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30 March 1998 – Judy Buenoano

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Judy BuenoanoBe careful who you love – especially if she goes under an alias.

We are, of course, talking about Judias ‘Judy’ Buenoano or Judias Welty, Judias Goodyear and Judias Morris, for these are the known aliases for an arsenic poisoner.

Poison d’or

For it seems that when Buenoano got sick of the men in her life she’d bump them off with an unhealthy dose of poison, rather than fall back on the old-fashioned divorce. After all, she obviously couldn’t be doing with the waiting – her method was quicker and she got the victim’s money anyway, plus a nice life insurance payout to boot.

But none of this was legal and when the list of victims included a husband, a son, a fiancé, a lover and a son, it had to be more than coincidence.

Toxic shock

She may even have killed another boyfriend plus an unrelated victim in 1974, but these reports remain unconfirmed.

Her killing spree started in 1971 and spanned 12 years. But hey – what did a girl have to do before someone got wind of her murderous scam?

Weirdly, it was only at the attempted murder of her boyfriend, John Gentry, in 1983 that people smelled a rat poisoner.

After that, Buenoano’s multiple murders came back to bite her. She was found guilty of multiple murders and sentenced to the electric chair.

She currently holds the dubious honour of being the first woman since the 1950s to be electrocuted just five days short of her 55th birthday.

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