20 April 1934 – George Dale

George Dale paid the ultimate price for love today in 1934. He was executed for murder and robbery, but he wasn’t alone on the job. He’d teamed up with his girlfriend and a mate to do over a clothes shop in Chicago. But because Dale had pulled the trigger, he got death and the others got life.

Actually they got way more than life – they chalked up 398 years between the two of them, but it was Dale who was left with the truly hefty sentence.

Blonde ambitions

Dale was a robber by trade who would steal to keep him and his new girl and her children by another love happy. Indeed his girlfriend tried to deny that she was involved. Her name was Eleanor Jarman and it soon emerged that she was involved. In fact witness stated that she was the one to instigate the threats and it was those kinds of actions that earned her the title ‘Blonde Tigress’.

Whatever the story, it ended in a fatal shooting – Gustav Hoels, the shop owner copped a shot, forcing the trio to beat a nifty retreat. But not without their number plate being clocked first. The three were apprehended and that’s when Jarman pretended butter wouldn’t melt. But ultimately it was Dale who took the rap as the shooter.

Hot seat

Indeed Dale felt the heat for his crime on this day in 1934 when he was sent to the electric chair in Illinois.

But what about the others? Well Leo Minnicci (the mate) got parole after about 20 years. And Jarman? Well she escaped and has remained on the FBI’s most-wanted list as she was never re-apprehended. To be honest, she’s probably already popped her clogs, seeing as she would have been 104 in 2008 had she still been alive.

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