25 April 1921 – Thomas Traynor

Thomas TraynorIRA soldier Thomas Traynor was hanged today in 1921 for murder. He was found guilty of killing a police cadet in Dublin.

He was damningly caught in the area with a gun and live ammunition. Traynor tried to blag that he was on his way to deliver the firearm to someone, but that didn’t wash as a defence at his court martial.

The bootmaker was sentenced to the gallows for shooting James Farrell and he was strung up aged 39 at Mountjoy Prison. He left behind 10 children and a wife who fainted when she found out about his demise when the notice was posted up outside the jail.

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2 Responses to “25 April 1921 – Thomas Traynor”

  1. damian Says:

    this is my great great uncle.!!…
    my nannys uncle!..eire 32…free ireland from the hands of foreign goverment!!..

  2. Tiocfaidh Ar La…God Bless Kevin Barry Patrick Moran, Frank Flood, Thomas Whelan, Thomas Traynor, Patrick Doyle, Thomas Bryan, Bernard Ryan, Edmond Foley and Patrick Maher.Rest In Peace EIRE

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