19 April 1996 – John Martin Scripps

John Martin ScrippsJohn Martin Scripps redefined obnoxious Brit abroad after he was hanged for murder in Singapore.

A butcher by trade, he used his profession to grisly ends after he targeted three people in the Far East. Amazingly they were all foreigners like him. But that was all part of the grand plan. You see he was after their money and credit cards. And so to that end, in Singapore he managed to nab a tourist from South Africa, plus a mother and son from Canada who were visiting Thailand.

But he is believed to have also targeted a fellow Brit in Central America. Why, because Scripps is said to have siphoned funds from the dead person’s bank account.

Bits of bod

And so, let’s head back to the Far East, where Scripps crimes finally caught up with him. The murders were truly gruesome, with body parts popping up all over the place, getting washed ashore in bin bags along Singapore harbour. It was like something out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with headless torsos, alongside a pair of legs, only to be followed a few days later by a set of thighs etc all butchered with precision.

When the authorities finally caught up with Scripps, he tried to blag that he’d killed a man by mistake after the victim tried to come on to him. Asked why he didn’t report it, Scripps said ‘I believed I was going to be hung. I kept thinking about…the Filipino lady (he was referring to Flor Contemplacion) that got hanged’.

Mum’s the word

But the award for creepiest soundbite goes to his mum. Mrs Scripps said as she flew out to watch her son lose his life ‘Those bastards have no right to take my son’s life. I brought him into the world. I am the only person who can take him out of it’. No guesses as to who he got his bedside manner from…

Despite his mum’s protestations, Scripps was sent to the gallows on this day in 1996, aged 36, and in doing so he became the second Westerner to be hanged in Singapore and the last Brit to date to be hanged since Britain stopped doling out capital punishment in 1964.

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