17 March 1995 – Flor Contemplacion

Flor Contemplacion42-year-old mother of four, Flor R Contemplacion was executed in Singapore for an apparent double murder.


Originally from the Philippines, Contemplacion worked as a domestic servant who was accused of strangling a fellow Filipino woman and drowning the four-year-old son she’d been employed to look after.

However there is evidence to suggest that an admission of guilt was coerced from Contemplacion and emotive reports revealed that she was tortured, drugged, denied food, water and the toilet, ducked under water, even molested by the police in a bid to extract a confession.


Naturally, the authorities in Singapore denied these claims and it put strain on their international relationship with the Phillipines, especially as Contemplacion and her family denied her involvement to the end. Indeed, they reckoned that she’d be framed by her employer – the husband and father of the two victims.

Of course, we’ll never know as Flor Contemplacion was hanged on this day in 1995.

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3 Responses to “17 March 1995 – Flor Contemplacion”

  1. amelia dela cruz Says:

    hanged victim flor contemplacion is very unhuman, flor could didnt find true justice

  2. the thing that was accused on ms flor contemplacion,, i think she cant do it
    and even she done it i think she had a reason why she does it!!!

    the hanging a human is a very cruel thing that you will done in a person,,,

    i think ms flor never had yet her justice

  3. jong Says:

    multple murder, stuffing babies in airline garbge etc etc and these women should be undrstood how stupid!

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