15 April 2005 – Richard Longworth

Two ex-cinema employees decided to do over their former employers with deadly results.

Dances With Wolves starring Kevin Costner was the late-night showing that fateful day when Richard Longworth and David Rocheville schemed to steal the takings from the South Carolina cinema where they once worked. They strolled in, pretending to be punters and sat watching for a while before taking action. They jumped an usher, who Rocheville shot in the head. They then turned on another usher who knew them.

Gunned down

The employee – James (Todd) Greene – was instructed to open the safe, which he did, especially when he saw a gun trained on him. The duo stripped the safe bare, but they knew the deal – there were more takings to be had. And sure enough, Greene admitted that there was more money waiting to be banked in his car and the three of them went off in search of the rest of the remaining money.

Once they had all the dosh, the three men got into the robbers’ own van and drove off. Not long after that, Greene was told to get out and they shot him callously in the back of the head right there and then.


The two were picked up the very next day and Rocheville even took his captors to where Greene’s body was dumped. The two were had up for murder and kidnap as well as robbery. At the trial, Longworth tried to explain his behaviour away by saying he was abused by his alcoholic mum. After all he hadn’t actually killed anyone. But apparently this defence was withheld from court because his mum didn’t want the news getting out or she’d have had to relinquish her status as a foster carer…Needless to say he got the death penalty for his part in the crime.

However he admitted his culpability in the run up to his execution. In his last written statement, he said ‘I am morally and legally responsible for what happened’. And with those words he was given a lethal injection in South Carolina, aged 36.

His mate and fellow accomplice, Rocheville, had already been executed on 3 December 1999.

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