3 April 2001 – Jason Massey

Jason MasseySome say that serial killers are born with murderous tendencies and it’s pure ill-nurture that causes them to ignite. And so it would appear in the case of Texas-born Jason Eric Massey.

A textbook case, American-born Massey was abused and neglected by his mum, who cared more about her next fix, than fixing meals and looking after her son. He was primed and ready for a descent into violence and depravity, torturing animals, turning to Satanism and having visions of becoming a serial killer. In a moment of lucidity, his mum even found his diary, which detailed his macabre fantasies, prompting a stint with a psychiatrist.


But get this, Massey apparently fantasised about beheading a girl and committing necrophilia using the victim’s exposed neck.

Sadly, he’d fixated on 13-year-old Christina Benjamin who lived in the neighbourhood, and one night she sneaked out of the house to be with him. He took her along with her 14-year-old brother, James Brian. The siblings were never seen alive again.

The next day Brian’s body was found – he’d been shot a couple of times in the head. His sister had fared a far worse fate. The child’s remains were found: a headless and handless corpse. She’d been raped, stabbed and disembowelled as well as shot in the back.


His DNA was all over her and thing was that he was already on record for animal cruelty. So when the forensics and cross-checks were carried out, up popped Massey’s details. Amid such overwhelming evidence, he was found guilty and given the death penalty. As a result, the 28-year-old was lethally injected in Texas on this day in 2001, following his last incriminating words, ‘I want you to know I did do it. I’m sorry for what I have done’.

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