases, differing from your first book because I dwell on the legal aspects of the case, looking for example at the conduct of the lawyers as well as the trial judge, and I hope to get it into print sometime. The more publicity given to both cases the better – did you know that there was an Early Day Motion signed by 6 MPs in the Commons in November calling for a debate on the restoration of the death penalty? That must never be brought back – and if the Devlin/Burns case goes back to the appeal court (as it should) it will add weight to the argument that it should not be.
      Please keep in touch.
      All good wishes,

      • Lindsay Pamela Langlands nee Devlin Says:

        Has the book been published yet ? Please advise ..thanks ..

  6. george skelly Says:

    Michael, Thank you for your comments. With respect however,, did I not examine the legal aspects in my Cameo book, quoting various legal rulings in the Appeal chapter and also criticising both defence and prosecuting counsel during the trials and Lord Goddard and mr Justice Hilbery in the Appeal?

    • Michael O'Connell Says:

      George, thanks for your note. You certainly did canvas some of the legal points in your excelent book and did that very well indeed.
      But my view is that your great advantage in telling the story was being so close to, and with knowledge of, the main players in the drama. My approach is less factual and more legalistic in the sense I note that both Dickson and Northam were treated as accomplices; can one accomplice corroborate the evidence of another? Who corroborated their evidence? Should there be a judicial direction on the dangers of relying on a gaol cell confession? was Dickson a party to a conspiracy to rob, and did she withdraw from that by returning to the PH? These are some of the points I raise.
      All good wishes,

  7. george skelly Says:

    Michael, the evidence of Robert Graham, who was discredited at the 2003 Appeal, was accepted by the judge as corroboration of Northam an d Dickson’s evidence. And of course, cell-mate confessions have almost been outlawed if not totally discredited in subsequent cases.
    By the way, I have already submitted the legal case for Devlin and Burns to the CCRC.

    • Michael O'Connell Says:

      George, thanks for your reply. When did you contact the CCRC and what was their response? In my view a member of the family of either Devlin or Burns (preferrably both) will have to be joined as a party if there is going to be any reference back to the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal. Hopefully it will be possible to identify that person as part of the process.

    • Lindsay Pamela Langlands nee Devlin Says:

      I have only just discovered this web page ,I am keen to be kept in the loop if possible..Thank You

  8. george skelly Says:

    I submitted 12 bundles of documentary fresh evidence, undisclosed at the trial, demonstrating their innocence. The CCRC rejected the evidence. We are now applying to the Administrative Court for a Judicial Review against their “illogical” and unreasonable decision. As you know, you cannot go direct to the Court of Appeal, without first asking the CCRc to review the case. I have acted on behalf of Devlin’s niece and Burns cousin.

    • Michael O'Connell Says:

      George. Thanks very much for that information. Congratulations and very well done. I am astonished to hear, though perhaps I should not be, that there exists 12 bundles of documents not previously disclosed.
      Good luck with the JR.

    • Lindsay Pamela Langlands nee Devlin Says:

      Edward was my fathers cousin I believe

  9. george skelly Says:

    a bundle doesn’t have to be large! The bundles also of course contained my legal arguments and exposition of my case etc linked to the submitted new evidence (statements etc). There was a clear analogy with the Cameo case, in terms of the police scenario, circumstantial evidence only. And of course the same discredited detective was in charge of both cases

  10. Michael O'Connell Says:

    Thanks George. I note what you say. Will you kindly let me know (as far in advance as possible), the date of the hearing of the JR? If I can I will travel to London to attend the hearing.
    Many thanks,

  11. George Skelly Says:

    if the lawyers agree there is a good case to be made out (which I feel there most definitely is) then only then will it go to JR. If and when that hopefully happens, I shall certainly let you know in advance. Thank you for your interest in the case – not many people are, after all these years.
    Best wishes,

  12. Michael O'Connell Says:

    Thanks very much George for your note about the case. I look forward to hearing from you if a date is fixed for the full hearing of the JR.

  13. Jim Forbes Says:

    If you read assistant executioner Syd Dernley’s book I think that you will find that A Pierrepoint was not involved in the executions which here headed up by Steve Wade of Doncaster

    • George Skelly (author) Says:

      Read the book again Jim! Dernely said it was Pierrepoint, who was assisted by Dernely, Stewart and Smith. I have researched this case for 12 years. You should also also Read the Executioner’s report veryfying Pierrepoint as the chief executioner.

  14. i have been trying to find information on this case for years and was really interested in the above for reasons that will become clear.
    I was born in Hulme (manchester) in 1949 and lived in hamilton street, my parents were elizabeth (betty) and bernard (barney) robinson, they were great friends of len devlin and ann kavanagh who lived together and i always thought of as married, we called them uncle len and aunty ann they lived in the next street (leinster street). both my parents are deceased. My brother is named after uncle len, aunty ann used to look after us when my mam had to go somewhere. I was only 2/3 when it happened so i remember very little but what my parents told me as i grew up which was as follows;
    on the evening of the day of the murder (it was a weekend i think it was a sunday) devlin and burns were pushing a pram full of clothes (macintoshe’s or plasic raincoat’s) around the pubs of hulme they had pinched them that evening and were trying to sell them. The pubs they went in were the big vic, little vic, grants, falstaff the red or white lion and the junction that i can remember my parents mentioning. I think my parents bought a raincoat off them. At this time Hulme was terraced streets full of 2 up 2 down houses with gaps where the houses had been bombed flat (commi’s or condemned). People were very poor but they often left their doors open on a latch, so a cheap raincoat came in handy and this was the sort of thing edward devlin did, he wasn’t violent according to my parents he was a bit of a tearaway who had been to borstal.
    According to my parents the police in manchester (i think it was Jackson street police station) had talked to edward devlin about the theft of clothes and charged him and burns with the theft but dropped these charges when the liverpool police charged them with murder.
    My parents went into Jackson street police station and told the police that they had seen devlin on the night it happened so he couldn’t of done a murder in liverpool, the police explained that devlin and burns could of drove to liverpool in time to do the murder but my parents said than neither devlin or burns drove, in those days nobody in Hulme had a car. My parents said that other people went into the station to say that they had seen the two lads selling clothes on that same evening but they also got nowhere with the police. My parents never got over the fact that non of the people in Hulme who new devlin and saw him on that night were ever called to the trial.
    My parents also told me that the woman who was murdered was the mother of a policeman and the police would never charge one of their own indicating that they thought her son had the most to gain and he should be looked at.
    In the early 60’s they pulled the houses down in hulme and in 1962/3 we got moved to withington and ann and len went to a flat in wythenshaw, because of the distance they eventually lost contact. However, when i was 14 my dad took me back to Hulme for a christmas drink down the hollow in a pub called the boatman where we met lots of men from hulme and some of the talk was about devlin and burns and how the police at jackson street had turned a blind eye to what people had been telling them, so it looked as though other people felt the same as my parents.
    I still find it difficult to believe that a human being (DCI Balmer) could see 2 innocent young kids be hung for something they didn’t do just to get a result and clear another policeman, on the other hand my parents and other people in hulme certainly did.
    Would there be any records of the goings on at jackson street police station
    I look forward to your book

  15. Hi Bernie, I have recently found out that my Grandfather Hughie Devlin was Edward’s uncle.Making my father John Devlin ,Edwards cousin.It is atrocious that two young men lost their lives for something they appear not to have done..Thank you for contributing what you have to this site.I was born in the UK but left at age 11 in 1966 when my dad moved us to Australia. I can remember living in Boston St Hulme ,right next door to the Boston St pub , albeit we lived in Victoria st Longsight just prior to moving to OZ..

  16. Diana Eaton Says:

    Dear Lindsay, your grandfather, Hughie Devlin, married my
    granny’s sister (Queenie). My granny was Mary Eaton. My family
    still talk about the Teddy Devlin case. They knew your dad, John
    Devlin, but call him Jackie. I think your mum’s name was Edna, Eva
    or Amy. Teddy and his dad visited my family in Delvino Street,
    Hulme. Please contact me.

  17. Lindsay Pamela Langlands nee Devlin Says:

    A huge Thank You to George Skelly for his sense of justice and wanting to right a wrong when authoring the book “Murderers or Matyrs” .I found it to be a fascinating read and easy to digest .The book conveys facts and information surrounding the Cranbourne Road Murder case which was either ignored or not acted upon by both Manchester and Liverpool Police at the time. The reveals details of Witness statements that were either withheld and or Not forwarded to Teddy Devlins and Alfred Burns legal representatives during the trial.Information and facts previously not revealed to the English public back in 1952 nor since, until now. Again I reiterate my heartfelt thanks to George Skelly for the many years he spent researching the subject matter so throughly..and not receiving a penny in renumeration …You are decent and good man George Skelly ….and it is solely because of all the hard work undertaken on your part people of another generation will get to know about this gross miscarriage of Justice, finally and most importantly it could pave the way ..for these two boys names tol be cleared or the murder

    • Bernard Robinson Says:

      Lindsay we lived at 27 Hamilton Street Hulme Manchester 15 so our back yard was opposit 26 Leinster street, I was born in 1949 so have very little memories of the trial but my mam was a greate friend of Anne Devlin (nee Cavanagh) who used to look after me so i spent some time in her house where she gave me drinking chocolate. We used to call her Auntie Anne and Len Devlin was uncle Len, my brother was named after Len. Both my parents said that these 2 lads never did the murder because they had robbed some mackentoshe’s in manchester on the night of the murders and my parents had seen the lads with a pram full of these coats, i think my dad got one. They also said that they never robbed houses only shops and wharehouses. They told me that the Manchester police had charged both devlin and burns with the robbery but the manchester police dropped these charges when the Liverpool police charged them with murder. My parents went to Jackson street police station, which was at the top of Hamilton street, and reported that they had seen them in Hulme on the night of the murders but nothing came of this, no wounder they never trusted the police. I am still reading this book, it well written and well researched, I never thought anybody else cared about this injustice so I am really pleased that somebody has made all the facts clear, hopefully common sense will see them pardoned. Joan, John can you remember any of this bernie

      Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 04:48:26 +0000 To: bernard_robinson6upt@hotmail.com

      • Lindsay Pamela Langlands nee Devlin Says:

        Bernie , my father John Devlin was “Teddy Devlin’s” cousin.My grandfather Hughie Devlin, was Lenoard Devlins brother.Making me “Teddy’s second cousin. I born in 1955 three tears after the event. My parents never discussed or mentioned anything about “Teddy” hanging or the gross miscarriage of Justice that occured in my presence. I stumbled across this site approx 4 months ago. I was absolutely surprised at finding the site , but was gob smacked when I realised that Teddy was my Dad’s cousin. Bernie my family did live in Hulme at one stage when I was growing up , we lived in Boston Street directly next door to the Boston Hotel , that was approx in 1965, many other houses in the vicinity were being demolished at the time. Prior to leaving the UK in 1966 we lived in Victoria Street Longsight.One can only imagine how terryfying it must have been for these two young men being in Gaol knowing they were innocent and yet having to realise that they were going to hang anyway. I believ it is imperitive that the public realise how that very high ranking member of Liverpool Police – one Herbert Balmer manipulated evidence and seemingly bullied some , to ensure these boys did hang for the Carnbourne murder. I would dearly love to see these boys have their named cleared ..they deserve that. The Mothers ( and families ) of the boys must have been so heartbroken and devastated. On another note I recently left my thoughts surrounding Mr Balmer on a public web/ internet site, ..amazingly my comments were responded to by someone presumably an ex Police Officer who alluded that the boys were Guilty ,otherwise their criminal conviction wouldn’t still be standing today,his other opinions included stating that people shouldn’t be making uncomplimentary remarks about deceased police Officers . he also commented that he wouldn’t be reading the book Proving what a closed , one sided and sad specimen of a human being this man is comfortable with portraying himself to be. To that end , his comments far from detracting only encourage me to find if I can ,any avenue no matter how small it may be to pursue an endevour to see real Justice and honesty prevail. My understanding is that George Skelly was supported and assisted by three other people when gathering evidence for the book.To those three people I also give my unreserved thanks as they too deserve recognition for their contributions,commitment and allegiance to real justice , real honor and real truth. To think someone like Herbert Balmer received an OBE is enough to make one shudder. Albeit it very different in some ways, I see common ground with the recent revelations about Jimmy Saville in as far as he was viewed by the public as being a certain persona one to be much admired, yet now that the truth has emerged. It’s a very different person people see, they see a liar who must have been assisted by those around him for years to be able to cover up the life of lies he lived.

  18. Chris Kelly Says:

    Thankyou for your acknowlegement Lindsay (one of the 3).

    • Chris, I only wish I could have given you an acknowledgement and thanked you in person. However that isn’t possible at this time , I hope to visit the UK at some stage and when I do , I would be honored to meet with you, ( if at all possible at your end) so as I can shake your hand. My respect for George Skelly , yourself and the other two.. 🙂 is immense. I am also grateful to others who have also publicly supported George in his tireless and endless pursuit of the truth , not to mention his unflagging energy to have the case reviewed . I sincerely believe that Alfred and Teddy are both still around in spirit , and both are individually saying ….what Teddy wrote in his last letter to a family member just before his life was so savagely taken away from him , , just three words ” I Thank You ” ………

  19. Hi all
    Just reading up on the case to give the book a plug in one of my books, I wrote about a miscarriage of justice in Yorkshire in 1951 so I am now of the opinion the whole legal sytem stank in those days. I showed police lies and counsel for the prosecution CHANGED the scene of crime.
    The case George Skelly last wrote of was referred back to the Court of Appeal so anything is possible, and we can all have hope – it is free after all.
    I discovered Waterside Publishing myself a few weeks ago so will be putting in my order soon.
    I have also wrote of two other cases where there was a clear miscarriage of justice!!

  20. george Skelly. Says:

    Any more details Jim of the two miscarriages of justice?

    • Hi George
      The one from Huddersfield was Alfred Moore executed the day the king died!! He was convicted of killing two police officers in a stake out. in 1951
      This one is with Bryan Gibson now, but we’ll have to see.
      I also published a couple as Unsolved Murders because that’s what they were: Robert Hoolhouse for Margaret Dobson in Wolviston just outside Middlesborough in 1938 and the Henry Seymour hanged in 1931 for the murder of Annie Kempson in Oxford.
      Must get hold of your latest but also a new one on Suzy lamplugh has appeared and Cladia Lawrence. I’ll get round to reading when my writing fingers are down to the knuckle!!

      • George Skelly Says:

        Re Your previous post. It’s not possible now to redress the Devlin & Burns miscarriage – The CCRC amazingly rejected my application despite overwhelming fresh evidence and argument.

  21. Don’t understand what you’re getting at. Did you fill in the CCRC form alone or with legal assistance?
    I’m reliably informed the CCRC will throw anything out that the Court of Appeal is likely to reject. So one needs something in the original trial to argue first. One nugget of argument is worth a thousand small points, you’ve mentioned people saw Burns and Devlin when they were supposed to be miles away, it needs to be considered why these witnesses were suppressed – arguing conspiracy theories is not likely to cut ice. Have you got anything concrete on Bulmar or a lot of anecdotes?
    Do the CCRC throw it out because it was a writer and not a next of kin making the application.
    Why not email me the original application and their response – not that I’m an expert but I have had contact with the (retired) best lawyer in the country in dealing with this organisation who now provides a consultancy role to his former firm. And he told me of many pitfalls.
    When you go into a court for a trial, truth ceases to matter – its how counsel use the material and influence the jury. Often they will control the evidence – this denies the accused a fair trial – one example I can think of.

    • George Skelly Says:

      Jim, with respect i think this is a case of you trying to teach Granny to suck eggs!
      In my book Murderers Or Martyrs, my application to the CCRC is fully explained in the final chapter. I was accepted after much argument as the “applicant”, though representing two relatives of D&B. (they don’t have to be next-of-kin).
      I worked 4 years on the application,submitting eleven bundles of new, previously undisclosed evidence, documentary and otherwise – and evidence of conspiracy by the police (Balmer by the way not Bulmar) and the DPP. The reasons they refused to refer to the Court of Appeal were bizarre and outlandish. For example they refused to accept that the August bank Holiday in 1951 was at the beginning of the month, despite having it confirmed by the BBC! They also rejected a contemporaneous Home Office forensic report stating that nobody climbed through the broken rear window of the victim’s home, which her son stated he had. Do you wonder why I am amazed!!
      I do not have your email address.

      • Hi George
        Just looking for information, not trying to teach Granny anything.
        I’d be interested to see the communications you received from CRCC. I don’t think they’ll be too interested in police ir lawyer corruption and they’ll deal with it in the ‘nothing we can do now’ rather than the ‘what damage it’s done’ If you want to email me directly gands4th@yahoo.com is the opening email and then I’ll get back to you through my main email.

  22. George Skelly Says:

    Sorry Jim,
    but regarding the CCRC you are talking in the present tense e.g. what the CCRC will or won’t be interested in, when in fact, as previously stated here and in my book, the process has already been gone through and is over. the CCRC have rejected my application.There is no other legal recourse open to one – apart from a judicial review, and time has ran out on that. (By the way you do not have to be a lawyer to apply to have a conviction looked at ).
    In view of these facts I do not see any useful purpose in you seeing the (very lengthy) communications between myself and the CCRC. Suffice it to say, after their provisional refusal to refer the case, I submitted more cogent and up-to-date evidence from a witness who was actually with the men on the Sunblinds robbery. Yet in their final Statement of Reasons, the CCRC also rejected that.

  23. lacey whyatt Says:

    i am a family member of edward devlin and think that george skelly book is fantastic

    • lindsay langlands Says:

      Hi Lacey , I just received an email containing your post . I note you posted it on 21/4/13, There must be a delay in when people are informed of new posts 🙂 .I too am a family member of Teddy Devlin , he is my cousin once removed ( my dads cousin, as his Dad and my Grandfather are brothers.I agree George Skellys book is fantastic. What a great man and decent human being he is. I’d like to communicate some more personally , as we are seemingly related 🙂 so if you are keen too , please contact me on email address – linds.soullady@gmail.com

  24. lindsay langlands Says:


  25. Lesley Marie Pitman Says:

    I know that in my heart of of hearts my great uncle Teddy Devlin and his best mate Alfred Burns were innocent and I pray that one day they will both be freed from this terrible miscarriage of justice I love you uncle Teddy,

    Lesley x

  26. Author George Skelly Says:

    This is my last word to all the Devlin family. If you wish you can apply to have the remains of Edward removed from Walton Prison to consecrated ground and for him to be given a proper Christian burial.
    This is regardless of any successful appeal against his conviction for murder. You will of course be expected, by the Home Office or the Ministry Oof Justice, to underwrite the cost of this. If you read his last letters, published in my book, Murderers Or Martyrs, I am sure this is something that he would have wanted.

  27. George Skelly Says:

    I would like to know why my latest comment, intended o help the families of Devlin and Burns has been deleted??

  28. Lindsay Langlands Says:

    Can you repost it please George ? Many thanks Lindsay 🙂

  29. George Skelly Says:

    It was to the effect that despite the CCRC decision, it does not preclude the right to have Edward’s remains from Walton Prison to consecrated ground (proper Christian burial) if his family wish. The cost would of course have to be borne by the family. I have given Donna Marsh – who apparently is the sister of the late Jean Woolfenden – all your contact details of which she said she was unaware. I don’t know if she has been in touch yet. personally I am going to have one final attempt at having the case re-opened by the CCRC, and to that extent am currently engaging with a leading QC.

    • Lindsay Langlands Says:

      I haven’t heard anything from Donna as yet George although naturally I would be delighted to connect with her. Thank you so much for what you are doing.I would dearly love to see Edward and Alfred have decent burials . My understanding from what someone passed onto me, seemingly and very unfortunately a carpark has built over the section where Edward and Alfred are buried. I’m uncertain as how how much it would cost to have their remains recovered and buried somewhere else. I couldn’t possibly afford the cost on my own. albeit if it’s possible for enough people to agree to contribute and make it happen ,I’m happy to contribute toward the cost. Again many many thanks for all you have done George.

      • mansal69@yahoo.co.uk Says:

        I am lesley and Edward Devlin is my great uncle and my dad is Edward’s nephew and I have told my dad about what the emails are about regarding _uncle Teddy and Alfie but if I can be of any help I will try lesley

      • George Skelly Says:

        Hi Lindsay, Yes they are buried behind the main gate of the staff car park at Walton prison, denoted by a small blue wall plaque number 55. If I still have your email address I will forward you some photos of it. The car park was originally the small exercise yard at the rear of the prison hospital, which is why the two lads were buried there, along with other condemned prisners including the exonerated George Kelly. When Jean was alive I took her and her husband David there and also to Cranborne Road. I should think that if there are enough relatives, you could all possibly contribute in order to facilitate matters, but then that is of course a matter for all of you. I think David Woolfenden, for one would be agreeable because he knows how much it meant to his late wife Jean.

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