5 April 1984 – Elmo Patrick Sonnier

elmo-patrick-sonnier1Elmo Patrick Sonnier may have made the ultimate sacrifice for his brother on this day in 1984. He carried the can and went to the electric chair for murder, but was the killer his brother Eddie all along?

The two siblings were found guilty of murdering 18-year-old Loretta Anne Bourque and 16-year-old David Le Blanc. Elmo was on parole in Louisiana at the time when they abducted the two innocents.


They drove the pair to a deserted oil field where Elmo proceeded to rape Bourque. She then pleaded with them by bargaining to sleep with Elmo’s kid brother Eddie in return for their lives. But the ploy didn’

t work. Elmo got wise to the plan following the second rape and realised that the two may blab to others if they let them get away.

Rather than run the risk of being banged up jail again, Elmo decided to kill the teenagers, by shooting them both twice in the back of the head.

Sonniers share

The police caught up with them and the boys shared the blame. But a month after the crime, they apparently agreed to say that Elmo had pulled the trigger. This earned Eddie a life sentence rather than death. Only once the lesser sentence was in the bag did Eddie purport that he was actually the killer.

Even Elmo got a sniff of life when his sentence was revoked on a technicality. But he was re-sentenced and got a second death penalty, despite the fact that Eddie tried to take his fair share of the murderous blame.

But this late show of brotherly love made no odds –

Elmo Sonnier was executed on Old Sparky in 1984, aged 34.


s stint on death row came sharply into focus when he became the inspiration behind ‘Dead Man Walking’. The story went on to be was captured on celluloid in 1995, starring an Oscar-winning Susan Sarandon as the nun who befriended the character based on Sonnier, played by Sean Penn.

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9 Responses to “5 April 1984 – Elmo Patrick Sonnier”

  1. anonymous Says:

    I read alot about this case ive also read the book by Sister helen prejean and have seen the movie uts sad because he might have died in vain…maybe he should have been given an oppurtunity to live..

    • I have recently viewed this movie and I will say, I love Penn because he is a hell of an actor with a heart and a cause and susan Sarandon is a dynamite actress, not as the junk young crap we are watching today (except for Emile Hirsch–who has the maturity of Penn and then some). I ebjoy and admire these performers because they make us feel something about everything that they choose to act or produce as a project. They are profoundly talented.

      But lets not forget one thing: the real characters of this film: the victims are hardly shown and isn’t this the entire point of why we are questioning this very act of the death penalty? The victims dies in a savage and horrible manner. They were only teenagers and they were to marry and their lives were taken viciously. i believe in the deatth penalty for some, but not for all.

      Do you even KNOW that the Death Penalty was designed for MINORITIES in mind in the first place. Our country never thought that the death penalty for non-minorities would need to apply until law enforcement became enraged by the kind of sadistic and evil violence that they have see, Would any of us be crying if this person were a black, a jew, YOU? ANY of YOU. These people stole life and believed themselves to be God for a night. Did you know ELMO was know to carry pocket knives for years and ripped into the neck of another white female with out cause?

      The death penalty is a very touchy decision becauee the majority of us ARE the victims of crimes like these, yet at the same time, the death penalty is used for purposes of cruelty against a race of people.

      Thee death penaltu=y needs to be revised for the most deliberate vicious of murderers: those selected to make this decision best be very ethical in the call for such a decison because we do not play GOD either. Many of us ARE crimiinals who have not been caught or convicted. It is a tough one, but to be honest, yes, I want the one who kills my loved one to die. Argue all you wish, I will not change this. I will not pretend that I am against something because any of us may happen to be in the storm of such anger over the death of a love one. N OT wanting the death penalty is NOT about NOBILITY, but we had be DAMNED certain that whoever we excecute, best be weighed thouroughly before we hang the high, fry them or flash flood burn their organs. Because the law has not enforced ethics and until we enforce that: the death penalty must be revised to its toughest and most critical diagram upon who holds the criteria for the dealth Penalty. And because of previous abuses of decision made in the death penalty: we need to legislate SERIOUSLY upon who will 100% fits this criteria and that this criteria best be across ALL color lines. SO my editorial on this is very mixed now. I believe if the criminal commits a heinous crime and the evidence is solid with out second thoughts and the individual has tortured and raped and terrorized ANY INNOcENT…then they must pay in the same token no matter what color the son of a bitch is.

      The death penalty is to protect the public from any of these inhunane assholes getting out on technicalities when we know damned well that the evidence is strong and damning. Just think about it. what if THat guy, murdered YOUR mother or your sister or someone you loved because they could and laughed about it and raped their corspes. Sure, some of you are “forgiving” but God knows those hearts too. The death penalty must be revised BY THE PEoPLe NOT BY the GOVERNMENT. BY The people, the pastors, the community and anyone else who is NOT in HIgh office or is wealthy. LET the people submit the revision and see the entire package from crime scenes to the child hood factors. If we can sit cheaply to decide the the fate of others in Jury duty, then we have the right to make sound legislative decisions and that they be passed BY US. We need to reform MANY things in this country, but we can only do this in numbers. So far we are only worry if we will get that IPOD or that Transformer game. We are f*****G hoodwinked and fools and we aren’t seeing the bigger4 picture. we are puppets being danced by others who do not give a shit about your life or mine. Thnk about that. If you don’t, stay the fool you are. We cannot change you. Just LOOK at the bigger picture that’s all.

      • well as for me those kids didnt have to die the way they did.and to further say this whole movie was a farse cause it didnt hapen in slidell it was laureville and they were loretta bourque and davin leblance. and i believe in god but this was an animal act and if it was my child i dont know what i would want done

  2. He raped a woman. Who cares if he may or may not have killed her. The chair is appropriate for rape.

  3. montanaangel Says:

    LA i agree wholeheartedly with you…and i used to be a full out believer in corporal punishment; although as i am getting older, i am beginning to think that keeping these animals alive; take their TV, their weight lifting, their conjugal visits, and all other luxuries they have grown to be accustom to away from them, and bombarding them with the images of their crimes 24/7/365 might be a much better sentence..since it has come to my attention that it does cost more to execute them than to keep them alive (which makes NO sense to me AT ALL)… i do believe that the people should have the say in changing the laws; not the government..they have their nose in too many places already..and we all know they can’t balance a checkbook, let alone run any institution..like a prison system…i do believe their is a small percentage of innocent people in prison and i feel for them and pray for them..i pray for the guilty too, as hard as it is, when you watch the news and see the heinous crimes you speak of, that they commit…i pray for the victims families..and the criminals families..this is a crazy world we live in and it is getting more so every day…i had a very good friend of mine who’s 8 month old granddaughter was just kidnapped by the no good biological father 11 days ago because he found out she was getting ready to leave him the very next day (please keep her in your prayers…i would really appreciate it..the baby’s name is Cassie….don’t think i don’t want a happy ending and i don’t wish the worst for this creep..he certainly has it coming…but no matter the outcome, what i do know, is there will be justice that will be served…and it will be very fitting and just and fair and right…better than any human could hand down on a piece of paper handed to a judge…Everyone gets what is coming to them eventually..Would i feel that way if it happens to one of my family member? Not at first; but eventually; i absolutely will, because my faith tells me to feel that way…it is not my job to hold any revenge toward anyone; that is above my pay grade as a Christian…God Bless all of you going through terrible trials..i am praying for you, for you to have the strength to get through your ordeals…and for strength to keep moving on, just one minute or second at a time if that is what it takes for you..but keep moving onward and upward…i pray that the Holy Spirit helps you to not hold hate in your heart and to replace it with the love of Christ Jesus; who knows what you are experiencing and has never left you and is sitting beside you right now and holding you in His Blessed arms and wiping every tear away and is weeping with you…He will never leave you..He will be there as long as you need Him there; because He said He would…May you be blessed and may the Holy Spirit open your heart to hear these words and accept them with the intent they are given; with love and kindness and understanding and from a friend in Christ…AMEN…

  4. lionsfan73 Says:

    Good riddions I wish that he was tortured then raped then shot like he did to those kids.

  5. yes thats what he needed handcuffed to a tree and let him watch someone he loved get raped then make them lie on their stomachs and be shot to death

  6. Chuck rudd Says:

    What a bunch of liberal hollywood ********. These two animals should have been tortured and beaten to death. Wish the directors children would have been raped and it would have had a different ending for sure.

  7. Hypocrite Hater Says:

    All of my sympathy is with the families and victims of these senseless murders. It turns my stomach to see all this fake concern and caring for stone cold killers because if it had been their child or family member slaughtered then all of a sudden you couldn’t execute them fast enough. That is what they need to ask themselves, what if it was my child they murdered for no reason? I beleive these animals deserve a bullet in their head, just like a dog with rabies. Spare me their sob stories.

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