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22 March 2006 – Robert Salazar Jnr

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Robert Salazar JnrDeluded Robert Madrid Salazar Jnr reckoned he did not deserve to be sentenced, despite wilfully battering to death and maybe even abusing a two-year-old.

While babysitting, Salazar is said to have beaten up Adriana Gomez, fracturing her skull, then popping her into bed before remorselessly leaving the house in search of beer.


Thing is the child’s mother was also his girlfriend and when Raylene Blakeburn discovered her baby beaten to a pulp, she called the police. Her child was announced dead on arrival at the hospital, so her boyfriend Salazar’s crime turned from one of assault to murder.

When the law caught up with Salazar, he broke down and confessed that he’d beaten the child up because she would not quit crying.

Total impact

In the run-up to his execution in Texas, Salazar changed his plea – saying that it was an accident and that he’d just knocked Gomez with his hand, causing her to hit her head on the bath tub. But the autopsy had likened the child’s injuries to that of a car crash.

She’d been hit over and over again with a blunt instrument, and the child had sustained injuries akin to those inflicted during intercourse. Had she survived, Adriana Gomez would have been rendered blind and her heart damaged thanks to the sum total of her wounds.

Salazar is said to have been abused as a child and had an IQ of less than 75 – this formed the defence against his death sentence. But rival IQ results are said to have pegged his intelligence at 102 so the defence was quashed. As a result, Salazar was given a lethal injection, denying his culpability to the bitter end.

His last words are reported to be: ‘I am sorry that the child had to lose her life, but I should not have to be here. Tell my family I love them all and I will see them in heaven.’

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