17 March 2006 – Yuan Baojing

Yuan Baojing PicA hitman led to the death of the person who hired him today in 2006.

Yuan Baojing had hired an assassin to bump off a business rival, but the scam backfired when the hitman turned informer. This meant that Baojing was forced to do him in too, and in doing so the businessman’s privileged life unravelled.

Stock went to pot

Baojing may have been one of the wealthiest men in Beijing, but he was never going to jump for joy when a rival company caused $13 million in futures to be wiped from his company’s stock value. The person behind this slump was Baojing’s counterpart at the competitor company, so when this rival was discovered suddenly and suspiciously dead, things were never going to look too good for our man Baojing.

Couple this with a mouthy informant who gave away details all too willingly and the businessman didn’t have a hope.

Yin and Yuans?

He, along with his brother and cousin, were sentenced to death on this day in March 2006, and the authorities didn’t hang around. Just 15 minutes later, Baojing and his brother Yuan Baoqi were given their lethal injections.

His cousin Yuan Baosen’s death penalty was suspended for two years and he’s due to be killed sometime in 2008.

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