31 March 2001 – Mariette Bosch

Mariette BoschAnother woman’s husband apparently brought out the murderess in Mariette Sonjaleen Bosch.

So what that he was married to her best friend, Bosch’s love for him prompted her to bump off his wife and bag him for herself.

White mischief

Bosch was found guilty in Botswana of shooting Ria Wolmarans (also spelled Wolmerans), so she could get her grubby mitts on husband Tienie Wolmarans, with whom she was having an affair. The lurid details of the relationship emerged during her trial, but it was the damning evidence from her ex-sister-in-law, Judith Bosch, that ensured she was put away.

Bosch was sentenced to death for murder. The 50-year-old mother of three was hanged on this day in 2001 and, in doing so, she became the first white woman to be executed in Botswana’s history.

Also on this day

31 March 1925 – William Bressington

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One Response to “31 March 2001 – Mariette Bosch”

  1. The author of “White mischief” should get the facts right. Judith Bosch’s evidence concerning an affair between Mariette Bosch and Tienie Wolmarans was false! Had you taken the trouble to read the official court report on the case, You would have seen that she admitted under oath, during cross examination, that she had only assumed that there was an affair, and that her testimony that she knew for A FACT that there was an afffair WAS NOT TRUTH. She admitted lying under oath!

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