21 April 2006 – Willie Brown Jnr

Willie Brown Jnr Despite a valiant effort to get a last-minute reprieve, Willie Brown Jnr copped a dose full of lethal injection today in 2006 for murder.

He’d been found guilty of murder and robbery in North Carolina, after he was damningly found in possession of items belonging to his victim, not least her car.

Brown’s victim was Valerie Dixon and he abducted her from a late-night store, where she was doing the night shift. She was later found with six bullets planted in the back of her head. He, on the other hand, was found with her car, a gun and a bag of takings.

He was found guilty and sentenced to death. Brown was 61 when the execution took place. It was witnessed by one of his mates, as well as the husband of the victim along with other members of Dixon’s family and friends, plus the press to boot.

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