5 April 2005 – Glen James Ocha

Glen James OchaIf you kill your victim, you’ve got no-one left to talk to. So what did Glen James Ocha do? He cut off his victim’s head and started talking to it.

In a drug and alcohol-induced fog, Ocha picked up a girl in a bar in Florida. Carol Skjerva was actually working that night and she offered to take him home.

Bits and pieces

Inevitably they had sex there but things started to go wrong when Skjerva started laughing at his bits. He was naturally miffed that his tackle had caused so much mirth, but it was the threat that she’d tell her boyfriend that tipped Ocha over the edge of reason.

Completely wasted, Ocha was incapable of strangling her, despite three attempts, so he finally strung her up from a doorway and then sat swigging beer as she was strangled to death. Then, according to reports, he detached her head and sat it on his lap for a chat.

He then stashed the pieces of her body in the garage and took the car for a spin to Daytona Beach where the police caught up with him for being so wasted. In custody he confessed his guilt and consequently was sent to trial and sentenced to death. He was finally put down by lethal injection in Florida, aged 47.

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